Monday 9 July 2012

Crocodile Tears

 It is very amusing to hear that Senator Ozouf is complaining about being denied his "day in court" to defend the allegations made against him, but are now withdrawn. Surely he can only be shedding crocodile tears, because he was quite happy for Senator Le Marquand to publish the Wiltshire Report about Graham Power after it had been withdrawn. Senator Ozouf is now in the same boat as Graham Power and realising how unjust life is, when dealing with the States.
Also congraulations the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel on a well researched and balanced Taser Gun Report.
Along with Nick Le Cornu I made a presentation to the Panel on behalf of the Jersey Human Rights Group our submission was very close to many of the recommendations the Scrutiny has made.


  1. Bob.

    Knowing you have sent the text of "Crocodile Tears" to the island's State Media, you should know this was a waste of time.

    BBC Jersey has had Graham Power's defence case since Sept 2011 and hasn't published it, despite publishing/broadcasting the case against him.

    The entire State Media (IMO) have never made it clear that the Wiltshire Report was the "Prosecution Case." None of the State Media have reported the revelation that the former Home Affairs Minister allegedly misled the parliament during the in camera (secret) debate in 2008.

    This is why Jersey "needs" Blogs!

  2. Dear Voice,
    Yes I have submitted my Crocodile Tears report to the media, it will be a matter for them to do what they want with it.

    I do agree with your comment re the handling of the release of the Wiltshire Report. If I was writing a report on the media's handling of the release, I would have to write something like "Must do better"

    It was another sad/bad day at the last States Sitting when the States rejected Deputy Higgins' request for an open debate on the 2009 in camera debate.

    Although it is often claimed that lessons have been learnt, we yet to see much evidence.

  3. Isn't is blindingly obvious what is happening here?

    The carefully orchestrated campaign against Ozouf by the JEP, CTV & BBC Jersey recently was a smokescreen & a warning.

    Whoever was Pulling the strings Behind this (no prizes here) was clearly telling Ozouf what could happen to him unless he tows the Feudal line.

    Once he understood his career (& power) is under threat, all media pressure lifts!

    No more getting above his station to oppose Bailhache - Next stop Gorst !

    (With a Pipless Ozouf sidelined AND Gorst out of the way soon, hey presto !

    Only the poll topping champion of Independence to save us.


  4. Ozouf twitters today that the allegations were "baseless". If that's the case why did he not refute them like Mc Garel Groves did? He lied to WEB as proven by Le Sueurs testimony which has not been retracted. He tried to single handedly take over the purchase of and £8 million plus property relying on advice from his own unproven sources. He was asked to provide evidence of these "independent valuations" he had received, he did not provide any.

    The censure motion had four areas of censure two of which did not rely on any of Mc Garel Groves testimony.

    Does anyone really believe a man like Swinson is going to lie in a report? If he says Mc Garel Groves said Ozouf put pressure on him I believe him.

    Let us not forget Swinson said in May that this would happen, he predicted he would suffer personal attack in an attempt to discredit the report.

    Look on the bright side though, if Ozouf ever becomes Chief Minister we will probably save millions in civil service salary. If he can get rid of three in less than an year as Treasury Minister he could probably influence hundreds to leave if he gets the big seat ;-)