Monday 29 April 2013

Jersey's Dean, Victory or Climb Down ????

Yesterday there was a press release stating that the Dean had been reinstated. The news was met with jubilation by the Dean’s supporters who believed that the withdrawal of the Dean’s Commission had been unfair and in the words of Senator Bailhache “was disproportionate to any alleged failings of the Dean.”

There are others who believe that the reinstatement is a climb down or a U turn by the Bishop. It will be for the respective camps to justify their claims but I do not believe the reinstatement is a victory for Senator Bailhache but if there is a climb down by the Bishop, he is not alone. I do however believe the matter has been badly handled and the leading players are now attempting to justify decisions taken some weeks if not years ago.

I have always deplored lengthy suspensions because of the impact they not only have on the employee but also on their family. John Day and Graham Power and others were cruelly suspended for years yet unlike the Dean they were not supported by the Church, Chief Minister, and Senator Bailhache etc. Why? I understand that a police officer who had been suspended since last November has recently been told that his suspension has been lifted with no charges forthcoming but where was the outcry where were the prayers?

I am pleased that the Dean’s Commission has been reinstated because it now seems to have been a pointless exercise. However we are not party to what the “new Commission” is? The Bishop now appears to have acted decisively and humanely but questions need to be asked as to what was the real reason for the withdrawal in the first place? Normally suspensions are instigated to allow for the completion of investigations into the complaint; however the Investigation/Visitation has not been completed. So was the suspension because of the Dean’s failings or to bring him to heel?

For those who claim a victory or climb down it is worth reflecting on the Press Statement.

It should be noted that although the Dean has publicly apologised to HG he has not done so personally. I hope that along with the Bishop and Archbishop they will feel “humble, Christian and Godly enough” to meet HG and personally apologise to her, anything less is not an apology. This morning I heard the Dean and the Bishop’s interviews on Radio Jersey but little if anything was said about the lady at the centre of the affair. Why?

It is apparent that in addition to the apology, as part of the re-instatement “package” the Dean has effectively had to eat the proverbial “humble pie” and “climb down” by accepting the alleged failings referred to by Senator Bailhache.

1. He has confirmed that he shares the Bishop of Winchester’s and Archbishop of Canterbury’s stated commitment to safeguarding in the Diocese and the wider Church. (Did he not share that commitment before the suspension?)

2. He has also agreed that, in the light of recent events, there are areas in Jersey Canon Law which would benefit from further review and is committed to working with the Bishop as necessary to revise them. (Were these issues not discussed before the suspension, if not why not?)

3. He regrets the mistakes he made in the safeguarding processes and upon reflection, it would have been more helpful if he had co-operated more fully with the Korris Review. (What mistakes are being regretted and why did the Dean not co-operate with Jan Norris?)

4. He will be co-operating with the Visitation and Investigation announced by the Bishop on 26 March. Together with the Bishop he is committed to the importance of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in Jersey and to working to ensure the safeguarding procedures of the Diocese achieve this as part of the whole Church's mission." (Surely as Dean, does he not have a duty to co-operate?)

In relation to the Visitation it should be recalled that in the Korris Report/Review the following potentially very serious matters came to light relating to the Dean which must be investigated as soon as possible these include;

1) Allowing a church warden to operate in contravention of the Safeguarding procedures and the training he had undertaken.

2) Failure to notify the Safeguarding Advisor on receipt of the complaint.

3) Failure to implement and act in accordance with Diocesan Safeguarding Procedure in the handling of the initial complaint interview.

4) Failure to record and make all documentation available for a review of a Safeguarding matter as required by the Safeguarding procedures.

5) Despite the request of the Bishop of Winchester, unwillingness to permit review of safeguarding practice and also discouraging others from participating.

The Report also stated that there will also be a need for an investigation into the deportation of H.G. on 11th October 2010 and why there is a complete lack of recording of this matter by Dean from the date of her arrest. (I will return to this matter later.)

Are these matters going to be addressed or will they be swept under the carpet as part of the “package deal?”

The way people in positions of responsibility process allegations of abuse is at the very heart of the complaint. We have seen how the BBC failed to address allegations of abuse about Jimmy Savile. His victim’s claims were conveniently ignored because of who people perceived Savile to be. The victims like HG were deemed to be trouble makers, but now it has been established that Savile was guilty, those who dealt with the initial allegations are now conveniently apologising for their “mistakes.” What a let off. What about the victims?

Jersey is so concerned about the reporting mechanism that in the impending Historic Abuse Inquiry that issue is part of the Terms of Reference. Yet it appears that the Dean’s handling of HG complaint can be dismissed by way of an admission that it was a mistake along with an apology which has not been given to HG. However was the complaint not dealt with properly because of whom the Church Warden was or was it a genuine mistake? Will the Visitation provide an answer?

HG is now being demonised because according to some people she has made a similar complaint before. I understand that allegation has no substance however if it was true, that does not deny her or anyone else being treated fairly when making a similar allegation. The Dean’s problem is not that he is the abuser but that he failed to address the matter in a professional way to which he has now accepted and apologised. So it matters not who the complainant is.

What has been forgotten is that it was not only the Dean who failed HG but so did the former Bishop of Winchester and the failures have had serious repercussions for her. In her quest for justice she did make regular email contact with both men, however to solve their problem HG was arrested early on a Sunday morning taken to the police station and detained overnight before appearing in court and being remanded in custody for two weeks. In previous Blogs I have mentioned the arrest and that I have asked the Chief Minister to instigate an investigation. Given the Dean’s admission to his failings surely HG is entitled to a review of her arrest and conviction.

Once I have further information about the arrest I will publish another Blog on the arrest. What is now is now evident is that after being convicted, HG was placed into a police car which called at her lodgings, she was not allowed to collect her belongings but was left in the car whilst a police officer collected some of her clothing before driving her to the airport and putting her on a plane. She arrived in Southampton in the dark with no support or friends to meet her. This is the way Jersey treats people who make abuse complaints. 

I heard Matthew Price on Radio Jersey this morning interviewing Bishop Dakin. Matthew repeatedly pressed the Bishop about HG’s welfare and official apology but he would not be forthcoming, no wonder HG has any confidence in the Church of England. However to her credit she is willing to see John Gladwin. I hope she fares better with that former Bishop.

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  1. Indeed what do we now do about HG. She is obviously now between a rock and a hard place. I can't imagine that she would wish to return to Jersey if, in fact, she could afford to.

    Maybe some of us could put their money where their mouth is and request that a fun be set up by the CoE with a fair contribution set asie by them and then those of us who feel she has been unfairly dealt with could add more funds when and if we can afford to.

    I can understand the need for her business not to be broadcast for all and sundry to see as she has been through enough already.

    The main concern now is surely to ensure that she is safe and well and happy :).

    The Church and the Dean are able to sort themselves out I have not doubt of that.


    1. Thanks for your suggestion but I don't think HG would be interested as she values her independence.

      I think we are all concerned about HG as she has had a raw deal.

      It does look as though it is kiss and make up time between Jersey and Winchester.

    2. Happy isn't the word at the moment. The Korris report was very skewed and protects certain people but does not tell my story properly at all.
      I doubt that you could make the Diocese of Winchester part with money in a million years for anyone in need. :)
      I don't think any of this report and suspension were about me, it is about politics.

  2. Bob, how come the Dean's supporters aren't loudly protesting about comments on your blog as they are on some of the other blogs?

    1. I like to publish even handed Blogs and do not use emotive language. I don't often fail to publish a comment and I am grateful that readers of my Blog share my values.

  3. Dear Bob, once again a very balanced blog. I am at a complete standstill as to how the Dean was re-instated with no apology to HG? people in the Church may feel 'life as usual' we have our Dean back but they have to look at themselves and also wonder 'where has this all lead us?'. Why has the Dean not been properly investigated and those involved? again I fear another 'cover up'.

    1. Thanks for your compliment.

      It does appear that the Bishop has been hamstrung by the Letters Patent and the Jersey Canon. It is hoped that the Visitation will sort out the situation and ensure that fit for purpose legislation is drafted to fit this day and age.

    2. please mind the gap between the church and the real world.

    3. The current situation does seem to be bizarre where we have the Dean being reinstated when the Investigation/Visitation has only just got under way. The Dean has said he made mistakes and says that he has apologised to HG who has not received it.

      Until the outcome of the Investigation/Visitation is known, there will be a gap between the church and the public in the real world.

  4. I agree that the Dean needs to do more to explain himself and show that lessons were learnt - talk is cheap. I was glad Matthew Price gave Biship Tim a hard time this morning as he wasn't answering the question.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I must say that I found some the Dean answers at odds with his position.

      Whilst he said that he was inexperienced in handling complaints and his paper work was lacking. If the head of the Jersey admits to being inexperienced what hope is there for other clergy in the Island.

      That is why there is safeguarding policy where experienced officers are allocated to investigate complaints.

      I thought Matthew Price was on top form when interviewing Bishop Tim who was clearly on the programme to say what he wanted to say and to ignore questions which he was uncomfortable with, The public entitled to know whether the Bishop has personally apologised to HG. It is evident that he has not and did not the courage to admit it.

    3. He not only hasn't apologized to me, after shocking me by tracing me through the police, he ignored me for weeks, someone in his office sent some confusing emails that included trying to say that the matter in Jersey wasn't affecting me adversely, and then when I made contact with the Diocese to ask to be left alone, the Bishop was intimidating me and making out I was under a court order not to contact them.
      I know nothing of that court order.
      I do know from the Bishop's attitude that this was never about me and my welfare, and the way he has allowed his clergy in Jersey to give a one sided slander of me in the media backs that up.

  5. Again Philip Bailhache uses the law to get what he wants, he did the same when he would not stand down as Judge on a particular court case, I expect he will always use 'Law' to win all his battles. I did notice him interviewed, he looks a tired man. I do look forward to the day 'we can have a more fairer Jersey'. A more democratic Jersey, not run just by the chosen few! Thanks Bob for a great blog.

    1. Thank you,

      In his letter to the Archbishop, Senator Bailhache was quite bullish in his defence of the Dean who by now apologising and admitting that he was wrong leaves egg on the Senator’s face, so it was not a good day for him

  6. Thank you anonymous for your concern for me.
    I would not return to Jersey, it would be like walking into a cellarful of hungry vampires and locking the door behind me! :)
    I am as safe as a rough sleeper can be, not very well as everything that has happened is wearing me down, and not really happy, no-one can be happy when they are being damaged by one-sided accounts that attempt to discredit them, and when you are autistic and know exactly what you have been through but are not allowed to express it and have to hear yourself being slandered then happy is definitely not how you describe yourself.
    Don't worry about me. As long as the Diocese do not intervene in my life again I will be ok.

  7. Just out of curiosity, did the Bishop and Archbishop have any article in the National press regarding the reinstatement of the Dean?
    Kind of a follow up of their official apology and suspension of the Dean?
    Or have they not got around to it yet?
    The 'Apology and action' script by the church of england are getting quite well known now, but what happens after that is not usually as well documented.

    1. I don't know if the matter is in other parts of the National press, but last Friday The Church Times published an article. Which with grateful thanks to The Church Times I publish part of the article which mentions Winchester, Bishop Butler of Nottingham and Southwell and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

      On Tuesday, a spokesman for the diocese of Winchester defended the Korris report: "It clearly found that in this case there is a victim, that serious concerns were raised about the handling of that complaint, and it identified issues for further investigation."

      Bishop Butler said: "When an allegation of abuse is made, the Church must take it very seriously. Our failure to do so sometimes in the past must remind us not to make the same errors today."

      The Archbishop of Canterbury, on Thursday of last week, told a conference of diocesan lay chairs that, in safeguarding, "we've let people down more terribly in this area than probably anything else the Church of England has done in the post-war period."

      He was "in dead trouble with the government in Jersey at the moment", he said, because of his support for Bishop Dakin's withdrawal of Dean Key's commission. "And I'm getting letter after letter saying 'he's a really good guy'. . . There's a difference between responsibility and blame. And as senior people in the Church, responsibility is yours."

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks for the link, have read your Blog and well done.

      One would have thought that the Dean was returning from a serious illness not because he failed in his duties and has declined to apologise to the victim of his failure.

      It was right for Deputy Pitman to distance himself from the foot stamping. The foot stamping should be on hold until the outcome of the Visitation/Investigation is known.

  9. Bob
    My experience with local politicians goes back even longer than yours. I listened to the States and was horrified, but not in the least surprised, to hear the foot stamping which interrupted the Bailiff's welcome to the newly re-commissioned Dean.

    I sensed that the Bailiff, having taken the (in my opinion) ill advised decision to make a welcome speech, found the prolonged foot stamping somewhat annoying and perhaps embarrassing.

    To my mind, those Members present on Tuesday fall into three categories. First, the so-called senior members of the establishment who, with no sense of shame, felt obliged to show open support for their colleague, the Dean. Then there are those who clearly have no truck with these and felt ashamed of their fellow members. Finally, there are the majority of members who are simply out of touch with reality and who do not understand, or do not want to understand, how ordinary folk (who have taken the trouble to think about the safeguarding issue) really feel. This last lot unfortunately represent a large proportion of the electorate who are conditioned to think that all States members (other than the noisy troublemakers) are honourable people and that the whole safeguarding/abuse issue is much ado about nothing.

    As for Gorst's answer about Sir Philip's in-flight reading material, either he is gullible or complicit. I don't know who saw Sir P reading the documents on the plane but my instinct is that he/she is telling the truth and Sir P is imply lying. I might be wrong but .......

    1. Thank you for your comments which are spot on.

      I was with some States Members on Monday and said I expected the foot stamping.

      I was disappointed with the Bailiff's comments because he was so selective.

      The Dean was entitled to attend States Sittings even though his Commission was withdrawn but chose not to, which brings into question the need for Deans to be there in the first place.

      I heard Senator Gorst's answer and some one is not telling the truth and I do not think it is the person who forwarded the info to the States Member. The information found in Rico Sorda's Blog has not come from information that is in the public domain.

  10. Someone must ask questions about Bailhache and the paper work on the plane, can the two people who saw this enlighten us? he should not be allowed to get away with this if he has broken any data protection laws.

  11. Given there is a dispute as who has seen what. It would be very helpful if those who claim to have seen the documents came forward with their personal details so the claims could be substantiated.

    I understand the persons concerned made contact with Deputy Trevor Pitman, perhaps Trevor could enlighten us.

  12. Will the person who has left a comment requesting my email address note the address he has given keeps coming back as invalid.

    I can be contacted on

  13. Dear Bob, the simple truth is this. Until the Dean and Bailiff are not allowed to sit in an elected seat and Constables who are not elected by the people as Politicians are, we will never have a fair and democratic Machinery of Government. Never! we can colour it, we can cover it, we can create B option, we can create our law to suit what we want and when we want but until Mr Philip Bailhache is out of the equation. The man who has helped create our Machinery of Government we will never get this sorted out. I am afraid to say. This man is our problem. Sadly a big problem.


    1. Jersey is a peculiar Island with a number of anomalies which are outdated including the right of unelected States members to speak in the Chamber.

      One of the B option team’s reasons for retaining Connetables in the States was that it was evolutionary rather than a revolutionary, If that was the case then it was accepting that the B option was not fit for purpose, yet the public still voted for the B Option.

      Senator Bailhache has made an impact since his election, is it because of the gullible public and States Members or apathy?

  14. Dear Bob,

    I send my compliments on the quality of your Blog where your well researched Blog reports on events as they are and not as certain people who would perceive them to be.

    I am appalled at the audacity in which the Dean has been allowed to return to his normal duties as if nothing has really happened in the past. He is seen as the poor victim of the wicked Bishops who should be apologising to him for the discomfort he has suffered.

    I have a friend who was present at the Town Church last Sunday to attend the weekly Communion Service. I am told that the Service turned into a circus whereby the Dean in all his finery took the Service and had invited the Governor, Bailiff, Chief Minister and Town Connetable along with their wives who were all present along with media.

    The ordinary members of the congregation were not aware that the Dean and his friends along with the media would be present. The recording of the Service was grossly intrusive and was all about the Dean and his return but not about thanking God for his help and guidance for the past week.

    The Dean has been welcomed back to fold but what about the lady who by the Dean’s admitted failure is now exiled from Jersey and still waiting for the apology which the Dean has publicly given.

    The lady had made a complaint of abuse to the Dean in relation to a Church Warden who is the Dean’s friend. The Dean should have distanced himself from the complaint but the manner in which he mishandled the complaint has had serious consequences for the lady.

    I hope the Dean and all those who have been so supportive of him will sleep comfortably in their beds. However I do hope that when saying their prayers they will really listen to what they are saying and will ask for forgiveness for their hypocrisy.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I had heard that some members of the congregation were upset about the intrusion which was considered to be ill conceived.

      I would have hoped that the Church Warden was not the Dean’s friend because that raises other concerns which no doubt will be considered by the Investigators.

      “Hypocrisy seems an apt word.

  15. Hi anonymous. Thank you for your comments.
    I agree that the Dean should not have been allowed to be involved further after I reported the matter to the Diocese because the Dean did have an obvious bias, but the Diocese didn't take that seriously and tried to make it out to not be the case, which was one of the things that enraged me.
    In the end, what the church people have done wrong will be between them and God, even if they never face up to it on earth. That is what the Catholic church taught me since I converted to Catholicism.
    Some things are never put right on earth.
    Please don't worry about me being exiled from Jersey, it is better for me to remain on the mainland even though I miss the island and the sea.

  16. Dear HG, in life those who attend Church are in two categories, 1) those who like to be seen. 2) and those who pray for the right reasons. I truly believe that God will decide on 1 and 2. I light a candle for you HG, I admire your courage and if the Dean and his friends had the integrity they also would have used their time in Church to be 2) and not 1). Godbless and take care. Your thoughts are with me and many others who also are those of us who pray for the right reasons. x

  17. Thank you anonymous.
    I understand that people have different motivations for attending church.
    Thank you for your candles and thoughts and prayers.

  18. The JEP is up to an assortment of it's old tricks again.

    I took the time to respond to the comment reproduced below.
    My response (to follow) WAS published, but then REMOVED several days later

    "Sanity"s comment:
    April 29, 2013 at 12:53 pm
    Saddened Parishioner – or as said on the radio this morning an instant where many people had done everything in their power to help.

    As this case has again highlighted there are far too many people on this Island who are prepared to take advantage of the vulnerable for political gain or to it simply as a weapon of spite towards others. Not every complaint is genuine and it is hard enough for the genuine complainant to come forward as it is without the certain knowledge that Blogland will be jumping in glee and joy. Also such actions simply lump the genuine in with the discredited so how do you think that makes the person feel?

    Maybe if the “saddened”, “concerned” and the rest of the “pretend” activists were as quick to help, find out the facts or simply to listen to a real victim they would quickly come to realise that they are the primary obstacle, not the “Oligarchy”, “Establishment”, “Corrupt Jurate” and the rest of the nonsense offered by those adding to and compounding the abusing of the vulnerable for their own personal, selfish gain.


    "Sanity" seems to be a regular Neo-Con on the JEP Troll Zoo website. He qualifies as a Troll because here he is undermining the recent referendum here:
    and at comments # 6, 8, 9, 16, & 17 all apparently pretending to be a rather manic and inarticulate “Option A” supporter in what appears to be a determined attempt to misrepresent and discredit option A.
    "Sanity" AKA “Option A” is joined by the one man plague of RATs (Random Avatar Trolls), calling itself "Emma" on this occasion

    As if the referendum was not already deeply enough flawed.


    1. I have no idea why the JEP removed your Comment; perhaps it gives dissenting voices a specified time to remain in its Comments column.

      I welcome all views and would certainly welcome comments from those people who think the Dean has been unfairly treated and to explain why.

  19. Re. "The JEP is up to an assortment of it's old tricks again"
    My response to "Sanity" (above) WAS published, but then REMOVED by the JEP censors

    SUBMITTED April 30, 2013 at 3:59 pm
    TITLE: Manic Streetpreacher

    "I [too] am glad that the Dean has made a full apology". Shame he couldn't have made it two months ago; perhaps his "vanity and pride" stood in the way of his 'care for the vulnerable' ?

    I an also glad the the Dean is going to "co-operate fully with an investigation" ........ THIS TIME

    I too heard the sycophantic drivel on the radio, and in the context of "warmth, love and care" a phrase that was used was "loved like a daughter" ............ which really does not sit easily with the issue being about sexual misconduct.

    The Jersey church representative seemed not to mention a few details. My understanding of the overview is that after being "loved" by Jersey's combined church and legal system, the young disabled woman was effectively deported to the UK, with a criminal record, no money and no provision for her immediate care.

    Dumped on the street.

    Feel the love.

    Does the troublesome blogger you mention happen to have been awarded a 'British Empire Medal' ?


    I noticed that some other comments critical of our "esteemed" Dean have been removed.
    This JEP thread has been "clensed"
    History has been re-written

    1. Thanks for your comment but I don't think you have read my Blog because the Dean HAS NOT made a full apology and one wonders why did not agree to co-operate fully at the outset.

      I do agree with your summary re being loved and then being so unloved that HG was effectively booted out of the Island without any means of support.

      Yes BEM stand for British Empire Medal and awarded to me in the 1991 New Year’s Honours List.

      As mentioned above I welcome all views and have yet to remove a comment some time after it has been published.

  20. How HG was treated is shameful, I went through similar without such a terrible outcome as HG, I cant help but feel this will not be the last case of this nature we will hear about.

    1. Thank you for your concerns.

      Life can be very hard if you are an underdog in Jersey and regretfully neither you nor HG will be the last.

    2. I am sorry that you went through it too nhs, it is terrible that things like this can happen in this day and age and that most people are powerless and helpless to do anything about it. HG

  21. Will the reader who has sent me 3 comments about the identity of the Church Warden please note that I do not have a problem with publishing the comments, but if you are a regular you will have noted that when I publish my Blogs I do not use offensive words nor do I insult people who I might disagree with. I also maintain this standard when publishing comments.

    I would be happy to consider your comments if you could redraft them so offensive words and insults are removed.

  22. Still concerned that this may not quite reach your exacting publication standards.
    There are some things it is difficult to phrase in a nice way ............. here goes

    Hi Bob,

    I see that as yet you have decided not to publish the comment I pasted in relating to the identity of the allegedly abusive churchwarden.

    You probably already knew this information, and I understand that publication of it might need serious consideration.

    Suffice to say; it appears that the identity of the alleged abuser would appear to by highly significant to the fact that the complainant/victim was fobbed off by the church and the Dean and then criminalised and deported when she refused to take it lying down.

    ......Oh to be a prince of the Establishment - even a rather lowly and not so young one.

    I expect that there will be some significant blog postings before our "superclean dean" speaks on Liberation day.
    It seems we were liberated from the Germans, but not from staunchly right wing nepotism and cronyism.

    I can't help thinking there are some (hopefully less tragic) parallels with the bizarre way this other incident panned out:

    RE the fatal Lotus Elise crash ........... Whose [allegedly illegitimate child] is he ?

    The parents are left not really knowing how or why their daughter died or why she was judged to be of so little [relative] importance.

    £750 fine and the taxpayer paid his (considerable) costs.
    Move along now; Nothing to see here .............. lets hush up this mess without a proper enquiry or evidence gathering.
    Can a copy of the crash report be obtained on FOI or similar?
    Can we find out who the lotus was registered to ?

    Jersey is a place where it is all about who you are or who you come up against. Opposition politicians have huge amounts (probably millions including legal services) of money spent on investigating clerical oversights and blog postings.

    So whose [allegedly illegitimate child] is he ?

    To be Frank, I think it might be someone rather high up, but who knows?
    Or have I got this all out of proportion, and you, me, Syvret or the Pitmans could expect similar treatment - I think not.

    1. Thank you for resubmitting your comments in keeping with the standard that I feel I can publish.

      There is very little in your comment that most reasonable people would disagree with. There are double standards and it is quite evident that there are inconsistencies in the examples you have given above.

      HG was unfairly treated; her only “crime” was that she claimed that some well connected person had abused her. The Dean has apologised for mistakes made in handling the complaint but saying sorry is not is just not good enough particularly when it is not personally expressed to the victim. However the matter is not concluded and it will be interesting to see the final Winchester Reports.

      There does appear to be inconsistencies in the fatal road crash, and one has to ask how Courts put a value on life? HG was locked up for two weeks because it was feared that she might have disrupted a church service. Although the Court records show that she pleaded guilty and agreed to be Bound Over to leave the Island for 3 years, she was effectively deported, left stranded and destitute in the UK.

      Yet someone whose driving caused the death of another young lady walks away with a £750 fine.

      You are well within your rights to ask questions but don’t hold your breath whilst waiting for truthful answers.

  23. I pleaded what I was told to plead. I understood nothing except that the church who had not dealt with my complaint properly or taken it seriously had had me arrested and put away because I got angry and distressed at their terrible handling of the complaint.

  24. Bob
    You are right to publish the comment about the identity of HG and also the Lotus incident.
    The HG issue is current and so I think we must, for the time being, allow the process to proceed. Although I suspect that there will once again be a less than full report on what actually happened.
    As for the Lotus incident, I share the very real concerns about the whole thing. I live quite near the scene of the accident and saw the car a few hours afterwards. It was a total wreck and there was significant damage to the wall with which it collided. Everything pointed to a collision at a speed far in excess of 30 mph. I have only hearsay to go on but I have been told by people at the scene shortly after the accident that things were not as reported at the trial. If there was a cover-up it would have had to involve the States Police, Honorary Police, medical profession and many others. Is this impossible? I think not. Especially when one considers inferences as to the identity of the person who might be related to the driver. If there is any grain of truth in the allegations, then it is truly sickening but, I am afraid, not surprising unfortunately.

    1. At its most basic the cover up might just be a matter of letting the wreckage be cleared up and spirited off without a proper technical investigation.
      No Evidence + No Confession = No Conviction

      Or it may just have been unbelievably shoddy police work. Remember also that Dita did not die at the scene but (predictably?) died later in hospital - when a serious incident became very serious.

      Your sentence "If there was a cover-up it would have had to involve the States Police, Honorary Police, medical profession and many others" initially appears improbable but is not. We know what happens to whistleblowers on this island.

      Even the "successful" whistleblowers like Simon Belwood had their career ruined.

      Ex Health Minister Syvret was put thought the mill and even through prison and gagging orders.

      Even after these events and post HDLG we were shocked by the threatening letter to all staff that came from (golden handshake) Pollard Ref. Children's Services - I must dig that out.
      It then transpired that Children's Services were still failing - serious case review + paedophile involvement + underfunding.

      There is so much else about the lotus crash that points to it involving a "favoured" individual.

      The Jersey Way.

    2. It is reported that the Honorary Police, carried out an expert examination of the lotus using a consultant from the UK. I have a good memory but did not think to keep the article.

      Their report came to a different conclusion than the states uniformed police. I suggest Bob, you are in a good position to ask for a copy, in the public interest. If not then the main bullet points should be available, if not why not ?

      It would make interesting reading no doubt.


    3. Thank you for your comment, which unless substantiated is pure speculation. If you any evidence how ever slim, it might be worth contacting the Deputy Viscount at Morier House.

  25. You paint a sad picture on this our 68th Liberation Day; but sadly it does reflect some of the darker side of Jersey life.

    The quote about the cover up relating to the fatal car crash is not mine, but like so many other events one is left to wonder how courts return various verdicts and deliver sentences. The decision taken to Bind HG over to leave the Island is just another example.

  26. Look on the bright side, at least I am safe from the Jersey way and the darkness in the churches there now. I am not safe from the wrath of the Diocese of Winchester though, which continued after I returned to the UK and continued to destroy me. HG

  27. Replies
    1. Thank you for the link, have now read your new posting, well done with another well researched and informative Blog.

      You are correct, it is business as usual and no lessons have been learnt.