Tuesday 23 August 2011

First Blog

Welcome to my election Blog, I hope to keep you updated during the weeks leading to the election on Wednesday 19th October.

Having declared that I will be seeking re-election now is the time for preparation which includes drafting my election leaflet and calling on my Proposer and 9 Seconders to sign my Nomination paper.

The Nomination Meeting will be held at St Martin’s Public Hall on Wednesday 7th September at 730pm. The meeting will also include the nomination for the position of Vingtenier and  for Connétable where at present only Michel Le Troquer has indicated his intention to stand.

If you have not yet registered to vote please remember that your registration form must be returned to the Public Hall by on Monday 5th September. The forms are available for collection at St Martin’s Public Hall and other Parish Halls. However should you require a form please email me at b.hill@gov.je and I will forward you a copy.

It is worth visiting   http://www.vote.je/ which provides valuable election information.