Thursday 15 September 2011

Election Leaflet.

Once this week's States Sitting has ended I look forward to visiting the hundreds of households in St Martin's with my Election Leaflet below seeking valued support from Parishioners.

                           Frederick John Hill, BEM

Frederick John Hill or Bob as he is more generally known was born in Jersey in 1940. He was educated at St.Martin’s School and lived in the Parish with his farming parents until leaving the Island to fulfil a boyhood ambition to join the Metropolitan Police. He is married to Ann and they have two daughters and a grandson.

Bob enjoyed a distinguished 31 year police career that culminated in the award of the British Empire Medal in recognition of his service to the Lambeth Community. He returned to Jersey in 1991 and two years later was elected Deputy for the Parish of St. Martin.

He has an exceptional record of States attendance and has not missed a States Sitting in the last 10 years. Respected by his colleagues for his research and attention to detail he has acquired a reputation for not ducking issues but being prepared to tackle those difficult issues which many other  Members seek to avoid. To this end he has lodged a wide range of propositions. These include amendments to the Licensing Law, the establishment of the Registered Doorman’s Scheme and the power to confiscate alcohol from young people.

His amendments to the Firearms, Gambling, Animal Welfare, Administrative Appeals Laws and much other legislation have made them all more workable. His amendments to the Marriage Law have given unmarried parents the right to choose the surname of their child.

He has gained wide support for the introduction of the Police Voluntary Visitor Scheme and his introduction of new States Policy has stemmed the flow of suspensions in the public sector.

Members also supported his propositions to close the Share Transfer loophole, retain reference to Her Majesty and Her Heirs in the Police Oath, allow the Parishes to retain the revenue received from speeding fines and renew driving licences from the date of renewal rather than the date of the application. 

His propositions brought about the stabilisation of the rock face at Geoffrey’s Leap, the lengthening of question time, the introduction of the current States Sitting rota and more recently the requirement for Ministers to submit comments in good time and for States Members’ interests to be viewable on line.

Outside of the States Bob organises and plays in the inter-island States Members’ cricket match. He was a founder member of the St Martin’s Jumelage Association and the Jersey Human Rights Group of which he is Chairman.

Bob is recognised as caring and approachable, representing parishioners with professionalism and tenacity and assisting parishioners with appeals on a wide range of issues or helping to overcome difficulties in their everyday lives.

Often seen around the Parish on his bike and playing an active role in giving support to many Parish organisations Bob also regularly attends Parish Assemblies. He is a member of the St. Martin’s Conservation Trust and the Village Plan Review Committee and President of the St. Martin’s Division of the St. John’s Ambulance, assisting too in the annual Trinity Shield football competition.

Bob has demonstrated that he is an effective and dedicated Member of the States and hopes you will consider him worthy of your support for re-election for the position of Deputy of St Martin.

To assist voters wishing to cast a vote prior to polling day, please contact or  or 861019.

Election for
Deputy of St Martin.
                                    Wednesday October 19th 2011
                                                            St Martin’s Public Hall
                                                                      8am to 8pm

                                         Please Re-Elect

                                Bob Hill

Frederick John Hill B.E.M
Experience, Commitment, Integrity, Energy and Time

The Qualities that Count

For help regarding postal, home or pre-poll vote, Telephone 861019 or Email

For information and assistance on polling day, please telephone 861019    


                                  Catel Cottage, Rue du Catel, Trinity, JE3 5HA.   
                                                     Telephone 861019. Email

Dear Elector

On Wednesday 19th October the Island’s electorate will have the opportunity of voting for Senators, Connétables and Deputies. I ask that you consider me worthy of continuing to represent you as Deputy for St Martin.

When I first sought election, I said I was offering a fresh and positive approach. I believe I have kept that promise and my enthusiasm and commitment has not diminished. This is evident by the 29 propositions and over 100 oral and written questions that I have lodged during the past 3 years. 

Since my first election the economic climate has changed considerably and Jersey has not been immune from events in the world economy. However, if we want to maintain the standard of our care, education and social benefits then that must be paid for. The introduction of GST will not be sufficient and therefore it is vital that we balance the need for belt tightening and greater efficiency by ensuring that those living on fixed incomes are not disadvantaged.

It is also paramount that we address the continual waste of money. Therefore It is important that there are experienced Members like me who have shown that they are prepared to hold Ministers to account and when necessary offer constructive alternative proposals. I am known for my persistence in seeking social justice and in ensuring that parishioners have rights of redress. I have been prominent in promoting social issues and also ensuring that there is a balance between advancing social legislation and the myriad of monetary legislation vital to Jersey’s financial industry.

On Parish matters, the issues of the Rectory, the new school, the search for an alternative pitch for the Parish football club and a quest for a solution to the longstanding Maufant ownership issue will all need to be addressed. If re-elected I should like to advance the idea of producing an official Parish Magazine further to develop Parish links.

My manifesto has always been clear and simple in that I intend to maintain the same commitment to both Parish and Island affairs that I have demonstrated over the past 18 years.
Yours sincerely,

Deputy F.J. (Bob) Hill, BEM

Thursday 8 September 2011

Nomination Meeting and Proposer's Speech

Last night at St Martin's Public Hall I had the privilege of being proposed by Mr. Charles Strasser, OBE and Seconded by the     following; 

Alan  Mollet
Francis William Tadier
Max Hewitt
Anne Holden
Howard Le Roux
Colin Perchard CVO, OBE
Yvonne McNally
Alison Camacho
Pamela Denize

Mr. Charles Strasser's Nomination Speech.

Mr. Connétable, Ladies and Gentleman and fellow Parishioners, I have had the pleasure of addressing many audiences during my lifetime but this evening it is not only a pleasure but also a privilege because it is the first time that I am addressing Parishioners in my adopted parish of over 40 years.  I am also absolutely delighted that my maiden address is to nominate Bob Hill for the position of Parish Deputy.

Frederick John Hill, BEM, or Bob as he is known to us all, is possibly one of the best known States Members in the Island. It is not because of the time he has served St Martin’s in the States, but because of the excellent work he has done on our behalf for the Parish and Island.

Bob is Jersey born, lived in the Parish and for 9 years attended St Martin’s School just a few metres up the road. In those days it was an elementary School which taught the basic 3 “R’s,” however Bob learnt about another “R,” that of Rioting when he served as a Police officer in Brixton many years later.

Bob left the green lanes of St Martin’s as a very green 20 year old to join the Metropolitan Police. After his training at Hendon he was posted to London’s East End in the days when the Kray twins were at their peak.

Bob later served in Brixton where his outstanding work for the Community was recognised by Her Majesty in the 1991 New Years Honour List when he was made a Member of the British Empire. What a wonderful achievement for a St Martin’s schoolboy.

On returning to Jersey he became Bob the Builder when with his wife Ann they set about building a new home for themselves. Two years later Bob successfully contested the Deputy’s seat in this Parish.

In some people’s eyes Bob’s decision to stand in St Martin’s was seen as ill conceived because his new home just happens to be in Trinity and also who was this upstart who had not served his Parish in any capacity?

But those people just did not know of Bob’s enthusiasm and capacity for work and his ability to relate to both the old and new St Martinais.

I can still recall Bob first calling at my home. I was struck by his enthusiasm, energy, his openness and his abundant good sense. I sensed that here was a local man who had gone into the world, gained a great deal of experience and was bringing that knowledge back to the Island and was seeking my support to elect him.

It should be recalled that in those days States Members were not remunerated, Bob was giving freely of his time and expertise. I must confess that I had no difficulty in deciding that I was going to vote for Bob and I have continued to do so ever since.

Since we do not have a political party system in The States, it is vital to have Deputies of integrity, prepared to probe and challenge. As a backbencher, without ministerial responsibility, Bob is in a unique position to fulfil that important role and at the same time also look after the interests of all St. Martin parishioners.

Bob now has a proven track record for his hard work, his attention to detail, his friendly and approachable manner and for the many propositions he has lodged in an attempt to make life a little easier for us all.

The States has adopted a whole number of Bob’s propositions these include many amendments to the licensing Law, one of which was to allow the pubs to remain open all day on Sunday’s, quite a controversial proposal at the time but just imagine if some one today suggested that pubs should close at 1pm or people be denied the opportunity of buying a bottle of wine after 1pm on Sundays. He closed the Share Transfer loophole and made it now possible for unmarried parents to have the choice of the surname of their child when registering its birth.

Bob’s commitment has not diminished and this is evident by the fact that it is more than 10 years ago since he last missed a States Sitting. And in his past 3 year term of office he has lodged 29 propositions and tabled over 100 oral and written questions.

It is worth mentioning Bob’s last three year term, because he has worked tirelessly to expose the unlawful suspensions of senior States employee’s which has cost the Island several million pounds.

In addition to his success in addressing the suspension problems, the States also supported his propositions to extend States Question Time, the requirement for Ministers to submit Comments in good time and for Members Interests to be viewed online. He also successfully persuaded the States to conduct reviews into the role of the Crown Officers, the suspensions of the Hospital Consultant and Police Chief and the Child Abuse Investigation.

Also thanks to Bob Jersey is no longer the only place in the British Isles not to have a Police Voluntary Visitor Scheme.

We are all aware of Bob’s exploits on his bike, but it should also be recalled that he instigated the annual inter island States Member’s cricket match which he not only organises but also plays and under his captaincy Jersey has again retained the cup this year.

Mr Connétable, ladies and gentleman St Martin’s is fortunate to have an outstanding Parish Deputy with a proven track record, he is very fit and well able to continue to serve our Parish and I have the pleasure and privilege of proposing his nomination.

In accordance with Article 8 sub paragraph 2 of States of Jersey Law, I declare that Bob has no convictions, not even for speeding on his old bike.

Thursday 1 September 2011

Another own goal

It is strange how certain figures stick in one's mind. I can still recall that I paid Ilien's Cycle Shop £17.10 shillings when I bought my bike which I still ride today. I can also remember the price of my first car. 

When going through the amendments to the Business Plan and in particular amendment P2011/10 I noted the figure of £1.7m. This is the sum of money which is being requested by the Treasury Minister for urgent capital works to be carried out at Clinique Pinel. 

The £1.7m figure sprung to mind because on 7th June during Oral Question Time I asked the Health Minister the following question:

"Given that a hospital consultant and 2 middle-grade doctors have performed no clinical work since October 2006, December 2008 and August 2009 respectively and a fourth middle-grade doctor is undertaking restricted duties only, will the Minister state how many different locum doctors have been employed to do the work of the 4 affected doctors and what is the cost of these locums to date?"

The Minister gave the following reply; 

"The Health and Social Services have engaged 32 locums to cover these 4 doctors while they have been on restricted duties or unable to undertake clinical work. I have been advised that the cost of this locum cover since 2006 has been approximately £1.77 million."

Readers will recall that I have devoted a considerable amount of time attempting to stem the flow of money gushing from the Health Department due to the large number of its staff who have been suspended or placed on restricted duties. One must therefore ask what has the Treasury Minister been doing to allow the Health Minister to be wasting money on suspensions when that money could have been better used to carry out work at Clinique Pinel. 

This becomes even more pertinent when one reads the report in support of the amendment because it was in 2009 that an application was made ( presumably from the Health Minister to the Treasury Minister) for fiscal stimulus monies to upgrade Clinique Pinel and Rosewood House.

However the money allocated was spent solely on Rosewood House due its more urgent need. If the need was so vital one may ask what steps were taken to find alternative funding or better still where money could be saved.

Repeated questions have been asked about the suspended personnel and the money being spent on locums yet it appears that both Ministers were oblivious to the wanton waste of money being spent to pay for staff who were only to willing to return to full time duty.

We are often reminded of the need to eliminate waste yet here we have another fine example of own goals being scored.