Wednesday 16 October 2013

Jersey's Dean-----HG's Guest Posting--An Open Letter.


Following the suspension of the Dean last March a number of his friends rallied to his support, published letters, called for it to be lifted and claimed that he was victim of gross injustice. I don't have a problem with friends giving their support to the Dean but regretfully when doing so they made derogatory remarks about the real but forgotten victim who is a young lady known as HG.

It is also evident that apart from apparently having no interest in HG's well being they have no appreciation of the difficulties she has to encounter every day of her life. The supporters claim to be Christian but readers might have a different view and I will be interested to learn of them.

Below is an open letter which HG has written in response to remarks made by some of Dean's supporters.


Dear Bruce Willing, Philip Bailhache, Gavin Ashenden and others,

I thought I would write in response to what I see as a smear campaign against myself by you in response to the Korris report that assesses the Dean of Jersey to have done wrong. I have silently endured your very unchristian response to the Korris report for a long time
I am deeply dismayed by your approach to the matter.

I am first and foremost very sad to see how far behind the rest of the world Jersey is with regards to attitude to mental health. You claim me to be mentally ill and you use that against me not only in a way that criminalises me but in a derogatory way that puts your view across in a way that makes it look as if you are removing credibility from all people with mental illness. I have several comments on that, firstly ‘mental illness’ covers a very wide range of illnesses, from mild forms of depression and anxiety/phobia to the more severe forms of psychosis and schizophrenia.

It is important to remember that even people who are seriously mentally ill are still human and have a side to things, and that the attitude you are showing is simply that ‘people with mental illness are not credible’, sadly it is people with mental illness and people on the autistic spectrum who are most vulnerable to abuse, because they are isolated, need care and are vulnerable, can be misunderstood and often isolated lacking in voice and effective advocacy or interpretation.

I am dismayed that you, in your positions, are not enlightened on the subject of mental health, to the point where you are using my supposed mental health condition to scapegoat and vilify me and remove my credibility.

The damage you have done to me by scapegoating me in your efforts to clear the Dean and clergy in Jersey of misconduct is pretty horrifying, firstly because, hopefully you would know better than to scapegoat and verbally bash someone who has a physical disability, I do not understand why you feel that the equivalent is not the case with mental illness but that you feel that you should further hurt someone who is already suffering illness in order to achieve your own aims.

Also, Mr Willing, calling me a ‘poor unfortunate woman’ is the kind of terminology that belongs in the dark ages, it really shows up how Jersey has not moved forward with the rest of the world in understanding mental health, autism and other conditions.

To conclude on mental illness, I am diagnosed as free from it. not only was I diagnosed as free from mental illness in a psychiatric report done in La Moye prison, but again in Winchester five months later, again in Sussex a few months following, and again in a comprehensive report from my current clinical psychologist who specialises in autism and trauma and has been in practice for 20 years.

You need to stop excusing the wrongdoing of the Dean and Church in Jersey by using mental illness that I do not suffer, and if you insist on proceeding to use my ‘mental illness’ as an excuse for the wrongdoers, you need to name my mental illness and back it up not only with clinical proof but with reasons why it is an excuse for the Dean and church’s misconduct.

Most mental illnesses can strike at any time and anyone can suffer rich or poor, believer or non-believer, I ask you, do you expect to lose your own credibility and rights if any of you were to be struck down with mental illness of any kind, be it mild depression or any other form of illness? In this day and age, even though Jersey is a long way behind most of the developed world in many issues such as mental health, human rights and equality, it astounds me that you are, in the media and in front of the world, behaving in this severely prejudiced way. I don’t know how to put this politely but ‘shafting Jersey to the rest of the world’ comes to mind.

And especially in the case of Gavin Ashenden making statements about mentally ill people being demon possessed and driving demons out during services, it is understandable why he was chosen as a Jersey clergyman, and his letters and statements about me when he doesn’t know me and only knows one side of what happened between me and others, he isn’t just showing how unenlightened he is about mental illness, or just how much an investigation into safeguarding in Jersey is needed, he is also showing that despite being an ordained Priest, he does not understand the basics of Christianity.

I am diagnosed as mildly autistic, suffering severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and severely psychologically damaged by my experiences not only of a very damaging upbringing but also of what happened to me in Jersey and the Diocese of Winchester. Those things are not so easy for you to use as excuses I guess.

Let’s move on to the subject of the Church.

Bearing in mind that I did not ask for this hugely disastrous visitation with its conflicts and PR Firms and reports that omit the views of key witnesses, I am astounded at just how unchristian the Deanery of Jersey has been in their smear campaign against me. Even if I did make a complaint, it was five years ago, was disregarded and could have been dealt with in private.

Let’s go back to the very basics of Christianity the ones that are hard for the older, more wealthy and influential people to swallow. Jesus said ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’, is any clergyman or lay church worker in Jersey who has maligned me at Deanery meetings and in the press without sin? No, and no doubt in their own personal lives and histories, there are sins and skeletons, and yet they forget Jesus’ teaching, or, more horrifyingly, they do not know it or feel that, in this case, they can excuse themselves. Focusing on defending themselves or others who have done wrong.

When I left Jersey, I continued to suffer, mainly because I was condemned by the Church, until the day I was befriended by Catholics, and it was their words that saved me.
My dear Catholic friends, who remain dear to me two and a half years after I met them, taught me these simple things:

We are all accountable to God, the Church members who hurt me may have done wrong but it is between them and God, and I may have done wrong in retaliation but that is between me and God, and ultimately it is between me and God for me to confess my sins and be forgiven, and it is also up to the people who hurt me to confess before God and be forgiven by Him.
And there is no-one in Jersey who hurt me, who I have not forgiven, this does not mean that I am not deeply dismayed by their past and current behaviour.

I confessed my sins, and was provisionally Baptized a Catholic in order to be confirmed, as it was not possible to safely get my Baptism record from the Church of England, and in Baptism, all past sins are forgiven, and since my Baptism I have returned to confession with my sins and struggles regularly, and I love that integrity before God.

I can see that in Jersey no-one who has done wants to admit to their wrongdoing, and instead they are metaphorically stoning me, and using mental health as a rock to throw, which is, although they don’t realise it, tarnishing their image as Christians and certainly leaving them with a lot of wrong between themselves and God.

And I hope and pray that all of this can change, and that these people, Philip Bailhache, Gavin Ashenden and Bruce Willing will have a change of heart, come back to the basics of Christianity and cease to use the Church in incorrect ways.

I have an image of Jesus arriving in Jersey and going to these churches, homeless and unqualified, ‘different’ and saying things that people like Senator Bailhache and Bruce Willing do not like,  I have an image of them rejecting him and yet not being able to get rid of him, I have an image of them venting their wrath on him, I have an image of my own experience of Jersey, and I have an image of the crucifixion of Jesus at the hands of the Pharisees, and you know something? Those three images tell the same story.

I will discuss with you Senator Bailhache’s "campaign" to get the Dean reinstated. I know I am autistic but I do not understand why Senator Bailhache was so keen to clear someone who had done wrong at the expense of the person who had been wronged.

Senator Bailhache has never met me, and no matter what he is told about me, that is hearsay and he should know better, as a church member and as a representative of the States of Jersey, but especially as a church member who presumably professes to be a Christian, than to judge and condemn someone he doesn't even know.

As I said earlier, I know Jersey is behind the times, but Senator Bailhache shows just how seriously behind the times he is, as well as showing just how much wrong there is between himself and God.

Hopefully Senator Bailhache’s new promotion to Foreign Affairs Minister for that tiny Island of Jersey will ensure that his travel and liaison with other, less insular countries will broaden his mind and bring Jersey, and himself, a bit more up to date on courtesy, balanced judgements and mental health.

He has really showed himself up and done himself a disservice in running a campaign that harmed me in order to try and clear the Dean of misconduct that the Dean did commit.

Senator Bailhache makes me out to be a troublemaker and an abuser despite never having met me and acting only on what he has heard, this shows very plainly why Jersey’s Deanery needs a visitation, it also shows him as unprofessional, a judge who judges someone he doesn't know? Writes libellous letters about them to all and sundry and has such letters published as fact and with claims to represent the whole island? Islanders protested about this, but because of the tremendous power that Senator Bailhache has, his was the voice which was heard.

Even the Bishop and Archbishop were made to give way and reinstate the Dean without an enquiry, on the grounds of Senator Bailhache using his political position, his signature as ‘Senator Bailhache’, despite later stating that he was acting as a member of the church and thus had every right to support the Dean.

Let me return to how this fits in with the Church and God, if this behaviour by Senator Bailhache is endorsed, commended or acceptable to the Church, then the Church is not following Jesus and is not of God.

If Senator Bailhache describes himself as a Christian, then he needs to stop and look at what he is doing and has done, and he needs to realise that not only is he behaving in a very unchristian way and very displeasing to God, but he is also tarnishing the Church’s name, image and purpose, and should choose between continuing his unchristian behaviour and leaving the Church or considering how to achieve his aims, including supporting the Dean, in a proper, reasonable manner, without the unspeakable wrong of abuse of power in his political position while calling himself a Christian or his hate campaign against someone he considers to be ‘mentally ill’ in order to clear someone who has committed misconduct against that same person.




  1. Thank you Bob. HG

  2. Dear HG, you are a brave woman and I admire you. You have put into writing how things happened, in your words, Philip Bailhache, Mr Willing and Mr Ashenden. Please read this. The fact Philip Bailhahce that you have never even met HG and heard her side of the story, tells me all I need to know. I support you HG, Godbless and lets have this blog as a real opening to discussion and lets do more than Dame Heather Steele could ever do! x

  3. Dear Bob, this blog can do more than any Heather Steel investigation, lets open this discussion and really get to the heart of the issue here, HG, I truly admire your bravery and Bob yours too x

  4. Wow.

    The lady sure knows how to articulate her experience.

    I must say the letter shows a different character, to that which I assumed based on the PR campaign waged publicly against her.

    Best wishes HR

  5. Thank you as well, HG. You are right in my opinion - it's all about image with Bailhache and Willing. Hope you are feeling better.

  6. An extremely articulately written open letter from HG which points out all that is wrong with the likes of Bailhache, Ashenden, Willing and their ilk who are portraying the most unchristian behaviour by people who should know better but these three have got an agenda and that is to discredit HG through innuendo - gossip -supposition with a clear absence of any proof to back up their stance.

    Great letter HG you are gaining more support and credibility by the day.

  7. What a coherent, well written letter. Not the rantings of a mentally deranged person

  8. HG.

    What a wonderfully crafted and articulate letter. It remains to be seen if the island's State Media will publish it or give it anywhere near the prominence afforded to all the letters written by the "good christian" people who have been smearing you.

    Keep fighting the fight because you have the best corner man in the business with Bob. You also might want to check out this latest interview with former Health Minister, Stuart Syvret, who mentions you and your case HERE

  9. Jacques M F Chartier16 October 2013 at 19:57

    Hi H G a fantastic letter and I wish you well. God bless.

  10. HG you are correct from a certain perspective and i agree with you all the way from that perspective. Bailhache is the front man for the franchise 'States of Jersey' which is part of 'City of London' which is a franchise of 'Vatican City'. Bailhache and the Dean are but part of a large chain of command. This does no way free them of their responsibility to their fellow people. This is where the miss use of the term Law comes into play, the so called Ecclesiastical Law. Crown, Church, Government, States Police are all one in the same they are tiers of command that administer the affairs of the Shadow Governing body. The tiers of command are kept in place by compromising the Subjects/Minions the favored method is Sex crime and best of all Child Sex Crime no one survives that scandal. Any exposure must be kept in check as it can backfire and expose the hidden agenda, this is self evident in your case and many many others including Haut de la Garenne. This is a Global issue as well as a local one. Knowing what we are dealing with is half the issue, exposing it will collapse It. Notice i do not use the word battle but issue because battle is their forte eg. 'Washington D.C., is the military arm in the tiered system. You have been subject to Piracy your body has been looted the Looters miss use the Law making good their escape protecting their Booty (your trust in a time of need) which is energy to them "your energy'. Did your energy levels grow or drop after the event up to now? Very important to observe the flow of energy with any transaction that one enters in it will tell you the nature of exchange. There is much that is hidden be very aware, do not be fooled. We are all equal though many will preach otherwise. I wish you well and thank you for your Letter. You are never alone : )

  11. Dear Bob, please forward this to the JEP. It deserves a full page in the newspaper. It is very articulately expressed by HG.

  12. It was submitted to the media this morning.

  13. This letter is so compelling, so convincingly honest and heartfelt, that it is simply too powerful for the JEP to permit the public to read.

    1. well yes, I have a feeling they wont dare publish it. which shows the inequality of all this. HG

    2. I think the JEP may report on the letter today.

    3. Yeh the JEP will report how nasty the abuse victim is and how the real victims are the Dean Ashenden Willing and Bailhache.

    4. Until the report is published it is difficult to comment other than to say that I hope it will be a balanced report.

  14. Thank you for all your kind comments. Bob, you may have to explain the comment at 20:00 to me a bit. HG

    1. HG,
      WhatI think what the reader is saying is that there is a small group of people who thrive on power in which there is a pecking order. To be part of what is like a club you have to do what ever is asked of you. This could include turning a blind eye to untoward actions, sex abuse being an example. It could also include being party to actions which suit a purpose, your arrest and removal from Jersey being an example.

      You were a threat and the best way to dispose of you was to kick you out of the Island. Your deportation/removal was a disgrace so much so that Jan Korris recommended that the matter be investigated. I have sent several emails to Dame Heather Steel asking if she is investigating the matter. I am still awaiting confirmation

    2. Hi HG here is a link to a very long Youtube video. Sorry if I didn't make much sense I hope this will shed some light as to where my perspective comes from. I have done many years of looking in to why we behave as we do, there is much to know that is hidden." Conspiracy" is a natural reaction due to our conditioning but it is based in fear not research. If it is to much to handle I can understand there is not a part of our life that is not touched by what is presented and it shines light on our real History. It takes time to take it all in but there is no other research that come close to this. Anyone who takes this seriously ends up on an emotional rollercoaster of a ride but there is much light at the end of the tunnel and many personal questions are answered on the way. We all wish you well, again you are never alone. If you wish more contact leave a message here. Phil

    3. I am sorry. I don't understand. HG

    4. No problem, if you would like to look into it further here is my facebook address we can take it further if you wish. Understanding what is really going on is empowering : ). All the best to you. Phil

  15. A brave and heartfelt letter. There will be no response from Bailhache and Co, because what response can there be? While I don't know the full facts, enough is in the public domain to know that the way in which the island's judiciary dealt with HG was a brazen act of criminality - commissioned and executed by so-called men of God.

    Two questions spring to mind. First, I assume the identity of HG is known to a fairly wide section of Jersey's population (although not to me), and is it not therefore a breach of the Data Protection Law to publish a letter giving opinions about the state of her mental health?

    Second, I wonder if any 'ordinary' person has ever contacted Philip Bailhache to ask for his help as a States member? Bob, I assume you were contacted on a daily basis by people looking for help on a range of issues. Would anybody who isn't part of Jersey's social aristocracy ever think picking up the phone and asking Sir Philip for help?

    1. Some one has told me that those who have contacted Senator Bailhache are holding a meeting in a telephone Box in town next week. I gather there is still room for those who don't yet know of the meeting.

    2. Naughty Bob, Bailhache will tell you off for affronting his dignity!

  16. I have a feeling that my letter will only set them off barking even worse. Maybe it is time for a proper investigation into safeguarding to proceed. I am ready to give evidence. HG

  17. I guess we had better consider contacting Jersey's data protection controller about the breaches of the data protection act that have occurred.

  18. Too good for Jersey, have to deport you, free ride to a better democracy.

  19. and, the church are going to have to call an emergency meeting on this one, one of those secret deanery meetings, what can they do now they have been challenged?

    1. A very interesting comment as I gather there was a church meeting recently in which a Contingency Plan was prepared in case HG returns to Jersey. Will they be offering her a bible or an arrest warrant?

    2. Ah, but HG did briefly return and flip the bird at them on Friday

  20. Bob.

    Your readers might be interested in the disgraceful lLETTER sent by Philip Bailhache to the Archbishop.

  21. Thanks Voice the letter is well worth a read and ask readers to click on the word letter above to read the letter.

    Tony the Prof's latest Blog "The Curious Incident of the Dog on the Early Morning Breakfast Show" is also another "must read." Unfortunately I am unable to give readers the link, but Tony's Blog can be found at the top right hand side on my Blog above.

  22. Thank you Tony the Prof, while I have had no voice against the smear campaign, the bloggers have spoken for me, and I am truly grateful. HG

  23. Bob, this is really a comment for Tony's blog, but I can't post on his blog.
    He talks about the chaperoning system that was supposedly in place with the churchwarden who abused me.
    I can say with confidence that there was definitely no chaperoning, this man spent a lot of time alone with me in and around church, as well as away from church of course. There was NO, supervision, and on occasions when he touched me in church, no-one challenged him. HG

  24. Bob.

    Your readers might also be interested in the night you had Senator Philip Bailhache STOMPED FOR WORDS (Hash-tag bailed out by Gavin Ashenden)

    1. It was an interesting meeting, but not many neutrals in the hall.

  25. That was very couragious of you Bob, you stood up to them.

  26. Bob the church of England needs someone like you to as an advocate and safeguarder for the disabled. Would you apply for the post when it comes up?

    1. Not sure that they would recruit OAP's.

    2. ah, but you are already doing their job for them, they owe you.

  27. Replies
    1. Philip Bailhache, how dare you call yourself Foreign Minister when you have plenty of things to face back home, including your conduct during the appaling way HG has been treated, get back here and now! face home and sort it out. Resign now as Foreign Minister! now.

    2. Mr Bailhache, please answer HG's letter.

  28. Bob

    You are a good man.

  29. Another example of the very poor attitude from the JEP:

    Notice they have allowed the first comment, one of very poor taste, then closed the comments section!

    1. The article on the JEP report can be found on the Ian Evans' Blog which can be found at 2141 above above.

      The reporter has selected what he considered was the main point of HG's letter , that being that the 3 men had conducted a smear campaign against her. They were asked to comment, which they did.

      However it could be argued that the main point of HG’s letter was her allegation that the men’s actions were unchristian.

      The reporter who is unnamed did make any comment on the letter.

      The JEP Blog did cover the letter where there was only one comment, The author wrote something like "Who cares." One wonder’s whether the author claims to be a Christian?

    2. Readers might be interested to read the transcript of the Radio Jersey broadcast yesterday morning between Matthew Price (MP) and fellow BBC member Harriet Bradshaw (HB)

      Unfortunately the transcript is too lengthy to be published as one Comment so I have had to publish it in two parts.

      Mathew Price began his report as follows; Transcript Part One.

      A Jersey Vicar says it’s time the Bishop of Winchester apologised to The Dean and HG over his actions - in seemingly trying to control the Church of England in Jersey.

      It was just over seven months since the Dean of Jersey was suspended by the Bishop of Winchester over his alleged mishandling of an abuse complaint made against a churchwarden in St Helier.

      The Very Reverend Bob Key’s two month suspension was prompted by the Korris Report - an investigation ordered by the bishop into the circumstances surrounding the original complaint.

      The report referred to the complainant as HG. She was detained in La Moye Prison for 2 weeks and then bound over to leave the island and sent to the UK. She was banned from returning to the island for 3 years. That ban expired a week ago.

      The former Bishop of Chelmsford John Gladwin and the High Court Judge Dame Heather Steele have been asked by the Diocese of Winchester to run two independent inquiries, which are due to report before Christmas. So where do things stand now?

      Well just yesterday HG told us she had written to Dame Heather asking her to halt the inquiry. Now a Jersey Vicar is calling for the Bishop of Winchester to make a public apology to HG for the way he has handled the case.

      Harriet Bradshaw has the latest and joins me now.

      Please see Part two below.


    3. Transcript Part two.

      (MP) What’s this new call for an apology all about?

      (HB) Well the Vicar of Gouray - the Reverend Canon Dr Gavin Ashenden has written to the newspaper The Church Times, following the latest statement from HG. He says the paper has misreported the case and the allegations surrounding the Dean, the former Churchwarden and the alleged victim. And he is laying the blame firmly at the door of the Bishop - the Right Reverend Tim Dakin. He is suggesting the paper - and others - have the facts wrong - a view he says is now endorsed by HG herself.

      (MP) I’m confused. Is Dr Ashenden now saying he agrees with HG?

      (HB) He says in his letter to the paper - that if this had been primarily a safeguarding issue for the well-being of HG and others - as the Bishop of Winchester originally claimed, the Bishop should not have placed a flawed, one sided report -as that written by Jan Korris - containing so much of HG’s private life in the public domain, since it damaged the very person he was claiming to act in the interests of. He goes on - then as now, the perception among many was that Bishop Dakin’s actions were more angled at removing the Dean from office and assaulting the Jersey canons that define the Deanery of Jersey’s relations to the Diocese of Winchester, than they were the defence of a vulnerable adult

      (MP) Fighting talk. Essentially he is saying The Bishop wants to take control of the Church of England in Jersey - which enjoys a certain independence from the wider Diocese of Winchester, at present?

      (HB) Pretty much. He says he is awaiting the publication of Dame Heather Steel’s report - albeit a report that HG says she no longer has any confidence in. Dr Ashenden writes - "I have no doubt that when the Steel report is published next month, the Archbishop of Canterbury, also improperly briefed, by Bishop Dakin, will be called upon to issue a public apology to the Dean of Jersey who was also improperly and irresponsibly criticised in public, and The Dean will be cleared of the accusations brought against him by Bishop Dakin". In other words he suggests the Bishop’s actions will backfire upon him and the Diocese - but that will have to wait upon the publication of her report. The BBC is told its publication could still be some months away - and it could miss its original publication date - slated as "just before Christmas"

      (MP) So this week we have had two statements from HG - the victim whose complaint was allegedly mishandled - and now further debate in the national press about Bishop Tim Dakin’s alleged motives – what’s been the response?

      (HB) Dame Heather Steele says she is aware of HG’s claims about the inquiry she is leading, but says she won’t comment until her report is published. And it’s a similar story coming out of the Bishop’s Palace in Winchester. Tim Dakin says he won’t be interviewed so he doesn’t pre-empt the findings of the two inquiries he has commissioned - one from Dame Heather and another from the former Bishop of Chelmsford John Gladwin. You will recall Bishop Tim told us he had apologised to HG personally, some weeks ago. HG maintains she has received no such apology. And that saying sorry Gavin Ashenden believes is owed to both HG and the Dean - Bob Key.

      (MP) Harriet Bradshaw, thankyou. And we shall have more on this story on Sunday morning, with Chris Stone his on BBC Radio Jersey.

      I thank BBC Radio Jersey for their broadcast and transcript and look forward to listening to Chris Stone tomorrow morning.

    4. I listened Chris Stone’s item on the matter which went out around 720 this morning. It was pretty much a replay of the broadcast above and no mention was made of HG’s letter published on my Blog.

      It is interesting to note that those who are now calling for the Bishop to apologise to HG and the Dean, have done nothing to ensure that HG receives personal apologies from the public apologies given to her by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Bishop Dakin and the Dean.

      Is Rev Ashendan asking for a proper personal apology or just another sham public one?

      It is also evident that the harm suffered at the hands of the Church Warden and in the handling of HG’s complaint is completely ignored.

      Readers might be interested to know that I have now been contacted by Dame Heather Steel and I shall be meeting her on Thursday.

      H'G's arrest and deportation/removal from Jersey in her night attire will be discussed.

    5. Bob.

      No mention on the BBC of HG's open letter to Philip Bailhache, Gavin Ashenden, Bruce Willing and others?

      What if Ashenden, Willing or Bailhache had written an open letter to HG, or anybody, would the BBC have buried that or would it have been headline news?

      The BBC has no credibility left to lose so this latest episode won't do it any harm. Once more it is the victim who suffers all the harm and, as you say, the alleged abuse she suffered at the hands of the churchwarden is (conveniently)? forgotten. But not by HG and others.

    6. Given the two interesting stories Radio Jersey has presented this week this morning's effort was very disappointing.

      You are correct by saying HG and others will not forget the harm caused to her.

      It will be intersting to see what the Church Times makes of Rev Ashenden's letter.

  30. Go to the Press Complaints Commission, they are very good, we got an apology from the JEP for an article. If the JEP have not shown a balanced report then there are places to go. The website for the Press Complaints Commission will directly bring you to a contact, I have found them extremely helpful and will take the matter further if the JEP have done proper Journalism.

  31. Bob, with regards to Dame Steel, if she is telling you that she is not supposed to investigate the deportation, then why did she make that illegal attempt to investigate my records in the beginning? HG

    1. You raise an interesting point which I shall raise with Dame Heather.

  32. small section from the broadcast published on Rico Sordas blog which gives insight and intention to keep HG kept out of the Dame Steel report.

    Interviewer - Do you think, that was a little heavy handed?

    Bruce Willing - What to make her leave? Why, because of her behaviour during that time, which I'm sure you'll be covering later but it's a very unfortunate thing and I think HG needs to be kept out of that, this is some one who is, is not well, and um you know, it's not really, what this is all about.

    Interviewer - Well surely it is all about HG Isn't it? It's all about an alleged abuse that has taken place she believes and that the Dean did not take her allegation seriously enough at ?

    Bruce Willing - The Dean absolutely did take her, allegation seriously, but HG never made a formal complaint to the Dean who has to operate within the Jersey eclisiastical court which he is president and he passed her quite rightly to the States Police who examined it and on the 27th November 2008 nearly five years ago said there was insufficient evidence to proceed and confirmed that in writing on the 7th of January 2009 that is where we are, but lets put this very unfortunate women to one side because she needs help and that's not within the Church's gift to give it to her. She has a mental illness which she acknowledges and she did not make at any time a formal complaint to the Dean.

  33. Dear Bob,
    Perhaps before Bruce Willing climbs any higher onto his little pedestal he should look at the antics of his brother Martin over many past years, kettle, pot ,black springs to mind. When will these 'little' men with absolutely zero moral compass stop behaving like 'the second coming' and face their own skeletons in the cupboard, oh and by the way ex. army titles do NOT get carried forward into civilian life.

    1. One gets the feeling that a number of own goals are being scored and not by HG.

  34. BW is utterly wrong in my opinion. Help for the vulnerablei IS within the Church's gift - indeed it's the Church's main purpose. I am flabbergasted to read that. HG's communication may have been disorganized due to her mental state (I think she would perhaps admit that) but complain she certainly did. It was good to read her Blog but I can no longer access it since yesterday. Also, I was pleased to read that although she was not treated well by some, at least some staff and inmates at La Moye were kind to her.

    1. That is indeed a shocking comment to have made about HG's alleged lack of formal complaint. Is BW admitting that help for the abused and vulnerable is down to proper, formal paperwork processing? What would the Master say about that rule?


    2. I am afraid to say that refusing to accept a complaint because it is not "properly structured” is a ploy which is nothing new and it questions the impartiality of those giving the advice.

    3. A formal complaint was submitted.

  35. Jersey eclisiastical court - Bruce Willing uses this word above and it's very clever as this is why Jersey always uses it's Jersey rules to get what it want's. It's been done with the Legal Jersey System and now the COE which I feel should be COJ (Church of Jersey!), So let's look at this now as a time to change the rules and get COE in Jersey in line with COE and not COJ! let's play these fools at their own game and by fools I mean BW, PB and Ashenden!

    1. Not sure that calling the 3 men fools solves anything but I do agree that Jersey should be in line with the UK. Hopefully after the John Gladwin Visitation the current uncertainty will be resolved.

  36. ''but lets put this very unfortunate women to one side because she needs help and that's not within the Church's gift to give it to her.''

    Why not cross the road and ignore HG.

    Very Christian.

    1. When I went to Sunday school I learnt about loving thy neighbour, I am the good shepherd and Suffer little children and come unto me.

      Perhaps those virtues have been removed from Jersey bibles and therefore no longer apply over here.

    2. Bob: "Suffer little children ............ "

      No that has not been removed from Jersey .......

      Just misinterpreted by the 'great and the good' and even by the government who were dragged kicking and screaming to hold a CoI.

      In the event it was unanimously approved which would seem like a good thing. But no, events on the long road to get there indicate that 95% of our States Members are vacuous "yes men". Probably generally well meaning but in it for themselves, lured by the status of power but largely unfit to hold it. Too scared to go out on a limb, risk their position, cross the 'real government' [some of whom are unelected] or face the onslaught of their 'owned' media.

      You and notable others did a great job of swimming against the tide of stupidity, groupthink and cover up. Democratic dysfunction in collusion with the media give us a legislature that is unfit for purpose.

      A selection of just a few of the low points imo are:

      - LLP / 'Legeslature for hire' and the exclusion of a fellow elected representative for 6 months.
      - Sacking the Heath Minister for whistleblowing re. child abuse.
      - The Christmas Speech and the howls of protest and the microphone incident.
      - Acceptance of the probbly illegal suspension of Jersey's Chief of Police and the lies associated with this
      - Hijacking of the INDEPENDENT Electoral Commission.
      - Meek acceptance of the hijack of the Data Protection Law and acceptance of misrepresentation and abuse of legislature made law
      - Decades of failure to achieve separation of powers or the right to a fair trial.

      What did I miss ?

  37. This is why I am now a disbeliever in religion as people like this use it for their own means & do not have an ounce of "Christianity" in their bones.

  38. Just a few questions on the JEP reporting
    RE article available at

    JEP says: "...... failing to understand mental illness, which she says she no longer suffers from,..."

    HG reports to being affected at the less severe end of the autism spectrum (which is a disability) but has HG ever been diagnosed as suffering from a "mental illness" ?

    JEP says: "The woman adds that she is now a Catholic and ........"

    HG reports that she is being helped by Catholics but is she "now a Catholic" ?

    It looks to me as if the JEP reporting is aimed at painting the victim as unstable and flighty, and it may even be doing this on the basis of lies.

    ........ the article then descends into PR territory, largely at odds with the known facts.

  39. Bob.

    Chairperson for Child Abuse Committee of Inquiry NOMINATED

    Let's hope she doesn't have the conflicts of Dane Heather.

    1. Thanks for the link and well done for complying with the embargo.

      The lady comes with a good track record, but it should not be forgotten that the States approved my amendments which led to the Committee in March 2011,

      I know that it is important to get the right people appointed but by the time they get underway it will almost be 3 years since approval was given for the Inquiry.

  40. Bob, did someone comment about LaMoye? I can't seem to find some of the comments. The answer is, yes, LaMoye did their level best to help me, even though they are not geared up to autism and the level of distress I was suffering. They did their best to help me cope, and I gave them credit for that because I only speak honestly of my experiences of the way I am treated, good or bad. HG

    1. Hi HG
      Found it (19 October 2013 17:17)
      "BW is utterly wrong in my opinion. Help for the vulnerablei IS within the Church's gift - indeed it's the Church's main purpose. I am flabbergasted to read that. ....."
      ".....Also, I was pleased to read that although she was not treated well by some, at least some staff and inmates at La Moye were kind to her."

    2. Yes - I made the comment on 19th Oct at 17.17 if you want to read it HG. How this Bruce Willing has the cheek to call himself Christian is beyond me!

    3. Thanks anons, the problem is, the church of england is mainly made up of Bruce Willing types, it is indeed a club for the distinguished older people, and because they tend to be similar and haven't known hardship or poverty or disability, they collectively support each other in the belief that they are right. When one lone vulnerable person comes along, doesn't fit in, and is abused, they collectively condemn that person because they do not understand them, do not understand abuse and do not see how such a person could be right or they could be wrong. Well that is a bit complex but there is more to it, I will be writing a report on it.
      And yes, credit to LaMoye for doing their best. HG

    4. That's a wise and insightful comment from HG, and one I admire for its depth of awareness. Those who have abused her directly, and those who have failed to support her after she reported the abuse, have never publicly expressed that level of mature understanding.

  41. Bob.

    If only most States Members could take a leaf out of Michael De La Haye's BOOK!

  42. I have just read what Michael De La Haye wrote and I also feel the same, my only one concern is 'Bedford Row' the legal company involved! are the company that people like Mr Birt and the Establishment are involved with, so we must still be wary and hope Mr De La Haye does not get 'sucked in' and stays true and stays independent.

  43. I don't think there is any need to start worrying yet as I am pretty sure that the Lady will not be beguiled by anyone from Bedford Row, Hill Street or anywhere else.

  44. It needs to be made clear that Bedford Row is the name of a street which contains many lawyers just like Hill Street here in Jersey, Frances Oldham's practice is NOT the infamous 7 Bedford Row, but another address totally.

    Hence she has no connection with the 'Establishment' Bedford Row. That needs to be made quite clear as there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding.

    1. Thank you, your clarification is very helpful.

    2. "It needs to be made clear that Bedford Row is the name of a street which contains many lawyers just like Hill Street here in Jersey, Frances Oldham's practice is NOT the infamous 7 Bedford Row, but another address totally. Hence she has no connection with the 'Establishment' Bedford Row. That needs to be made quite clear as there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding."

      Excellent comment anon.

      Please provide us with proof of your claim! Thanks :)

    3. On a more hilarious note, Hill Street, "The Street of Forty Thieves", is the most rancid, disgusting, repulsive address known to the common man in Jersey over the last 30 years! What say you dude?

    4. Ian, I don’t know who anon above is but I suspect that like me that person will have gone into Google/Yahoo and learnt a little about Frances Oldham. She is Head of Chambers at 36 Bedford Row and not 7 Bedford Row. From the CV one will see that she has represented or been involved with a number of abuse cases which must give encouragement not only to Jersey victims but to people like you and me who have pressed so hard for a Committee of Inquiry.

      Re Hill Street Advocates/Lawyers. I do believe that there are a few lawyers who are more interested in the money they can earn out of the justice system that about justice itself. However it is the Jersey justice system and in particular its Legal Aid system that is badly at fault.

      I believe you might have attended some of Jersey Human Rights Group’s meeting when we have had the Battonier and other Speakers discussing our Legal Aid system where lawyers are supposed to give of their time freely or if the client has an income they must make a contribution towards the lawyers cost.

      The system is such that it does not benefit a lawyer to spend too much free time on a client because it gives less time to spend on those who can “afford to pay for Jersey Justice.” The Legal Aid system is badly in need of a review but what is disappointing is that when we asked the Battonier and lawyers if they would join us in calling for a review, they would prefer not to. The reason being that the present system, as flawed as it is, still suits lawyers best and like States Members on States Reform, turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

      By coincidence I am typing this Comment in London before meeting Dame Heather Steel where I hope to persuade her that HG’s arrest and deportation/removal from Jersey is part of her Terms of Reference. I shall also be drawing her attention to how HG was represented by Jersey Legal Aid System and producing evidence to show how, like so many others before her, was a victim of it.

      Ian, sometimes it is better to concentrate on and change a flawed system rather than waste time on those who benefit from it

    5. I couldn't agree more Bob, and of course the lawyers don't want to upset the apple cart as it suits them fine as it is. There are still a few honourable people left in the system, I am just hoping Mrs Oldham is one of them.

  45. Thank you for clarifying the Bedford Row issue. It is important that Frances Oldham has absolutely no connection with Jersey, I feel secure this is now the case. It's blogs like this we can always rely on.

  46. Back to the little subject of formal complaints. I do not understand everything that the Dean's supporters say. But I can say that with regard to the churchwarden case, firstly I gave the Dean a great amount of detail in writing, especially after he didn't handle the complaint properly at the start, he then consulted his lawyers, and told me I needed to submit a formal complaint. I discussed this with the director of Autism Jersey as I was baffled as to why my complaint so far was not considered formal, because of the Dean's handling of the complaint, we wondered if he was stalling things. I then submitted a formal letter of complaint, of which there are copies. As the Dean continued to be reluctant to handle the complaint, I contacted the Diocese of Winchester, and despite misinformation in the Korris report and by the Dean's supporters, that was my first ever contact with the Diocese and my first complaint to them. HG

    1. If it's true that you submitted a formal letter of complaint and that you have copies then all you need to do is show that. Surely?

  47. Bob,

    You are a beacon of shining light in the darkness. I salute you for going to London to try and meet with Dame Heather Steel about this. I hope you are treated with the respect you deserve, and that HG will be treated with the compassion and apology which has been denied her by the religious organisations, judiciary, politicians, mainstream media and those many traitors who pretentiously affiliate themselves with Christianity.

    1. Thank you for your kind words.

      I am now back in Jersey having met Dame Heather, unfortunately due to travel difficulties HG did not arrive.

      Dame Heather has refused to arrange another date to meet on the grounds that HG will have nothing to add to her report which she is anxious to complete because a number of people are waiting for it.

      One wonders why she agreed to meet me in the first place as it is evident that her report is already written. I will be publishing a Blog on the meeting after the weekend.

  48. Why is it that the very best people for the job of informing or protecting the public are so seldom the ones being paid to do that?

    1. It is a good question and one that is asked in other jobs whether paid or unpaid. Often it is a case of "if your face fits."

  49. A little off subject but of interest I hope.

    The Neanderthal Theory of Autism - it is only a THEORY, but it may have some merit and remains open to much debate.

    Neanderthals had a brain about 10% larger than modern humans. This brain was presumably adapted for a cold but stable environment.

    Evolution works by a process of keeping what is "good", what "works". Different things "work" in different environments. Obviously the dynamic changes with modern human's ability travel, to control, or indeed to plan/intervene, but otherwise diversity in a species is maintained by different environments. Diversity is good because it helps to "future proof" a species against changes or challenges in the environment. "Modern" humans are only a speck on a long pathway. They are not necessarily the "apex" that they like to think -unless they destroy themselves. -Some "apex" !

    "Neanderthal" is sometimes used as an insult. Those who wish to disrespect their ancestors are welcome to.
    All Europeans have between about 1% and 5% Neanderthal in their genome, and this contributes to human diversity.

    The Emergence of Modern Human Behavior Through the Inclusion of Difference

    The Neanderthal Theory of Autism

    The world needs all kinds of minds

    All dated 2010 so may be out of date.

    Modern society 'processes' its members - id you don't fit the mold you are squashed - tough!
    Modern human society is in danger of danger of damaging the ASSET of its own diversity.

    I am proud of my minority Neanderthal heritage, irrespective of whether it is linked to autism spectrum or anything else.

    Good letter btw HG.

    1. Did the Nazis ever leave? ...Jersey deports the wrong ones :-P12 November 2013 at 13:54

      New York Times article:

      well worth a read up to the end of page 2:

      Many of those who advocate greater tolerance for brain quirks caution that it should not serve as an excuse for individuals to behave inappropriately. ''It's not a get-out-of-jail-free card,'' Dr. Ratey said. ''It's an awareness of what you need to do or accept about yourself and then decide, 'Do I want to fit in more or not?'''

      The answer, increasingly, may be ''not.'' Many A.D.D. adults say their condition contributes to their creativity, and some with Asperger's are now critiquing those they [label] ''neurotypicals.''

      On Internet sites like the Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical [], autistics satirize the cultural fascination with deviance. ''Neurotypical individuals,'' states the Web site, ''find it difficult to be alone'' and ''are often intolerant of [or predatory on] seemingly minor differences in others.''

      ''Tragically,'' it adds, ''as many as 9,625 out of every 10,000 individuals may be neurotypical.''


      & from the explanation page on
      ".....If you are only familiar with the most severe and rarest forms of autism, you may wonder how anyone could claim that autism has advantages. It does! For one, autistics have an extraordinary ability to focus on a subject, and "think" in unique ways. This gives us the potential for profound original thought (for example, Albert Einstein was almost certainly autistic). Autistic emotions are another advantage: we're much better at separating our feeling from our thinking, and [some of us] can stay calm and rational in situations where neurotypical persons are paralyzed by fear or panic. The down side is that our capacities for social interaction and communication, and the ways we process sensory input, are impaired to varying degrees.
      I am happy to be who I am, despite these problems. But even if I were one of the persons most severely disabled by autism, I would still be a human being, not a defect, disorder, or mistake."

      HG has not been treated as a human being by "the great and the good" of Jersey.

      Incidentally, Albert Einstein was on the Nazi's death list with a $5,000 bounty on his head [/"Not yet Hanged"] by those who considered themselves 'superior'.
      I do wonder if they sewed their seed amongst the great and the good families of our island before they left.
      I also wonder when the wartime collaboration files at Jersey Archive will (if ever) be made public
      or if (like so many other historic remains) they will be burned, or just 'lost', like so many HDLG witness statements :