Thursday 15 September 2011

Election Leaflet.

Once this week's States Sitting has ended I look forward to visiting the hundreds of households in St Martin's with my Election Leaflet below seeking valued support from Parishioners.

                           Frederick John Hill, BEM

Frederick John Hill or Bob as he is more generally known was born in Jersey in 1940. He was educated at St.Martin’s School and lived in the Parish with his farming parents until leaving the Island to fulfil a boyhood ambition to join the Metropolitan Police. He is married to Ann and they have two daughters and a grandson.

Bob enjoyed a distinguished 31 year police career that culminated in the award of the British Empire Medal in recognition of his service to the Lambeth Community. He returned to Jersey in 1991 and two years later was elected Deputy for the Parish of St. Martin.

He has an exceptional record of States attendance and has not missed a States Sitting in the last 10 years. Respected by his colleagues for his research and attention to detail he has acquired a reputation for not ducking issues but being prepared to tackle those difficult issues which many other  Members seek to avoid. To this end he has lodged a wide range of propositions. These include amendments to the Licensing Law, the establishment of the Registered Doorman’s Scheme and the power to confiscate alcohol from young people.

His amendments to the Firearms, Gambling, Animal Welfare, Administrative Appeals Laws and much other legislation have made them all more workable. His amendments to the Marriage Law have given unmarried parents the right to choose the surname of their child.

He has gained wide support for the introduction of the Police Voluntary Visitor Scheme and his introduction of new States Policy has stemmed the flow of suspensions in the public sector.

Members also supported his propositions to close the Share Transfer loophole, retain reference to Her Majesty and Her Heirs in the Police Oath, allow the Parishes to retain the revenue received from speeding fines and renew driving licences from the date of renewal rather than the date of the application. 

His propositions brought about the stabilisation of the rock face at Geoffrey’s Leap, the lengthening of question time, the introduction of the current States Sitting rota and more recently the requirement for Ministers to submit comments in good time and for States Members’ interests to be viewable on line.

Outside of the States Bob organises and plays in the inter-island States Members’ cricket match. He was a founder member of the St Martin’s Jumelage Association and the Jersey Human Rights Group of which he is Chairman.

Bob is recognised as caring and approachable, representing parishioners with professionalism and tenacity and assisting parishioners with appeals on a wide range of issues or helping to overcome difficulties in their everyday lives.

Often seen around the Parish on his bike and playing an active role in giving support to many Parish organisations Bob also regularly attends Parish Assemblies. He is a member of the St. Martin’s Conservation Trust and the Village Plan Review Committee and President of the St. Martin’s Division of the St. John’s Ambulance, assisting too in the annual Trinity Shield football competition.

Bob has demonstrated that he is an effective and dedicated Member of the States and hopes you will consider him worthy of your support for re-election for the position of Deputy of St Martin.

To assist voters wishing to cast a vote prior to polling day, please contact or  or 861019.

Election for
Deputy of St Martin.
                                    Wednesday October 19th 2011
                                                            St Martin’s Public Hall
                                                                      8am to 8pm

                                         Please Re-Elect

                                Bob Hill

Frederick John Hill B.E.M
Experience, Commitment, Integrity, Energy and Time

The Qualities that Count

For help regarding postal, home or pre-poll vote, Telephone 861019 or Email

For information and assistance on polling day, please telephone 861019    


                                  Catel Cottage, Rue du Catel, Trinity, JE3 5HA.   
                                                     Telephone 861019. Email

Dear Elector

On Wednesday 19th October the Island’s electorate will have the opportunity of voting for Senators, Connétables and Deputies. I ask that you consider me worthy of continuing to represent you as Deputy for St Martin.

When I first sought election, I said I was offering a fresh and positive approach. I believe I have kept that promise and my enthusiasm and commitment has not diminished. This is evident by the 29 propositions and over 100 oral and written questions that I have lodged during the past 3 years. 

Since my first election the economic climate has changed considerably and Jersey has not been immune from events in the world economy. However, if we want to maintain the standard of our care, education and social benefits then that must be paid for. The introduction of GST will not be sufficient and therefore it is vital that we balance the need for belt tightening and greater efficiency by ensuring that those living on fixed incomes are not disadvantaged.

It is also paramount that we address the continual waste of money. Therefore It is important that there are experienced Members like me who have shown that they are prepared to hold Ministers to account and when necessary offer constructive alternative proposals. I am known for my persistence in seeking social justice and in ensuring that parishioners have rights of redress. I have been prominent in promoting social issues and also ensuring that there is a balance between advancing social legislation and the myriad of monetary legislation vital to Jersey’s financial industry.

On Parish matters, the issues of the Rectory, the new school, the search for an alternative pitch for the Parish football club and a quest for a solution to the longstanding Maufant ownership issue will all need to be addressed. If re-elected I should like to advance the idea of producing an official Parish Magazine further to develop Parish links.

My manifesto has always been clear and simple in that I intend to maintain the same commitment to both Parish and Island affairs that I have demonstrated over the past 18 years.
Yours sincerely,

Deputy F.J. (Bob) Hill, BEM


  1. You'd get my vote if I lived in your Parish and I will be encouraging my friends who do live in your Parish to vote for you.


  3. Dear Mr. Hill thank you for knocking on my door today giving me plenty of your time and telling me how to get to your website. I hope I am doing this right and my letter will come up. Good luck for the election my family and myself will be voting for you.

  4. See you voted pour on the vote for getting GST off healthy food, GOOD MAN this is what I would have also voted on behalf of the people.

  5. Deputy.

    There is a strong rumor doing the rounds that you are going to stand for Chief Minister. You added a little weight to that rumor in the States the other day. Are you able to clarify?

  6. Thanks Voice, I am aware of the rumour. Your comment is not quite correct, I said that if I was running for Chief Minister I would not mind knowing who was voting for me.

    Deputy Trevor Pitman's sucessful proposition, which I supported, flushed out the would be Chief Ministers in that neither Senator's Ozouf, Le Marquand and Routier supported the proposition. So much for their support for openess and transparancy