Friday 6 December 2013

Jersey's Dean---States Police or Police State?

On Wednesday Tony the Prof published another thought provoking blog in which he reported on some of the comments that had been reported in the Guernsey Press. It included a comment from Guernsey Deputy Ellis Bebb when offering a view on the possible break between the Diocese of Winchester and Jersey and Guernsey in which he said "I think that the question we should ask ourselves is whether Winchester is the right diocese for Guernsey. I think that what happened in Jersey poses a lot of questions, but I'm convinced that as with any breakdown in relations, there's plenty of blame to go around for everyone. One small correction, the woman wasn't deported but bound over by the Jersey courts; the decision to do so was at the courts discretion and nothing to do with the church."

Tony corrected the statement because the Court case was all about the Church as it was their Clergy which levelled the complaint and pressed for charges as Readers will see below.

At the States Sitting on Monday afternoon the unelected Deputy Bailiff drew Members attention to the Bishop's press release and then said that Members would be pleased to know that the Dean following an investigation by Dame Heather Steel had been exonerated. Thus wrongly echoing his brother's remark and now repeated by the Dean during an interview with the BBC. What the press release said was that no disciplinary action was being taken, but certainly did not state that anyone had been exonerated, that may well the case but until the Steel Report is published it is wrong to speculate.

What is fact is that Dame Heather did not interview the Church Warden or HG nor did she fully investigate HG's arrest, detention and deportation in line with the Korris recommendation. Therefore how can she honestly arrive at a decision not to recommend disciplinary action? What is interesting is that the Bishop published a press statement saying for legal reasons he can't circulate the Report, yet at same time saying that Dame Heather is still finalising it. It should be recalled that when I met Dame Heather on 24th October she was finalising her report and intended submitting it by the end of the month. How long does she want before she finishes finalising her report? I will also add that I was promised a transcript of the meeting but that too is being withheld by Winchester.

The (miss) information given by the Deputy Bailiff was met by a round of appreciative foot stamping from States Members in the presence of the Dean who like the Deputy Bailiff is an unelected Member. Soon afterwards answers to Written Questions were formerly lodged which are often unreported by the media. Included in the Written Questions was a question to the Minister for Home Affairs, Senator Le Marquand from Deputy Mike Higgins. 

It is evident to those who have been closely following the Dean's handling of HG's complaint is that the Jan Korris Report is slowly being rubbished and it wont be long before she and HG will be seen as the real villains and the Dean, his church colleague and the Church Warden are the victims.

There is no doubt that having failed to be satisfied by the Dean, the Bishop and the Safeguarding Officer's handling of her complaint HG was zealous in her pursuit for justice. Not only did she complain about the alleged abuse but also at the way it was handled by the aforesaid Church officials but her complaints were ignored. She was clearly an embarrassment to the Church and a way had to be found to silence her, particularly as they wrongly believed that she might disrupt a Confirmation Service being held on Sunday 26th September.

Readers will know that I have previously written how HG after appearing the Magistrates Court on Monday 27th September was remanded in custody in La  Moye Prison for 2 weeks before appearing  before Magistrate Richard Falle and being bound over to leave Jersey where later that evening where she was left destitute at Southampton Airport whilst still wearing her pyjamas.

Thanks to questions being asked by Deputy Higgins the truth is slowly emerging of the shocking and callus way in which HG was treated when held in custody and denied bail on that fatal Sunday whilst the people responsible for levelling the complaint which led to her arrest were conducting a Confirmation Service at St Mary's Church.

 It is all very well for Deputy Bebb from the safety of the Guernsey shores to claim that no blame can be attributed to the Church. It is all very well for Messrs Philip and William Bailhache and indeed the Dean himself to claim that he has been totally exonerated. No disciplinary action is being taken but can the Dean be really proud of the part which he, his wife and former Bishop Scott Joynt played in incarcerating and eventually deporting HG because she may have disturbed their Church Service.

I receive a number of calls from people who cannot believe that we in Jersey could allow such uncaring action against a vulnerable young lady of previous good character who had made Jersey her home, had a job and a home but all were snatched from her thanks to senior church figures. I have previously published official documents which although are in the public domain are rarely to be found in what is called the mainstream media.

Below is the written answers given to the questions asked by Deputy Higgins and are in the public domain but I have added my comments in red. 

Will the Minister set out a detailed timeline showing from the time of the arrest of the woman known as HG to the moment she appeared in court to face charges of harassment, the times anyone interacted with her, who those interactions were with and the times at which witness statements were taken, the charges were drawn up and read to her?

This timeline covers the period from the time of arrest to the time when HG first appeared before a Magistrate.  The timeline does not deal with routine interactions with the custody staff or other routine matters.

26 Sept   9.34    Arrest

At 0934 hrs on Sunday 26th September HG was arrested at her home address by a Police Constable. She was arrested on suspicion of harassment. Another officer was also in attendance.  She was calm and following caution answered the officer’s question about the location of her laptop.  She walked unaided to the police officers’ car where she remained while a search of her room was carried out.

While waiting in the car HG started to show slight signs of distress. On arrival at Rouge Bouillon Police Station (10:17) HG was able to walk to the Custody suite.  Once there she sat on the floor and began to show signs of distress. 

Despite repeated efforts to calm her down officers were unable to communicate with HG and she was eventually carried by three officers into a cell where she was placed on the floor and a cell guard posted.  At this time the police Force Medical Examiner (FME) was unable to carry out any assessment of her due to her demeanour.

10:45 Detention Authorised Did the FME actually assess HG before this decision was reached?

Detention authorised by Police Sergeant on 26 September 2010 at 10:45:00. The grounds for detention are: I am satisfied that the arrest is lawful, proportionate and necessary. There is insufficient evidence to charge at this time. I authorise the detention for the purpose of obtaining evidence by questioning and process. It is incumbent on the police to take immediate steps to obtain the evidence, but it appears that the process did not begin until 3 pm when the first statement was taken from the 3 witnesses.

11:12  Doctor  (FME)

Doctor's comments:  Removal to cell observed, not possible to assess because of agitation I suggest minimal stimulus in terms of intervention until HG is calmer and then assessment may be possible.  Currently, fit for detention, I will assess fitness for interview at 12:45 What background medical information did the doctor possess or attempt to obtain which would helped him to understand why HG was agitated. It should have been obvious that the agitation was aggravated by HG being confined in a cell which because her health concerns was causing her untold harm. 

13:00 Doctor Fit for detention, I will review again in 2 hours. It was now three and a half hours since arrest yet no statements had been taken which was totally unfair. Those who made the complaint should have placed that action ahead of their other arrangements and the police should have ensured that it was the case..

13:10 Duty Sergeant note of Medical Review,

Task Medical Review Required completed. Comments: Medical review complete fit for detention FME to return in two hours

15.00 Duty Sergeant’s entry

Police officers’ notes:  Appropriate adult located. When was it decided that an Appropriate Adult was required and why did it take so long to obtain one? After numerous phone calls to a number of agencies I have been put in touch with the on call Mental Health Social Worker via the hospital switch board and she has stated that she has heard of HG and will be happy to act as an Appropriate adult.  Will be attending at 17:30hrs  This is now 8 hours after HG's arrest.

15:04-15:45 Statement recorded - Statement of first witness taken from Mrs Key, the Dean's wife at the Deanery. Why was her statement not taken earlier, she was not conducting the Church Service?

15:48 Duty Inspector

Duty Inspector’s notes: I have attended with the intention of conducting the formal review of detention. however HG appears to be in a heavy sleep and is unresponsive to attempts to wake her.  HG is in the care of the Custody staff and the FME is also in attendance.  It is therefore intended to let the FME assess HG prior to additional attempts to conduct the review process Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) stipulates that a review of detention before charge must be conducted after 6 hours of being in custody. This review is not conducted by an independent person but by another police officer. 

16:00-17.00 Statement recorded - Statement of second witness Former Bishop Michael Scott Joynt at the Deanery

16:28 Doctor

Seen in cell, since last review, now lying on the floor. Have spoken with Mental Health Social Worker who will read hospital notes prior to arrival.  Fit for detention at present.

17:20-17:45 Statement recorded - Statement of third witness The Dean at the Deanery.

17:43 Doctor

I have contacted the duty consultant psychiatrist directly, who will attend in due course.

18:21 Doctor

Seen by duty Consultant Psychiatrist, for detention, no mental illness 

19.30-19.45 Statement recorded - Statement of Arresting Officer Why was this not taken soon after the arrest when the facts were still fresh in his mind.

19:47 Entry -Charged by Centenier Phillip Coffey whose report shows that he charged HG at 2030 hours and remanded in custody. Jersey does not have an independent Prosecution Service and the decision to charge rests with an unpaid voluntary/Honorary police man. Pleaded guilty after charge. When a person is charged they are cautioned and what they say is recorded. It would be interesting to know where HG’s alleged plea is recorded.

21:43 PACE Status Changed

PACE status changed from PACE to Non PACE for the following reason: 

Centenier has refused bail in order to prevent further offences. Why was HG not bailed, what evidence did the Centenier have to deny bail, she had been arrested from her home and was of good character she had been receiving medical attention since her arrival at the police station and was clearly distressed and unwell so what evidence was to hand that HG would commit further offences? 

Held at Police HQ overnight

27 Sept 2010 07:52 Doctor (FME) Comments

No evidence of dehydration although not drinking fit for detention and court

09:50 ENTRY

Handed to court officers and taken to court

10:00 Magistrate’s Court Sitting

Seen by Duty Advocate Jane Grace, Appeared before a Magistrate at 1216 hours. Represented by the Duty Advocate who was not in court when he decided to remand HG in custody at La Moye Prison for two weeks, why?

Readers will know from my previous Blogs that HG later appeared before Magistrate Richard Falle, pleaded guilty and agreed to be bound over. On paper it appears that HG was dealt with according to Law and proper procedure. However it is claimed that the Clergy’s decision to press charges was for HG’s own good, if that is so what did they actually do to help HG to benefit from being arrested. The Dean and Bishop were conducting a church service whilst HG was detained in a police cell waiting for them to write their statements. It would be interesting to know what the sermon was, but hopefully it was not based on “Judge not lest ye be judged” or “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

It is evident that HG was sending any number of emails and was proving to be a nuisance however it does appear that a sledgehammer was used to crack a nut which has had a life changing affect on HG, for which the Archbishop, Bishop and Dean have all publicly apologised.

Was it necessary to arrest HG, was she deserving of the callus and unchristian treatment she received and is it some thing that the Island and the Church of England can be proud of?

It is not disputed that HG contacted the Dean’s wife and the Bishop early on the Saturday evening when it is alleged that HG was rude and allegedly said she would see the Bishop in St Mary’s Church, but did it mean that she was going to attend or what were her motives. There is no mention of that question being asked by the arresting officer. Why was the decision to inform the police left until early Sunday morning and was it necessary to arrest and go to such extraordinary lengths to detain and deport HG from Jersey?

The decision to arrest HG has left no winners but only shame on those involved with the arrest and subsequent action. The States Police will say that they were responding to an allegation of harassment but could be said HG was treated even handily. If it was decided to arrest her why it did it take so long to obtain the evidence and why was she not bailed? Was the Force's action an example of good States Police practice or more akin to that of a police State? 

Unfortunately neither Winchester nor Jersey cares a damn about HG or Safeguarding and it is doubtful whether these matters will even be discussed by the two Bishops during their flag waving visit to Jersey.


  1. "Unfortunately neither Winchester nor Jersey cares a damn about HG or Safeguarding "

    I think that is a very poor generalisation. There are lots of people in Jersey who care passionately about safeguarding. Are you not one of them?

    1. Thanks it’s a fair point and I do care about safeguarding. Perhaps I could have explained myself a bit better.

      I was referring to those who perceive them selves to be speaking for the Diocese of Winchester and the Church in Jersey. They seem to be more intent on scoring constitution points or nit picking the Korris Report than talking about what happened to HG or ensuring that Jersey’s Safeguarding Policy is fit for purpose.

  2. Interesting comment #1 at 16:51 today, given the time and personal expense and I daresay emotion that Bob Hill has invested in HG's case and recovery. Perhaps that commenter would like to provide their name and list what contribution they have ever made to HG or safeguarding in general.
    There seems to be a hateful edge to the comment.

    Returning to important stuff -Just reading through the timeline provided:

    after 09:34 Sun 26th Sept arrested HG got progressively more agitated to the point where she was immobile and was hence carried by 3 officers and placed on the floor of a cell
    [hopefully "carried" & "placed" gently and respectfully without excessive 'mesculine' banter]

    15:48 ...... HG appears to be in a heavy sleep and is unresponsive to attempts to wake her......
    [Does this mean that she had passed out? Become progressively more distressed to the point of mental shutdown ?]

    19.30-19.45 Statement of Arresting Officer recorded
    19:47 Charged by Centenier Phillip Coffey
    [If that is true she was charged 3 minutes after that statement was completed]

    19:47? or was it 20:30 or after? HG Pleaded guilty after charge.
    [What was her mental state. If she was previously passed out due to distress, was HG in a mental state to make a valid plea?]
    [What, if any was the involvement of a lawyer &/or the "appropriate adult" ?

    21:43 PACE Status Changed
    Centenier Phillip Coffey REFUSED BAIL !!!!!


    ...... the Archbishop (of Canterbury), Bishop and Dean have all publicly apologised.

    As a counterpoint to the personal ruin brought upon HG by the Jersey Church's alleged "help", there is a funny side to this:

    How many people on this planet have received a publicly apology (sincere or otherwise) from the Archbishop of Canterbury ?

    The punch line was when the parochial Dean's island clique pronounced him "exonerated" and the Dean's abject apology presumably void.

    Whereas the Archbishop of Canterbury's apology still stands !

    Jersey, What planet are you on ?

    1. I know that my Blog is read by thousands world wide but I don’t know who the anonymous subscribers are or where they come from. I think the subscriber at 1651 had a point and I hope my reply will suffice.

      I do have experience of charging offenders and know how frightened and confused some were particularly if it was the first time they had been in police custody. Therefore I can understand how HG felt and reacted. I believe she was unnecessarily detained and the police fell over backwards to accommodate the Dean and Bishop.

      I have noted that Deputy Mike Higgins has lodged and interesting Oral Question for next Tuesday which will shed a bit more light on the matter. His question is, "With reference to the arrest and attention of HG on 26th September 2010, will the Minister explain the number of examinations made by the Police Force medical examiner of this lady, the total time spent on, and the costs of, these visits; and why statements made by the Dean, his wife and the Bishop were not taken for at least 6 hours after HG's arrest?" I hope to publish the answers next week.

      You are right to question the time of charging because the Minister has made a mistake, the Centenier’s report states that he charged HG at 2032 hours which was about 11 hours after the arrest.

      I am not sure whether HG was fit to be charged and I doubt whether she was fully aware of what was happening and the longer she was cooped up in a cell the more confused she would have got. I very much doubt whether she would have pleaded guilty because she had no need to comment after being cautioned and she made no reply after being cautioned on arrest.

      I am not sure where Centenier Coffey was coming from because apart from refusing to bail HG after charging her, at Court the following morning he again opposed bail on the grounds that HG may re offend and believe or not he added that he was opposing bail for HG’s own protection and welfare.

      That claim went unchallenged from HG’s duty Advocate. I am making this up as it’s in the Court transcript which can be read at the Magistrates Court.

      Yes you are right it is not everyday that the Archbishop apologises but he would have more credibility if he along with the Dean and Bishop did so personally.

  3. Mr Hill,

    As a Christian, this story is of wide interest not only to church goers, but the wider public audience following the actions of church leaders who are supposed to be a force for good in this troubled world. They are also tasked with carrying out Christ's teachings.

    From everything I have recently read on line and in hard copy, this part of the reply, published by the Guernsey Press comments section, sums up for me, the nasty game the Church and politicians are playing. I hope they are proud of themselves ?

    Sex complaint row threatens church split.

    To be frank some of the channel island church leaders and powerful political supporters are displaying small island egotistical mentality, hardly a mention of ” HG ” the victim.
    The focus should be about the appalling care of an intelligent, but vulnerable lady whom the church and police thought they had got rid of, by giving her a choice in court after being locked up for two weeks, more jail or a plane ticket and banned for three years from Jersey. She took the ticket.

    1. Thank you for your comment and you have summed up matters very well.

      It is a question of big fish in small ponds and it was interesting to hear the Dean in his interview this evening saying that Senator Bailhache was at Government House last night. I don't suppose there was anyone present to advance HG's concerns.

  4. The facts are permanently floating through cyberspace. The behaviour of Jersey and the church hierarchy involved look horrible because they were so there will be no end to attempts to make themselves look redeemed at this young woman's expense. In time, they will have convinced themselves and each other they acted in her best interest. This has been, and continues to be a sickening display of anti-Christian selfishness. The only balance within the mainstream media is found in the Guernsey Evening Post, which is the single hopeful sign of the paid media's

    Hope does abound through the words of the young woman herself, her many new supporters and those who relentlessly champion her cause, as you do, Mr Hill. May that crowd out the arrogant noise made by the heartless self worshippers.

  5. Good to see who was actually involved. For example, I had guessed that the advocate was a different female advocate, as it happens I now know my guess was wrong.

    On a side note, and so the picture is clear, Guernsey Deputy Elis Bebb is a former church warden for St Peter Port town church. His comments on the Guernsey Press website were moderate and balanced, and people in Guernsey probably know of his CoE role. Jersey readers may not have known. I only make this comment so that everyone is fully informed.

    1. HG was represented by Advocate Jane Grace at the first hearing and by Advocate Claire Nicolle at the second one.

      I agree re Deputy Bebb but it might have been helpful if he had read some of my Blogs as he would have learnt of the clergy's involvement in the court proceedings commenting.
      I have been impressed with the Guernsey Press coverage of events so much open than the Jersey Evening Post.

    2. His notable "Christian" failure was to consider HG's welfare no real priority to understand before spouting off about church business, which makes him part of the problem and not the solution. I'm sorry but I'm disgusted. If he didn't know all the details, why not? So many of us who aren't even involved in the Church of England have bothered to learn the details, because they do matter. They really do. The "details" he's too busy for are about a real live person.

    3. They can't be bothered. They are too busy looking at the political ramifications of the truth coming out to be concerned with the truth, much less with the victim of their own abuse and deceit. Notice how irrelevant she has become to these nasty people.

  6. As for deportations Deputy Ellis Bebb might like to read a little about the history of his own island that has been carefully airbrushed out. In Rose-Marie Crossan’s seminal GUERNSEY 1814-1914 (The Boydell Press, 2007) there is an extensive description on the policy the authorities there used to deal with surplus population.

    Page 161 Removals and Deportations – day to day practice

    “In the thirty-seven years covered by the Register of Persons Sent out of the island (1941-80) over 6000 deportations are recorded, by means of which about 10,000 men, women and children were expelled…….Acts of Court appear to have been resorted to as a means of securing formal legal backing for removals in contentious cases, such as those involving particularly long residence, the physically or mentally disabled, or Guernsey-born widows and orphans of strangers.”

    1. We are constantly reminded that as HG was a British subject she could not legally be deported but could be bound over to leave Jersey if she agreed.

      The Court transcript does not record what other option HG had if she had not agreed to be Bound Over. It could be that HG was told that she would be returned to the prison.

      With the Guernsey situation is there any record of what options the Guernsey folk had if they had not agreed to leave the Island or did they not have any choice..

  7. You write in your post " It is all very well for Deputy Bebb from the safety of the Guernsey shores to claim that no blame can be attributed to the Church", but your first paragraph quotes me thus "there's plenty of blame to go around for everyone".
    Will you be correcting your post?
    I've purposely refused to enter into commenting on the details of the case as I don't think that a politician from a different jurisdiction entering into the debate is either helpful or constructive.

    1. I welcome comments from any part of the world and note the increased readership and comments from Guernsey.

      There is no reason to be concerned about commenting on the difficulties the Church has created for itself over its handling of an abuse complaint and the subsequent fall out.

      You are correct when you say that with any breakdown in relations, there’s plenty of blame to go around for everyone. However you go on to absolve the church from any blame relating to HG’s binding over, which in essence was a deportation.

      Now you have had the opportunity of reading my blog and seen the evidence I hope you will agree that had the Church not pressed what in effect was the nuclear button HG would not have been arrested, incarcerated for two weeks and deported to the UK and left destitute.

    2. Drop the confused Donkey7 December 2013 at 15:33

      Elis, If you want to slap an old copper you had better learn to duck, and quick!

      Will you be correcting your post? btw

      I'm glad you are in touch with your welsh ancestry, but no need to be a sheep.

      Or do you see yourself as a sheepdog?

      Who are the shepherds, and why are they whistling so frantically?

    3. @09:18 the wise come here to learn, not to preach

  8. Bob.

    As usual a very well researched and fact filled Blog Posting of the disgraceful treatment handed out to a vulnerable lady who's only "offence" was to report sexual abuse.

    Equally disgracefully the local State Media maintains its default position of protecting the guilty where the shameless ITV/CTV completely ignore the English language/dictionary and EXONERATE THE DEAN while the discredited, and disgraced, Jersey Evening Post portray him as THE VICTIM

    Is there any wonder, with State Media Reporting like this, that children were able to be abused FOR DECADES in State Run "Care" institutions?

    NOTHING has changed since the HDLG atrocities.

  9. An interesting note from a Guernsey friend on the situation there. "From what I understand Rev Northover is a bit of a maverick - a loose canon -- sic -- - and I don't think there is much appetite for a split from Winchester over here."

    Deputy Bebb has now been pointed in the direction of your blogs.

  10. Tea-Party in a tailspin7 December 2013 at 13:00

    Hi Bob and Readers,

    The nauseating spin of the Government/Church clique continues today on the oh-so-Willing front page of the JEP

    We have put this comment (#1 ?) and reply on


    TIMESTAMP: December 7, 2013 at 11:58 am
    TITLE: Church of the [un]Immaculate Deception

    Dream on Dean.
    Do you really think that your remaining days on this earth or your hopes for the afterlife are really made less dark by your lack or contrition or concern [despite apology], apparently for anyone or anything other than the "strength" of Jersey’s Anglican Church.

    What are you for ?
    Are you a man, or a mouse, or a creature in between ?


    TIMESTAMP: December 7, 2013 at 12:22 pm
    TITLE [reply to above] : Even the church mice are well fed @Jersey Tea-Party

    The Archbishop of Canterbury has apologised for the Jersey Church failings.

    "Bob Key's faith must surely have been tested". Poor him!

    How often does the Archbishop of Canterbury issue a public apology ?
    Please explain how his apology still stands and our very own Dean Bob Key's begrudging but abject apology is airbrushed out of existence.

    This jingoism may work on a few of the blindly faithful locally but have you any idea what it does to our international reputation?

    The world is watching this pantomime and so is the big cheese up in the sky.

    There are times when the cover up becomes worse than even the original transgression.

    Will the whole of Jersey be damned by it's own insularity?


    It does not actually matter whether the JEP publishes these or not.
    Each time it suppresses negative comment it hastens the collapse of their business.
    The value of the a media business is measured in the trust of it's consumer base.
    Negative equity beckons for the JEP due to it's history of moral bankruptcy.

    The management company may be able to protect it's Jersey investment by hastily putting The JEP under the management of it's Guernsey Press subsidiary.

    1. If readers go into the Link provided by Voice for Children at 1126 today, they will not only be able to read the JEP report but see the Comments section which appears to be empty at present so we don't know whether the comments above will be inserted.

      You say that "the Archbishop of Canterbury has apologised for the Jersey Church failings." I am not aware of this are you able to say where that apology appears?

      If he has apologised for the Jersey Church failings who is responsible for them?

    2. Tea-Party in a tailspin7 December 2013 at 17:37

      Bob "...are you able to say where that apology appears?"

      It would be good to find the wording and any background published but my source is BBC (europe):

      Dean Key said: "I regret mistakes that I made in the safeguarding processes and I understand that, upon reflection, it would have been more helpful if I had co-operated more fully with the Korris [safeguarding} Review....
      I now add my own apology to that of the Bishop of Winchester and ARCHBISHOP of CANTERBURY to the vulnerable person at the heart of this matter. "

      Same applies to Bishop of Winchester's apology, which is also mentioned above.

      Hopefully all three apologies had at least some sincerity at the time they were uttered, rather than crass drivel written by their expensive retained PR company.

      imo HG requires closure.

      "closure" for you or I might mean a roof over our heads and somewhere warm to sleep.

      I suspect that "closure" for HG means knowing that the safeguarding issues are solved for the future and that her old church is mended and that the world has become a better place through her misfortune.

      Amazing lady.
      I worry for her, as no doubt do many good people of this island and abroad

    3. The apologies were given in March and April but none have been given personally.

      In March the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby said, "The Bishop of Winchester’s swift, decisive and wholly necessary actions following his receipt of this report are to be commended. I too wish to add my own personal apologies to the young woman who was badly let down by those she turned to for help and I wholeheartedly support the investigation that the Bishop has launched. He must receive full cooperation from all involved.”

      If you go to my Blog dated 17th June which is titled “Meaningless Apologies” I questioned the value and sincerity of the apologies. Given what has happened since I now know the answer.

      Also given how the investigation has gone I bet the Archbishop of Canterbury is questioning whether he should have given Bishop Dakin his whole hearty support, if the Bishop falls where will the buck stop?

  11. I just caught the tail end of a feature on BBC Jersey this morning, I think it was the Dean and Chris Stone - the presenter said that he looked forwards to reading the report when it's published! Have they changed their minds on keeping it secret, or was this an attempt to make the Dean look good by hoodwinking the listeners that everything is above board now? If the casual listener gets the impression that the report will be made public, then the friendly interview beforehand will be cemented in their mind as a positive one with the Dean being blameless and whiter than white. A nice bit of spin, if the cynic in me is right again!

    Is the report still hushed away or is it to be published?

    1. I listened to all of the interview which was disappointingly tame and never really got going. There was a time when I thought there was break in transmission but it was only caused by the time it took the Dean to say when was the last time he communicated with Bishop Dakin.

      I was hoping that Chris Stone might have expanded on the Dean's relationship with Winchester and Bishop Dakin in particular and what affect if any it would have on the ordinary church goers who like HG seem to have been forgotten.

      Re the publication of the Steel Report, the following can be found in the Bishop's press release, “Dame Heather has informed me that she is finalising her investigation report. However, I have received legal representations from an interested party requiring me to undertake not to release the report to any person. On legal advice I have agreed to comply with the request and this means that I am currently unable to publish the report or provide further information about the representations that have been made."

      The Bishop says that currently he is unable to publish the report. It is open to him to contest the objection but only time will tell whether he chooses to do so.

  12. Thank you Voice for your comments and links. The media's reporting during the past week has been one sided and inaccurate and clearly nothing has changed

    It is evident that one has to read the Blogs to read the real stories and be made fully aware of what is really going on.

    We should not be holding our breath in anticipation of honest and open reporting on the forthcoming Committee of Inquiry.

  13. Bob, a few random thoughts:

    First, both the Bailhache brothers are lawyers, and both understand the importance of words; both have stated that the Dean has been exonerated - one in the States Chamber. They both knew full well that the Dean had not been exonerated when they made these statements. What does that make them?

    Second, thank you to those of a pedantic inclination who keep reiterating the fact that HG was bound over to leave the island rather than deported. We all know the legal distinction; most of us also understand the reality of being bound over. A lone, vulnerable young woman who has just been unlawfully detained in a cell for 2 weeks is given the stark choice of untold oppression by an unaccountable and unimpeachable judiciary, or a chance to escape the oppression? What kind of a choice is that? It's certainly not one made of her own free will having made an informed decision, any more than handing over your wallet to a mugger with a knife is a charitable donation.

    Third, correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Stuart Syvret, during one of his trials, complain to the judge that he was unable to make a submission because a certain individual had made death threats to him over the previous few days? Hadn't this same individual had numerous similar complaints made against him by others, without any action by the police? Wasn't the judge shocked by the casual manner in which the prosecuting advocate stated that the individual making the death threats to Mr Syvret would be dealt with at Parish Hall level? Didn't the AG suddenly pull his finger out and the individual in question was prosecuted for making these threats? And fined a few hundred quid? Isn't this same individual still making similar threats?

    How, then, do we square the fact that a male individual who has made death threats to a defendant during a trial is not held in custody, and is fined a paltry amount, whereas a young female who threatened to make a complaint at a church service is held in custody for 2 weeks and then effectively deported from the island?

    Last, does anybody really believe that there has not been a perversion of the course of justice here? It is simply not credible to accept that HG's arrest, charging and trial was free from improper outside influence and collusion. This should be the subject of a formal police enquiry by an outside police force.

    1. Many Jersey related bloggers report an appalling catalogue of abuse and threats.

      On the audio on Rico's post you will hear the perpetrator boasting of the extent of his protection from the Jersey authorities and police

      There are too many other links to mention here.

      Another blogger writing under the name Zoomy or Zoompad who happens to also be aspergic like HG and a survivor of serial sex abuse in childhood has put up with years of harassment like:

      "Too bad u weren't raped to death, u low-IQ misandrist imbecile."

      Doing it's best to hurt and intimidate.

      It may be one unpleasant individual or it may be more. I previously highlighted how one hijacks bloggers names and uses them to post on places like the JEP's thisisjersey with impunity and often unbelievably with moderator protection while they post hateful and often pro-coverup comments.

      An individual also has pretended to be an abuse survivor in order to obtain bloggers email addresses and location details in order to harass them.

      I hope that HG has been warned about this and knows to be careful and is able to steel herself against it.


    2. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, I will respond as best as I can.

      I don’t know if you live in Jersey but if you do you will know that we have a small number of people who believe that what they say will be believed. Unfortunately there are any numbers of people who will believe them without question, they includes the media and they have allowed the exonerated issue to be taken as fact.

      I did wonder whether I should publish my current Blog because I thought it might be too harrowing but I believed that it was better for the truth to be reported. One of the ongoing problems I have is getting the public to believe what has happened to HG. What is really depressing is that perceived honourable people like Bishop Dakin and the Chief Minister had it within their gift to honour the Korris recommendation and to review the arrest, detention and deportation, but by failing to ensure that a truly independent review was conducted they have let them selves down and discredited the senior positions they hold. There has had to be collusion to ensure that HG was kicked out of the Island. I had 3 hour meeting with Dame Heather Steel and was appalled at her comments about HG. I was promised a transcript of our meeting but it is being with held by the Bishop and Dame Heather. I have made an application for the transcript via the Freedom of Information process but it could be some time before my query is addressed.

      I am unable to comment on Stuart Syvret’s difficulties which are many and complicated but how ever strong his case (s) are there is little chance of him receiving justice because Stuart winning anything would be unacceptable to the powers that be.

    3. RE. "Too bad u weren't raped to death, u low-IQ misandrist imbecile."

      Zoompad, (who was actually a grammar school girl before she fell into the hands of state "childcare") says she has been driven close to suicide by persistent jersey troll harassment.

      Abuse survivors unfortunately are proven to be particularly prone to suicide for a number of reasons. It is chilling to think how many may have been pushed over the edge.

      Due to systemic failures here and even in the UK children's homes have been infiltrated and habitually used as "meat racks" by career paedophiles and by sexual adventurers.
      All this under the noses, the patronage or even the oversight of "the great and the good", who then do all within their considerable power to cover up, both at the time and years afterwards.

      Some of the same names just crop up again and again.
      These manes are fighting hard against any effective investigation or openness.
      Openness is the only thing which will protect the children of the future.

      The trolls boast of their protection and even get the benefit of quarter million pound super-injunctions.

      We can question the troll's motives and more disturbingly the authorities under whose wings they hide.

      I'd like to say that it is just a Jersey problem, but it is not. Perhaps this is why the UK is so unwilling to step in and insist that Jersey provides a legal system that is fit for purpose.

    4. Bob, I am really pleased that you did publish this blog even if it was harrowing as it corroborates what HG says. I always believed her but it's useful to have another source. Listening to the Dean was not comfortable as it's clear that they have learned nothing.

  14. 7 December 2013 18:33

    Bob, a few random thoughts,

    No they were not random they were excellent, concise and easy to read. If I may expand about the nasty phone and internet troll, the section regarding the court is almost right. Stuart Syvret did exactly as said above, but Advocate Steven Baker, prosecuting, tried to dismiss Syvret's account to the judge, saying that a parish hall inquiry was not happening and that States police were taking this very seriously.

    Then and only then was he arrested soon after and charged, Bakers outburst was logged by the court so no way out. I know I was in court and heard every word.

    There has indeed been a miscarriage of justice over HG, laid squarely at the door of Jerseys' justice system after complaints by the Dean.

    Let us be truthful, " they " thought getting a little known vulnerable person off the island using the full force of the Church, police and judiciary would go unnoticed.

    It almost did, thanks to the blogs it did not.

    A suggestion if I may Mr Hill, after the immense amount of time you have put in, maybe readers who might have a Xmas card spare, why not send it to the Dean with a meaningful message, our household will be doing so.

    1. I have previously said that the way HG was treated brings no credit to the Island or Church of England. Unfortunately there is no one in Authority that is big enough to address the matter and that too is discreditable.

  15. Hi Bob,

    I think I can understand why no statements from complainants were made until after lunch. The Dean and the Bishop would have been at the morning services and the Dean's wife would have been with them (it is very likely that she would have refused to give a statement without her husband present). I can understand the deference shown to the Dean and Bishop (and the Dean's wife) by the Police in allowing them to got to church AND it appears have lunch before the police came to the Deanery (yeah, I bet everyone who complains gets that personal treatment). I can understand it even if it isn't best practice, but I don't think it implies any special treatment beyond a due(?) level of respect for them given their position.

    The other stuff about HG's treatment? Very interesting and I look forward to hearing the response to the question (and the supplementaries) on Tuesday.

    1. Peter,
      Thank you for your interest.

      You may be able to "understand" these things.
      We in Jersey understand them only too well. In both practical terms and as a theologian it might be more productive to QUESTION rather than automatically "understand".

      The first point is that the situation [even back to the abuse & investigation failures] was of their making. The Dean/Church were in the driving seat, calling the shots. They knew their schedule and they chose the timing of their complaint and hence the arrest. It could have been done the day/week before or the day/week after. Or indeed NOT AT ALL, Police complaint and pressing charges seems so inappropriate, especially so in the context of how the problem had arisen. It seems that the Dean/Church have ongoing access to Jerseys "best" -or should I say "most powerful" legal advice.
      The annoying lamb that wouldn't stop bleating had to be silenced, so it was ambushed and banished across the sea, one suspects according to a premeditated plan.

      Returning to questioning the deference shown to the Dean et al. I was under the impression that there was a notion that we are all EQUAL before GOD.
      Certainly [outside of jersey] there is a longstanding notion that we are all EQUAL before the LAW, & hence the Police.

      To further your understanding of the Jersey situation people might want click on my name to view the video -apologies for the over exuberance of the presenter (she's new).
      Understanding of HG's saga enables better understanding of Jersey's ongoing historic failures. The way powerful individuals and the courts and the media appear to collude to achieve whatever they want. And appear in the past to have been amazingly successful at re-forming their own reality in the minds of the population through very determined misreporting.

      Where the storyline breaks up they are able to fall back on the notion that they are somehow protecting Jersey's reputation and financial stability. This of course is utter rubbish. They are protecting individuals. Jersey's financial stability does NOT rely on the cover up of abuse. This only leaves our reputation further in tatters.

      Another video that people may want to remind themselves of is infamous Newsnight from Feb 2008

      When the culpable individuals are gone the problem is gone.
      Unless we allow them to leave their ghosts uncleansed.

      Have we gone forwards since HDLG, or have we gone backwards ?

    2. Thanks Peter,

      I am pretty sure you are right as to why no statements were taken until after lunch but was it acceptable? Whilst rank may have it privileges in the Church of England in my book that should not be the case where everyone including Deans, Bishops and HG should be equal in the eyes of the Law. It is evident that was not the case.

      The alleged complaint arose out of an incident on the Saturday evening, why was the matter not reported until the Sunday morning? What was the allegation?

      If you look to the Time line in my Blog above you will see that HG was arrested at 934am but the Minister has conveniently not stated what the arrest was for. It was on suspicion of harassment. It was not for an actual offence therefore it was incumbent on the Police to take immediate steps to investigate the matter not only to justify the arrest but also the detention.

      If you look at the entry at 1045 you will note that the Police Sergeant records that there was insufficient evidence to charge at this time but he authorised the detention for the purpose of obtaining evidence by questioning and process. If you look again at the Time line there is no mention of the time when HG was interviewed but the Time line conveniently records her pleading guilty.

      The first statement was not taken until 3pm which was almost 6 hours after the arrest. Do you think that was acceptable, even if the police allowed for the clergy to take the Service they should have ensured that they attended the Police station as soon after it conclusion for statements to be taken

      Had you been HG would you have considered it acceptable to be locked up in a cell in your pyjamas whilst the person responsible for having you arrested, (when you were going to assist at a Charity event and then attend a Church Harvest supper), was taking a Church Service and enjoying a Sunday lunch.

      The manner of HG’s arrest and the police handling of the investigation makes a mockery of Justice where not only were the complainants able to enjoy their day and Sunday lunch but they could remain in the comfort of their home for their statements to be taken. The complainants were not heathens or unbelievers but senior members of the Church of England who no doubt that morning had been saying the Lord’s Prayer which includes the words “And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Should they not be practicing what they preach?

      You say that you can understand that even if it isn’t best practice you don’t think it implies any special treatment beyond a due (?) level of respect for tor them given their position. Best practice means that everyone is entitled to an equal level of respect. That was clearly not the case for HG where she was not even treated in even handed manner.

    3. I would add to Bob's excellent response at 10:42
      hat it appears that the young lady effectively suffered a breakdown.

      became so agitated that she was carried to the cell by 3 officers where she then appears to have passed out.

      Being snatched from home and arrested by police officers would be upsetting and disorientating for anyone, but one must also bear in mind that HG was already a damaged person and would be hypersensitive due to her previous experience combined the fact that she has an autistic disorder.

      This autism would make her hypersensitive to being manhandled or treated roughly and also to aggressive words, especially where words were at odds with her known facts and reasonable expectations.

      The progress of this mini breakdown reflects poorly on the alleged "help" bestowed by the dean's police complaint, but also reflects poorly on the Police's duty Consultant Psychiatrist / mental health services / FME.

      One admires the Church's confidence in pressing charges because it seems to observers that no proper court with a proper defence lawyer would have given HG a criminal conviction in view of the mitigating circumstances.

      Next time I want "help", I will get myself a criminal record and make myself homeless. That will make me so employable and get my life right back on track!

    4. Dear Peter... Did you know that there are 12 pairs of cranial nerves that emerge directly from the Human brain?

      In addition to these twelve, there is also a lesser known 13th cranial nerve (known as Terminal nerve 0) which connects the brain to the septal nuclei (medial olfactory area); a set of structures below the rostrum of the corpus callosum, in front of the lamina terminalis (the layer of gray matter in the brain connecting the ‘optic chiasma’ and the anterior commissure where the latter becomes continuous with the rostral lamina). This in turn is connected to the hypothalamus, which is linked to the nervous system and the endocrine system via the pituitary gland.

      Perhaps this may help you:

      According to John – The Secret Things

      Grondin’s Interlinear Coptic/English Translation of The Gospel of Thomas

      Keep well,


    5. Oh, Peter...You may also wish to research the Bishop of Winchester’s (Peter des Roches) involvement in the ‘Jerusalem ritual’ at the Holy Sepulchre with Hermann von Salza (Hermann of Salza) fourth Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights et-al; also, delve into the “Order of St. Thomas” (place the finger of your intellect through the flesh of Christ) it a real eye opener!

      Keep well,


  16. I'm confused, as I wasn't following all this closely all along. Is Dame Heather Steele the one who started a report and then was taken ill? Or was that someone else, and Steele stepped in afterwards? It's very difficult to search for something online when you're only vaguely aware of half the facts! We could really do with a concise summary of all the known facts and history of the case - the bits all sides agree on.Thanks

    1. Hi Anon,

      It would be confusing if you are fresh to it.

      The lady QC who was taken ill (stroke or heart attack depending on which report you believe) was the original chairperson chosen for the CoI into "historic" child abuse (HDLG etc.)
      The replacement is in my view a poor substitute but people should still give that CoI full cooperation. Despite the involvement of some good people it is difficult to see the CoI as much more than a damage limitation exercise, long delayed until more evidence can be disposed of and culpable individuals retired abroad. We shall see.

      The Church matters are for the moment totally separate from the CoI into historic child abuse mentioned above.

      The UK Church commisioned Jan Korris to do a review

      That is quite a long report which is good to read but time-wise you might be better picking out the strengths and weaknesses of it starting at

      Parts are updated and expanded upon in Bob's later blogs

      It was the Jan Korris findings which led to the Dean's suspension and apology:

      The suspension of Jersey's Dean sent significant parts of our government into a feigned constitutional panic with plenty of sabre rattling and childish threats to take the Jersey Church ball away from Winchester and go and play somewhere else.

      Foolishly Winchester gave into these threats and apparently accepted Bailhache's proposal of his friend Dame Heather Steel (a Jersey Appeal Court Judge) to cherry-pick the recommendations of the "Korris Review" under very restrictive terms of reference, apparently with the aim of discrediting the reasonable (but not perfect) Korris Review in order to pronounce the Dean "exonerated" (allegedly) to intense local media fanfare and at the cost of a further £300,000 secret report.

      Perhaps Bob could direct you to specific blog postings or you could just read from the start point mentioned.

      Hope that helps

    2. Excellent, many thanks for the explanation. I really did have my wires crossed! So many reports, so many ignored, so much time and paper wasted!

    3. Thanks to Anon for answering the question at 1322 but I hope the following will help.

      To date I have published 18 Dean related Blogs starting on 22nd March which can accessed by going into the Archive section which can be found on the right hand side of this Blog.

      It can be a bit confusing for new readers particularly when it seems to be only ladies taking the lead in preparing reports or Chairing Reviews.

      Jan Korris produced the initial report for the Diocese of Winchester and Dame Heather Steel conducted the review into the Dean and fellow clergyman's handling of HG's complaint. That Report is apparently still being finalised. Another lady Mrs Glenys Johnston, the Chair of Jersey's Safeguarding Partnership has apparently carried out a Review of HG's arrest, but her report like the Steel Report has not been published either but neither the Chief Minister nor Senator Bailhache are making a song and dance about the delay in her presentation.

      One thing the three ladies have in common is that none of them have interviewed HG or the Church Warden.

      Mrs Sally Bradley was to chair the Committee of Inquiry into the Historic Child Abuse but because of illness has been replaced by Mrs Frances Oldham.

  17. I thought that the photograph of the dean and his wife on the front of the JEP showed a distinct lack of good taste and judgment, beaming as if he had won the Christmas lottery. No one involved in handling this disgraceful episode in Jersey's history have anything to be proud of a little humility would not have been amiss

    1. I can understand the Dean being relieved to learn that he will not be facing any disciplinary action as regards to his handling of HG’s complaint, however until the Steel and Gladwin Reports have been published it might be best to make as little comment as needed, get on with his job and try building a bridge with Bishop Dakin.

  18. Polo has published a new Blog which is an amusing read and I hope that no one is offended by the cartoons. CLICK HERE

  19. Reading Bishop Tim Dakin's update statement from the 22nd November:

    Bishop Tim Darkin's update statement 22 November 2013

    His quote:

    “In all of this, the victim at the heart of the original complaint should not be forgotten. As a Church, we are called to reach out to the least, the last and the lost, even though at times they may reject the help we offer. In HG's case, that rejection has been entirely understandable, given how she sees her experience of the Church of England. A number of people across the Diocese have been working hard to find a way of helping that could be acceptable to her. Having sought expert advice from health professionals and specialist charities, we have made provisions to help support HG, through a third party. We pray that she will be able to accept what is being offered.”

    In particular the point that he had made provisions to help support HG through a third party after how many years now (? 3 years )? As a Jersey outsider I am appalled about the whole story but didn't know the details very much until reading your factual blog recently. In particular now at Christmas time do you have any contact details or information how an ordinary person as myself would be able to support her through this difficult time e.g through a little donation? Or do you know who the third party is who is supporting HG as told by Bishop Dakin?

    On Planet Jersey a suggestion was made to send a donation with a Christmas card to HG via Dean Bob Key who could prove that he is an honourable man of god by forwarding any of that to HG during this difficult time and making up a little for the lost time of support before.

    Quote: Making a difference,55.msg58368/topicseen.html#msg58368

    1. You are right to say that Winchester has made provisions through a third party. Unfortunately contrary to what HG, me or a lady who had been supporting HG were expecting, Winchester did not consult us or involve us in any of the plans it was making for HG.

      The first I knew of Winchester’s plans was on Friday 15th November when I received an email from them stating that they had emailed HG inviting her to make contact a certain Body who had experience working with vulnerable adults.

      I don’t know why we were not involved or why Winchester did not use me as the intermediary as agreed with John Gladwin last June.

      What HG been offered is not acceptable to her and she has made it known to Winchester but I don’t know what steps it is taking to address the problem.

      You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, however it might not be the horse that’s problem but it could be the water.

    2. Having read HG's Blog, I think it is definitely the water that is the problem. It really fustrates me that the Diocese don't/won't understand that the kindest thing to do for HG is leave her alone as she sees any contact at all from them as abusive (especially if not asked for) even if kindly meant . It is far too late to undo the damage She seems to me to have life that is tolerable to her, even if we wouldn't choose it.

    3. It could be said that Winchester and the Church of England continues to disappoint and one wonders how people who are supposed to be so close to God could be so out of their depth when it comes to man management and/or understanding how people like HG function and how they struggle to be understood.

      They would do well to come down from their pulpits, display a bit of humility and really look across and not down on the people they serve.

      I am afraid their water is far from holy or clean and that is why they cannot get horses to drink it.

  20. Bob.
    Don't know about you but listening to ILM answering Dep. Higgins questions about HG. It seemed as though he was caving in/sympathising a bit.
    Did you get the same vibe?

    1. I too listened and Mike Higgins aided by Trevor Pitman did a good job with their questions and were certainly better briefed than Senator Le Marquand when stated that there were 4 doctors visits which cost £574, yet the Time Line shows 5 visits. If simple mistakes like that can occur how reliable are the other answers being given?

      I don't know if Senator Le Marquand is softening but the questions must be wearing States Members down as the Sitting had to stop at one stage as too many Members were out of the Chamber.

  21. Bob,
    TonytheProf has published a very interesting Blog on the Deputy Bailiff's "exonerated"
    comment on the Dean. It can be read here CLICK HERE

    1. Thanks and I agree that is another interesting Blog which rightly mentions how the Deputy Bailiff was wrong to say "I am sure that Members will want to join me in expressing the greatest pleasure that the Dean has been exonerated from criticism." Because in his press release the Bishop says "I am all too conscious that questions remain about safeguarding best practice." So who knows whether the Dean may or may not come in for criticism in that matter?

  22. If the Bishop had anything about him he would issue a Statement denying the Deputy Bailiff interpretation of a report not finalised and claiming the Dean has been exonerated.

    The way HG has been treated by the Church and the Jersey authorities, was and still is, disgusting.

  23. There is a lot wrong with the culture of States members at the present time. They have numerous demands on their time. They sit on scrutiny and other committees and do the job that politicians are supposed to do, one being to listen to the views of the constitute, or voter if you want to be sceptical.

    Now here is the strangest thing, any reasonable person, reading the local newspaper internet comments section, ( and preferring not to read the blogs such as this ) or in discussion with a broad section of people, would know that the Dean and Church in Jersey have disgraced themselves. The Dean and several other religious stalwarts sitting in theStates are also aware of the publics feelings one would hope.

    What they were told by the assistant Bailiff resulted in them stamping their feet in applause to the Dean being exonerated even though the Bishop ( the higher authority )
    clearly has not exonerated anyone, just not sacked them.

    Was this ten or fifty of them because this shows disgusting ignorance of the facts, complete disregard for the truth and crass behaviour likened to football thugs.

    Roll on the elections then see if they are foot stamping.

    1. There are a number of States Members who have never asked questions, never will and have no interest in Question Time. During the last Sitting the Deputy Bailiff (not Assistant) reminded Members that the Chamber was pretty close to being inquorate and requested those out of the Chamber to return. His pleas fell on deaf ears and he had to halt Question Time until enough Members returned.

      You will probably find that most of the foot stampers were among those with little interest in asking questions or rocking the boat.

  24. A comment you may find of interest Bob. In today's Guernsey Press, report by Luke Richardson, he states that the Guernsey's Dean the Very Rev. Paul Mellor said - that if a similar situation arose in Guernsey, as it did in Jersey, he would have gone straight to the deanery safeguarding officer and down to the police station.

    I guess that is not quite the "Jersey Way"

  25. Thanks for the info, earlier this afternoon I emailed Luke asking if he would send me link to his report. Unfortunately I have not heard from him yet.

    Re the Guernsey Dean's comments, they are in line with Winchester's Safeguarding Policy which I understand is what Bishop Dakin was expecting of Jersey's Dean, however in Jersey there is the Canon Law which appears to trump Winchester's Policy, or does it?

    Over to you Bishop John Gladwin who is conducting a review on that part of the Visitation.