Monday 11 November 2013

Jesey's Dean---------Deputy Mike Higgins-- Oral Question..

Last Tuesday Deputy Higgins asked an Oral question of Senator Le Marquand the Minister for Home Affairs relating to HG's arrest and removal from Jersey for 3 years. Most readers see the removal as deportation but HG is a British citizen she cannot be legally deported but the way in which she was removed amounted to deportation as readers will discover when reading this Blog

The States Standing Orders, require written questions to be lodged on the Monday before the next Sitting which is the Tuesday the following week. Written questions must not exceed 200 words. Answers are printed and published at the next Sitting but there is no opportunity for the questioner to ask further question orally unless they had also lodged an Oral Question which must be lodged before noon on the Thursday before the next Sitting. Oral Questions must not exceed 70 words.

In theory the time allowed for research is adequate and there should be no reason for any Minister to mislead Members. Unfortunately there is a big difference between theory and practice and all too often Ministers either intentionally mislead Members or their answers are inaccurate. Senator Le Maquand is a past master of side stepping questions as readers will see. Below is the Oral question and answer session and it was open for any of the other 49 members to ask supplementary questions. As one can see supplementary questions were only asked by 2 male Members and one must ask why lady Members did not think it worthy to ask questions or was it that they did not wish to offend the Dean who an unelected Member of the States and had led the prayers at the start of the Sitting.

My Comments are in red ink.

3.8 Deputy M.R. Higgins of the Minister for Home Affairs regarding the binding over order imposed on the woman known as H.G. in the Korris Report:

Will the Minister explain to Members whether the woman known as H.G. in the Korris Report was bound over to leave the Island and, if so, would he advise whether she was removed from the Island in her pyjamas and left destitute at a United Kingdom airport?

Senator B.I. Le Marquand (The Minister for Home Affairs):

The harassment case to which the Deputy refers dates back to October 2010 and the latest Korris Report was published in March this year. The fact that the woman known as H.G. in this case was sentenced for harassment on 11th October 2010 is a matter of public record. H.G. was legally represented in court at her sentencing by a Jersey lawyer and supported in court by both a mental health patient advocate and by friends from Winchester who were in Jersey on holiday at the time. HG did not see her lady Advocate until she had actually arrived at Court and who then advised her to plead guilty. HG claims that she was unaware of the full extent of the Binding Order or that she was going to be shipped out of the Island that day. HG's friends were by chance on holiday in the Island and the Court records show that they were not returning to the UK until the following week. HG had made her home in Jersey and had a job, if her Advocate advised her to plead guilty why did she not ask for a binding order to be of good behaviour in Jersey. However had she been given the opportunity to plead not guilty and the court had actually tried the case she may well have been found not guilty due to mitigating circumstances which were not even mentioned before HG was sentenced. As it was she was treated in a shambolic way in a behind the doors deal where it was conveniently arranged to kick her out of the Island. H.G. pleaded guilty to one charge of harassment. Her lawyers invited the court to deal with sentencing in the case by way of a binding over order to leave the Island, I repeat why a binding over to leave Jersey??? and H.G. consented to this. She was appropriately dressed in daywear attire when appearing at court, as was the case when she left the Island. How can the Senator make that claim and how does he know? HG was arrested at 930 on a Sunday morning at a time when many people are still in bed or as in HG's case she was still in her pyjamas, she was not wearing a dressing gown but for warmth had put on a pullover/cardigan. She was wearing a very old pair of trainers and if not arrested she would have showered and got dressed into day clothes to assist at a charity event at Reg's Garden. Senator Le Marquand fails to explain why two male officers turned up. The States Police knew they were arresting a lady so why the rush why no female police officer? Perhaps if one had been present HG might not have felt embarrassed to ask that she be allowed to put on some underwear and day clothes. HG remained in her pyjamas when taken and detained over night at the police station and then in the same clothes when appearing in court and then taken on to La Moye Prison for two weeks. As she never set foot in her flat again it stands to reason that the clothes she was arrested in were the clothes she was wearing when she was deported from the Island two weeks later. HG was given prison clothing but reverted to her pyjamas when she appeared for sentencing on 11th October. I challenge Senator Le Marquand to disprove this claim. The States funded her flight to Southampton later that afternoon. Big deal, did they expect HG to pay for her flight? The States of Jersey Police assisted in the recovery of personal possessions in storage at a St. Brelade's address for her before leaving the Island. Only partly true. On leaving the Magistrates Court's cell HG was still in the clothing she was wearing when arrested two weeks earlier. She claims she received no help from her advocate or mental health advocate regarding her onward journey and there is no reason to disbelieve her as no arrangements were made for HG to collect her belongings. She asked the police officers if they would stop off at her flat whilst on the way to the airport so she could collect some clothing and personal effects. this they did but would not allow her out of the car. A Police Officer entered her flat to rummage through her belongings bringing with him HG's passport and bank card and two bags of old clothing which HG had put aside to give to charity I am unable to advise on her onward travel or other arrangements from Southampton. I am not surprised at that answer but if he had asked HG She would have told him that she was left to fend for herself and left destitute.

3.8.1 Deputy M.R. Higgins:

A supplementary. I think the Minister’s response is misleading; I will put that down to the information he has been given. The lady concerned was in her pyjamas, she had no underwear, she had a cardigan over her pyjamas, that was all. The police officers took her back. On the way to the airport, she asked if she could go home and get some clothes. They would not allow her to go in and get them; they got some plastic bags with goods that were going to a charity shop and she was basically left in the U.K. with no money. Deputy Higgins's information is correct. What I would say to the Minister is: is that how we should be treating people in the 21st century? What sort of impression is it giving to people outside this Island? The tactics used are very similar to that of a totalitarian state. Now for a classic Le Marquand side step clearly he did not want to answer the question because the tactics adopted were akin to that of a totalitarian State. Let's see the answer given.

Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

I am afraid that much of the information being given by the Deputy is wholly inaccurate. A typical answer from a Minister who naturally must be believed because he is a Minister. The fact is that this young lady had spent 2 weeks in prison prior to coming before the court for sentencing. Why was she remanded in custody for two weeks, why was she not bailed? To suggest that she would be in prison for 2 weeks and that the prison authorities would allow her to be taken down to Police Headquarters in her pyjamas is, frankly, totally ludicrous and totally inaccurate. The Senator is completely ignoring the facts, where did he acquire his information? HG was taken from La Moye Prison to the Magistrates Court not police headquarters. I submit that he should check the facts with those who know rather than from those who like Dame Heather refuse to accept them because it shows the judiciary and police in a poor light? The functionality of my department in this area is the functionality of the police officers in carrying out the court order in relation to the binding over order, and that functionality is, first of all, to hold the individual in custody for a period and then to place them on a flight or on a boat out of the Island. HG was hardly a Curtis Warren or high risk offender, her alleged crime was that she was going to disrupt a church Service Surely there must be proper procedure for persons who are bound over to leave the Island to be given an opportunity to gather some clothing and personal effects before being put on a boat or aircraft. In addition to that, they assisted the lady in seeking to regain possession of items which she had in the Island to take with her. The Senator is wrong again.
3.8.2 Deputy T.M. Pitman:

I have to ask, are we getting extra time for these very long answers? I hope we are adding extra time. My question is this: in the Korris Report, pages 41 and 48, the author recommends that H.G.’s arrest and deportation should be investigated as the matter is not being investigated by Dame Heather Steel, as it is not considered to be a church matter. Does the Minister agree that the matter should in fact be the subject of an inquiry instigated by the States itself and, if not, why not?

Senator B.I. Le Marquand:
The use of the term “deportation” is inaccurate in this context. Korris described HG's removal as deportation. Here, we have a situation in which a person’s lawyer invites the court to deal with the matter by way of a binding over order with a condition of leaving the Island and not returning for 3 years. There is no mention of the 3 years in the Court transcript. Why did the lawyer who had never met HG until the morning of the Hearing advise HG to accept a binding over to leave the Island, why if guilty could she not have been bound over in Jersey to keep the peace? The answer is because HG was becoming a thorn in the Church's side and a legal way had to be found to remove her from the Island. If there are concerns in relation to the manner in which the young lady was dealt with, I am aware that earlier this year the Chief Minister commissioned a report from the Jersey Independent Safeguarding Chair into the care and welfare of H.G. This is news to me and HG. A few months ago I repeatedly asked the Chief Minister to instigate an investigation but he refused. Why the U Turn, why has HG not been informed, what are the terms of reference and will the report be released to the public? in respect of these matters, and the outcome of that report is expected some time in the future, but I have no particular details on that other than the fact that such a report has been commissioned by the Chief Minister. Why no details, the investigation must be looking into the arrest and detention which were carried out by the police.
3.8.3 Deputy T.M. Pitman:

A supplementary? It is not an attack on the Minister, as I am sure he is not responsible for all these things, but the examples of how Jersey flouts the absolute right to a fair trial process are growing weekly. The evidence we are hearing is so different. Does that not in itself suggest that, really, to put people’s minds at rest, that the Minister should initiate an inquiry?

Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

It is a matter of public record what happened in the courts. Does that mean what happened in the Court cannot be questioned? I have in front of me, not only a copy of the charge sheet for sentencing purposes, but also a transcript, albeit one which has been edited out to remove certain details and information, of both hearings which took place. Will the Senator explain why the charge against the Bishop was dropped? I submit that by doing so it paved the way to remove HG from the Island. She could hardly be bound over to the UK if the Bishop was living there.That is a matter of public record. If Members are interested to try to obtain a copy of the edited matter, they should approach the Magistrates’ Court Greffier to see if he will provide them with such a copy, otherwise, they can go and listen to the tape recording. These matters are not held in secret; this is a public, open court. Some of the information which I have given today comes directly from those transcripts. And very selective too.

3.8.4 Deputy S.G. Luce of St. Martin:

I would like to agree with Deputy Pitman inasmuch as we are used to having contrary views across the House but, in this case, the 2 versions of events seem to be very far apart. Could I ask the Minister if he would be prepared to meet Deputy Higgins to try to ascertain where Deputy Higgins’ version of events comes from and if it is truthful?

Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

I do not think there is any point in that, personally. I have invited Deputy Higgins on many occasions to come and talk to me about many different matters in which we have a difference of opinion; he never wants to come and talk to me, but if he wants to come and talk to me on this matter, I will happily see him. This is the usual approach to keep matters under the carpet.

Deputy T.M. Pitman:

I will come too. Not sure why Trevor wants to waste his time, he did not get very far when he saw the Chief Minister in relation to Senator Bailhache's reading of documents on the plane.

3.8.5 Deputy M.R. Higgins:

I might say that I will be bringing matters to the House regarding what I want to speak to the Minister for Home Affairs about. As far as H.G. is concerned, perhaps the Minister will explain to us a number of strange things that happened: (1) she was arrested and spent 11 hours in custody before she was charged; perhaps he can tell us why there was the delay; (2) perhaps he can also tell us why the police did not bail her - she had accommodation, she had a job and she was of good character; (3) and also perhaps he can tell us why the police objected to her having bail at the court appearance on 27th September.

Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

I cannot answer the first question; it is far too detailed and it was going beyond the area of the initial question back into earlier time. It was a genuine question and HG was not charged until 11 hours after her arrest. It is evident that HG had to wait until the police had obtained statements from the Dean, his wife and the Bishop. They also had to find a Centenier to charge. Again, if Deputy Higgins would care to look at the transcript of the hearing, he will see precisely what was said by the prosecution and he will see precisely the thought processes of the Magistrate concerned in relation to the matter. It was established during the course of the hearing that, in fact, she did not have a home to go to, that the person with whom she had been staying was unwilling to have her back again. That is on the record of the transcript. Deputy Higgins has described what really happened and HG has every right to claim that she was also poorly represented at the first Hearing too. One should really examine Magistrate Richard Falle's thought process and why he sentenced HG to be bound over to leave the Island for 3 years

3.8.6 Deputy M.R. Higgins:

I must address that last point about the person not having a home. The police phoned the landlord and said about H.G. and asked whether she lived and everything else and whether she could go back. They would not tell her what the nature of the charge was. The woman was aware of the fact that police had arrested her in the morning, the police would not say why she was being charged. For all they knew, she could have been a mass murderer and they would have been in danger so, as a consequence, because the police would not tell them why she had been arrested, they would not necessarily have her back in the home. I think it is monstrous to say otherwise. This is a stain on Jersey’s character and it is not going to go away. I spoke to the land lady some months ago and Deputy Higgins account is correct. The land lady said that had she been told the facts she would have been happy for HG to return to her flat.
Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

I have absolutely no knowledge of that; all I can say is what is in the transcript. The transcript will show that her legal representative had left the court before HG was refused bail. While I am on my feet, could I possibly correct a mistake I made in answer before to a question of Deputy Trevor Pitman on the previous answer? It is a matter of correction.

The Bailiff:


Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

This was in relation to the first set of questions by Deputy Trevor Pitman. I erroneously said that there had been a letter to Mr. Syvret setting out the position from which I had quoted. In fact, I now see, on checking it, that there was an email. I wonder whether Senator Le Marquand will correct some of the information he gave in his answers above.

I am drafting this Blog during the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and one day after the Remembrance Service where at the Cenotaph, the Dean during his closing prayers asked God to grant the Island PEACE,TRUTH,JUSTICE.

Are they just empty words, because where is HG's justice ? She was badly let down by the Church for whom the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of Winchester and the Dean albeit belatedly have all publicly apologised. However she was also badly let down by the States Police, her legal representatives, the social services and the Judiciary, are those actions not worthy of redress?

And now to cap it all even though there is now a very expensive investigation into the events relating to the way HG's complaint was handled and how she was treated during her arrest, her voice has not been heard, where is the justice that the Dean was praying for? the answer is simple, it is not with God but the very people who were probably at other Remembrance Services either with the Dean was or elsewhere in the UK. What are they doing about it?

The way HG was arrested detained and deported is of grave concern but is it just an isolated incident? Are there proper procedures in place and if so were they followed by the police in the first instance. Is our legal aid system working against the interests of both the lawyer and accused who all too often feels pressurised to plead guilty. Was the Magistrate too close to some senior members of the Town Church? Deputy Higgins was right to describe the tactics used to deport HG as very similar to that of a Totalitarian State. Are there Binding Over procedures in place and again were they followed.

Even if HG was not dressed in her pyjamas, is the method of her arrest and deportation acceptable for an Island that claims to be Christian. Is it right to remove a vulnerable person from a secure environment and dumped and left destitute on a UK airport on a cold October evening?

In my very first Blog on the Dean titled "The Dean, Bishop and Good Shepherds, Fact or Fiction? published on 22nd March, I wrote "As a responsible and caring community how could the above happen, are our Health, Social Services, Police, Courts, Legal Advisors and other relevant agencies fully trained and resourced to respond to people like HG? Given her experience one is left to wonder."
I don't need to wonder any more because clearly Jersey is not trained or resourced and even worse it is unwilling to accept or rectify its failings.


  1. A politicised-Judiciary, a semi-feudal government, and an unelected Church of England representative... what have all these got in common?

    They provide a stable platform for the Monarchy and U.K. Government to keep its Jersey Tax Haven.

    “Tax Haven’s bankroll H.M. Armed Forces.”

    That is why even now in the 21st Century Jersey still has a semi-feudal government with unelected members and a politicised-Judiciary.

    That is also why the British Monarchy and U.K. Government turn a blind eye to all that is happening in this island!

    You will remember that the previous Labour government left the U.K. on the brink of bankruptcy and economically on its knees; so where do the massive amounts of money come from to keep the U.K.’s Army, Navy and Air-Force war machine on the front-line?


    Has the penny dropped yet?

    Understand this, and you will understand everything that goes on in Jersey!

    1. Unfortunately any number of pennies are dropped but it does not seem to make much difference, but doing nothing is not an option and informative Blogs are a way of creating greater accountability.

    2. There is both a moral and patriotic dilemma; two side of this very same penny. On one face, we have an unquestionable patriotic duty to help our armed forces and support our Queen; on the other face of this coin we have been saddled with an undemocratic government masquerading as democracy which does not fairly represent the population of this island and places power in the hands of an unscrupulous unaccountable few, the very same few who also make sure we have a stable government which does not interfere with the Bank of England’s Cash Cow.

      It is no small wonder why BBC Radio Jersey, Channel News and the Jersey Evening Post all sing off the same Hymn Sheet; that is to say, they make sure the status quo is maintained and else is kept silent...

      Parliament, H.M. the Queen and key figures in and outside the States of Jersey all work together to ensure that The City of London Corporation’s - Bank of England is able to raise enough money through its Tax Havens to financially maintain our armed forces.

      A dilemma indeed...

  2. Why did she agree to be deported

    1. I did as I was told, for fear of being further imprisoned, I didn't understand anything andI suffer severe claustrophobia. HG

    2. Thank you for your answer and given the manner of your arrest and what in essence was a two week custodial sentence without a trial it is not surprising that you were confused.

    3. #FreeSyvretNow on twitter12 November 2013 at 10:14

      Bob, "... given the manner of your [HG's] arrest and what in essence was a two week custodial sentence without a trial...."

      "arrest" is one way of describing it. But information on your series of articles on this subject suggest that the "arrest" could equally be described as ..... "Snatched by the State's Police upon command from on high" with the 'evidence', witness statements and the appearance of the legal niceties being completed afterwards.

    4. You could well be right and remember the Magistrate at the first hearing twice commented that it was not a run of the mill case.

      We should all be equal in the eyes of God and the Law, but clearly that principle did not apply to HG.

  3. Bob.

    "I don't need to wonder any more because clearly Jersey is not trained or resourced and even worse it is unwilling to accept or rectify its failings."

    These weren't "failings" as well you, and no doubt a majority of your readers, know. A vulnerable lady reporting sexual abuse is locked up in a prison and kicked off the island is what's known as "The Jersey Way."

    My support, and sympathies, are with HG and more's the pity that NOT ONE church member has openly come out and supported her and still regard themselves as Christians, would Jesus have remained so silent?

    On another note, I'm surprised Ian Le Marquand turned up to "answer" some questions, and wasn't hiding in a TOILET!

    1. One thing that is coming out of this case is the Unchristian behaviour of the clergy before HG was deported and since the matter was brought into the open following the Korris Report.

      The closing of ranks is reminiscent of the way the Mafia operate and will have done little to instil confidence in the Church of England as a whole let alone Jersey.

      I would be interested to know whether any of our readers know of any cases where the complainant ends up being incarcerated for two weeks, deported and left destitute at an airport.

    2. The Queen is the head of the Church of England not God, what has the Queen got to do with Christianity and God? Only H.M. the Queen can tell you that!

      The Church of England which is embodied by the Dean representing itself in the States Chamber is politicised body which represents the feudal will of the Queen (in all things).

      Jersey has a politicised-Judiciary, a politicised-Clergy and a Semi-Feudal Government.

      Real reform must consist of removing all of these from the States Chamber, include real proportional representation and exclude political gerrymandering.

      Yes, you are quite right Mr. Hill, “Blogs are a way of creating greater accountability”.

      Although, even this right of free speech which we currently enjoy on blogs has now been undermined; the imprisonment of ex-senator Stuart Syvret has set a dangerous precedence which further allows Jersey’s politicised-Judiciary to attack any other blogger who they wish to silence.

      Real reform must also include freedom of speech online and in the press!

    3. Well said and few should disagree with you,

    4. In this body and life, there are three types of Human-Being, these are Hylics, Psychikos and pneumatics; it is only the latter whom undivided come to know the makers mind by direct-experience.

      To raise the procreative force by breath up the spinal canal from Sacrum to Skull and beyond, hear the inner sound as the wind rushes passed the tenth gate and dying to the physical body enter the undivided light of the creators mind... What does H.M. the Queen know of such things?

      That which you loosely term Christianity is a poor reflection of the truth.

      It is only the truth which will set you free...

    5. please tell me that in English :) HG.

    6. Hello HG

      In English, yes of course; one will explain it to you in plain language.

      What you are looking for cannot be found inside Churches made of stone, the truth is within you, it has always been within you from the very beginning; and it is the same truth which is to be found within all.

      The Hylics will not let go of the senses of the body, the Psychikos will not let go of the mind of the ego; and the Pneumatics... well, the Pneumatics let go of everything, free of the senses of the body, free of the mind of the ego, the pneumatics become undivided (in a conscious state of pure light), it is in this state that the light body of the Pneumatic leaves the physical body and merges as one with the primordial being.

      There are no words to describe this meeting of mind.

      We are all given free will; only the pneumatics exercises this free will.

    7. :( I thought pneumatics were a type of drill. Are you a pneumatic? what am I looking for anyway? Usually a meal and a blanket. HG

    8. Thinking about it, I understand that the truth is more likely within and not in a building with politics and cliques which claims to represent God while doing so much contrary to His teachings.
      It reminds me of a sermon done by my abuser's reader friend after I first spoke about the abuse, in traditional style of that church, manipulating people through prayers and readings, he did a sermon on 'truth' and how people's truth could be incorrect :) I think his friend's truth was incorrect when he denied the abuse. HG

    9. #FreeSyvretNow on twitter14 November 2013 at 18:21

      Fabulous HG @13:34 , you brought that conversation "back down to earth with a bump".

      "Aspergic wit" ;-) at it's best !

      Yes pneumatics ......... drills, tyres, pumps etc etc. Bob's blog welcomes all sorts.
      A certain ex-churchwarden could even consider purchasing a "pneumatic" woman so that he can touch and feel all he wants in a non abusive environment ..... but he should of course consider his wife's needs first.

      I googled Hylics, Psychikos, Pneumatics etc. Wiki was a good starting point.
      All very sholarly but slightly concerning.
      Life is competitive and to some extent elitist, but what I read above gave me concern that it related to an elitist form of religion where only some (the pneumatics?) are equipped for enlightenment/salvation or whatever. Only some are 'chosen'. Elitist religion is dangerous ground IMO because religion has historically been used to justify all manor of bad things.

      Otherwise what the "Hylics, Psychikos, Pneumatics" was actually saying went clean over my head too.

      A meal and a blanket are indeed far more pressing concerns, especially with winter approaching.
      On another thread I posted an appeal if anyone had shelter or empty accommodation which you could use even if it is on a temporary basis. I shall renew that appeal here but shall re-post it at the end of the thread so that it is more visible.

      Surely you are eligible some form of state assistance on the mainland, rent rebate and the like? I gather that there is often a "catch 22" situation where you cannot apply for assistance until you have an address ........ and you cannot get an address until you get assistance .

      You strike me as the sort of person who could quite quickly rebuild your life if you were given some temporary help or accommodation.

      The libraries I am guessing you frequent are warm and safe but you can't sleep there ...... it is not easy but surely someone can help ?

      Are you able to say what part of the country you are in and would you be able to move if there was a realistic offer of help elsewhere ?

    10. Judge made law / #FreeSyvretNow14 November 2013 at 19:02

      REF accommodation (noting the at HG is not actually in London)

      "....Yes. Or someone who is UK based or has UK based friends who have some knowledge of Autism Spectrum (and are not "touchy-feely"!) offer her shelter.

      Or someone who has UK property that is largely empty offer accommodation say on a restricted tenancy on a peppercorn rent*, at least until she is able to find her feet again.
      (* N.B. It is likely that housing benefits would be applicable)

      These commitments are not to be taken lightly but perhaps Bob would be prepared to discuss possibilities with anyone prepared and able to help."


    11. Hi anon, thank you for your posts, a lot for me to take in. The comment about the churchwarden getting a pneumatic woman, shocking! ;) I don't mean it in a crude sense, but I think his wife is a bit weary, she seemed that way to me, he reminded me of a boisterous teenager.

      People sometimes think I am able to understand deep thought but thing about pneumatics is slightly beyond me, but interesting nonetheless.

      Regarding state assistance, yes it is very tricky for me to get the help I need, and the barriers to that help that technically I should be entitled too, are too high at the moment.

      I cannot say where I am, but I can assure you that I have been ok, life on the streets has been an awesome adventure and I have been and am well looked after.
      Although, if the right situation was to arise, I would accept accommodation.

    12. Judge made law #FreeSyvretNow14 November 2013 at 23:09

      Hi HG.
      So glad that you are mostly surviving well and that there are positive aspects to the adventure. I imagine that in the better times the independence is invigorating but it is so important to have somewhere safe and warm to go when you need it, even if it just a hostel or similar.
      It is amazing how the mind adapts to the situation but you do also need to look after your body.

      Do not worry about understanding the pneumatics stuff. I'm a humanist so it went right over my head too. It was interesting and you can deal with it as a puff of air or even as a neurotypical delusion ;-)
      (no offence intended to the poster who was well intentioned I think)

      I thought of posting RA a pneumatic woman but it might be mean as it might be the perfect Christmas gift for the weary wife to get him :-)
      Besides, I would have got a nasty cheap one, and if something is going to be heavily used it is worth investing in quality :

      QC: Quality counts! LOL

    13. Hello HG,

      If you are huddled up in Library during the day to keep warm, you may try looking for a book entitled:

      ‘Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines’ by W.Y. Evans-Wentz (ISBN: 81-215-0969-6).

      It is one of the few books which in truth describe the Pneumatic practices; the same practices that early Christians (Gnostic’s) followed.

      Although, be aware these practices are described in a Tibetan cultural context, although in essence they are the same.

      The book is clear and concise, it is not a literary exercise, but a practical guide translated into English by Evans-Wentz and Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdup.

      Mr. Hill (12 November 2013 22:25) summed it up beautifully when he said “there are none so blind as those that will not see.”

      Keep well,


    14. ooh how naughty. I think he likes to feel real flesh though, it's the touching he likes.
      Hostels in the UK tend to be more dangerous than the streets by the way.

    15. Judge made law #FreeSyvretNow15 November 2013 at 09:36

      Hi HG,
      "..Hostels in the UK tend to be more dangerous than the streets by the way."

      Yeah, I was worried about that.

      Unon @02:40 Thanks, I has you down as well meaning -me too :-)

      I guess I am just a "Hylic", occasionally bordering on a "Psychiko" ...... but what the hell -It works for me.

      Good luck with the breathing ..... you should try childbirth.
      Or are you not equipped for that enlightenment - impregnated by free will or otherwise?

    16. Do not become distracted by smoke and mirrors, focus on the real issues.

      Real issues which affect real people!

      Jersey is ruled by a semi-feudal government, a politicised-Judiciary which includes a politicised clergy and other unelected representatives sitting in the States Chamber.

      The establishment controlling the States of Jersey represent a triumvirate of common purpose; the “U.K. Government”, “H.M. the Queen” and “The City of London Corporation”.

      The U.K. Government and H.M. the Queen turn a blind eye to all that is happening in Jersey to ensure continuous funding for H.M. Armed Forces currently at war.

      The City of London Corporation within this mutual financial collaboration use Jersey as a branch office to further its own financial agenda as well as funding the Ministry of Defence.

      Listen to ex-Senator Stuart Syvret speaking, Jersey’s first political prisoner to be incarcerated in this island since the time of the English Civil War or the Nazi occupation in World War II.

      A True Son of Jersey

    17. Judge made law #FreeSyvretNow15 November 2013 at 14:47

      Hi 13:31....... "focus on the real issues" .... My chosen name ticks at least a couple of the boxes there don't you think ?

      HG's welfare (the abuse and the potentially more serious and damaging coverup thereof) IS the "real issue" ....... especially on Bobs current series of blogs.

      Fortunately side issues are welcome here, but I think you slightly overdo the "British War Machine" stuff. (granted that very questionable and blood soaked decisions have been made)
      British military involvement is just one of the destinations for public revenue funds so it is a side issue here imo.

      HG evidently is a very real person and rather a capable & robust one.

      "Pneumatic meditation" is not for me but HG may want to try it.
      I have no idea whether an autistic brain wiring is even able to meditate or if it would meditate differently,
      Perhaps the pneumatic poster knows.

      agree with the rest of your comment btw

    18. no more pneumatic dolls? I am too hyperactive to meditate, although when I was younger I used to sit blankly for days at a time, because no one had realised I was autistic, maybe that was meditation. HG

  4. Hi Bob was HG offered legal representation at the police station and if not why not. Was HG offered legal representation at hmp la moye and if not why not. Was the advocate at the court just the duty advocate that day or had an advocate been appointed through legal aid. Could HG compile a statement of fact and have it notarised. I hope that HG is well.

    1. No, no legal representation was offered at the police station, I was unconscious a lot of the time and terrified and the police were brutal. It is claimed I was psychologically assessed and found fit to stand trial even though no psychologist visited me while I was awake, I was in and out of consciousness when the police doctor who had tried to see if I was mad previously was manhandling me and jeering at me. HG

    2. It may well be that HG was offered legal advice at the police station but as she was arrested on a Sunday it would be unlikely that anyone would have attended unless they were being paid. I would welcome a local advocate to correct me or advise readers on the legal aid arrangements following arrest.

      From the Court Transcripts it is evident that at the first hearing HG was represented by a Duty Advocate, who appears not to have had much knowledge of the case otherwise she would have made the Court aware that HG had a permanent job and a home because that is where she was arrested from. Goodness knows why HG was not bailed from the police station let alone for the court, but then again the Magistrate twice mentioned that it was not a run of the mill case. So readers can draw their own conclusions on that remark.

      As far as the second hearing goes HG applied for legal aid and was seen by an advocate who could not act for her in court. I could devote a Blog about the "advice" HG received but the bottom line is that HG was left "wanting" and one must ask how can it be that Advocates of the Royal Court of Jersey could be party to an act which allowed for a vulnerable lady to flown out of the Island in her pyjamas and left destitute in the UK.

    3. Bob, I was NOT offered legal advice, I was there. HG

    4. I have not had sight of the Custody Sheet where there is a box to tick to indicate whether or not legal advice was offered. It is unlikely that a tick was not put in the box.

      However as mentioned above even if HG was offered legal advice, it would be unlikely for her to have seen anyone until she attended court.

    5. I was not offered legal advice, full stop, I was on the floor of a cell, terrified, jeered at, unconscious, Bob you cannot change that to anything else, no legal advice was offered, please do not what happened any further. HG

    6. #FreeSyvretNow on twitter12 November 2013 at 12:01

      Hi HG,

      Great letter you wrote at

      you cut right through the moral confusion which can so easily 'disable' us "Neurotypicals" ;-)

      I have read elsewhere disturbing accounts of the behaviour of police doctors/psychologists in Jersey.

      HG, please understand that Bob is not contradicting your account or your clear recollection.

      It is possible that the 'legal advice offered' box on the Custody Sheet was ticked 'accidentally' or deliberately WITHOUT the legal advice actually being offered.

      Or perhaps the box was ticked with the use of ..... "Jersey Truth" ...... they could have ticked the box after offering you legal advice while you were unconscious / asleep or semi-conscious.

      This of course would make the offer simultaneously a "real world lie" and a "Le Marquand Truth"

      More deeply disturbing "Jersey Truths" are debunked by VFC:

      staring Andrew Lewis, ILM and many other of our favourite pantomime players......

      A show that the whole world can now appreciate

      and laugh at ..... or gasp at their ridiculous attempts to "Data Protect" reality.

    7. Hi HG, I am sure Bob believes you - he just wants to discover the whole truth. I think it very likely that the box was wrongly ticked 'accidentally'.

    8. Thank you for your comment and I am pretty sure the box will have been ticked, if not supervising officers would have been duty bound to ask why the box was not ticked.

    9. Thank you for clarification, yes, Jersey police have repeatedly been dishonest and innacurate in my case, and I am also aware of a case where they drove a harmless man to suicide through their brutality. HG

    10. Very sad. I take the view that criminals should fear the police and am not bothered if they do but when good people feel the same, society has a problem.

  5. Bob, excellent posting.

    I think it would be a good idea to send this posting to Senator Le Marquand, Deputy Higgins, Deputy Pitman and Deputy Luce. Then, I would get Deputy Higgins to lodge another question and see if the Minister is a little bit more forthcoming. You could copy in all States Members so all are informed ahead of an oral question.

    HG, I wish you well. You are not forgotten.

    Bob, you have done an amazing job in highlighting the disgraceful treatment of HG. Now step it up a notch on the Senator.


    1. Thanks for your comment, I have forwarded the Blog to the 4 above States Members and I have reason to believe that a number of written questions have been lodged for answers at next week's Sitting.

      I know that a number of Members do read the Blogs but very few ask questions, However Members have until Thursday to lodge them and perhaps they could be asking about what procedures are in place for bail and were the police right to deny it to HG. They may also like to ask what procedures are in place for persons being bound over to leave Jersey and was HG's deportation within the guidelines, they may also ask how many people have been bound over and for what types of offence.

      They may also like to ask of the investigation being undertaken by the Chief Minister's appointee. Food for thought but how many hungry States Members are out there?

  6. Have tweeted this post.

    The man's a bloody disgrace.

  7. Who was the centenier that charged HG prior to her court appearance. Did HG give and sign a statement or is that not the lawful process prior to sentencing?

    1. These are the questions which Dame Heather Steel would or should have asked and it will be interesting to see the answers in her report.

    2. Sorry for not giving the Centenier's name, his name is Phillip Coffey. Readers outside Jersey should note that there is no independent Prosecution Service, in HG 's case it was an Honorary Police man who made the decision to charge.

      I did attempt to establish a separate prosecution service in Jersey in 2008 but my proposition was defeated. The system may appear to be archaic but remember this is Jersey and will still do adopt a few feudal systems.

      Dame Heather Steel had the opportunity of highlighting the deficiencies in our arrest and charging systems, but alas I doubt if that will be the case as she declined to interview HG.

  8. No, I was not given an opportunity to make a statement or anything, the centenier said he was 'The Centenier for St. Helier' and there was no appropriate adult in the cell at the time. HG

  9. Another good post, Bob. We will get to the bottom of all of this eventually. There appears to be so little concern amongst the majority of States Members that vulnerable people who may have 'ruffled a few important feathers' can simply be bullied into leaving the island. This simply cannot be acceptable in a democracy - which Jersey claims to be.

    1. Thank you for your support, you are one of the few who do ask questions, keep up the good work and possibly you could one of the questions I have raised in my Comments above.

  10. This is not a situation Jersey can spin its way out of. You can't restate what was done to HG and make any part of that seem acceptable. I am very afraid though, The Powers That Be will try to take the usual cruel way out and try to malign the victim some more. This time, we will be ready to defend her and call them what they are. It's a good thing HG has you on her side or we'd know too little to call attention to her plight.

    1. So true. And part of a bigger picture where one feels that jersey law is there to protect only the strong and jersey's reputation, whatever the cost. The following is a comment I saw on Rico's blog, which is originally off

      "One of the absurd arguments used against me [Ex-Health Minister Syvret] by the prosecution – and accepted by the courts – was that it would have been perfectly OK for me to publish the 1999 report – but without nurse M’s name included. According to Jersey’s judiciary - publication of the 1999 police report would have been just fine – if only I had replaced nurse M’s name whenever it appeared in the document, with something like “male nurse X”.

      That is how absurd and dangerous Jersey’s courts are.

      Quite seriously – they put forward the argument that I could have published a report saying that there is a serial-killer male nurse out there in Jersey – but not naming him.

      You do not need much sense, do you, to see what happens next.

      All of the professional, caring decent male nurses in Jersey would have immediately fallen under suspicion – and would, rightly, have been outraged that their collective integrity had been undermined. And every patient in Jersey, who found themselves being cared for by a male nurse would have looked at them in fear - and would have refused to have male nurses near them.

      Every hospital ward, outpatient department, residential care home and nursing home in Jersey would have been barraged with demands from patients and families and journalists to know if ‘the suspected murderer was one of their male nurses?’

      And – of course – if I had adopted such an irresponsible approach – would those institutions have been able to honestly answer any of those inevitable questions?

      No. They would not.

      For if the identity of the suspected murderer had been kept secret by me – all of those clinical employers would have had no more idea than the patients – whether the male nurse in question was amongst their staff.

      A state of affairs that would have negated the very purpose of making the public interest disclosure in the first place – namely exposing nurse M, as a dangerous individual – so that potential clinical employers were aware of the dangers he represented, and would be able to ensure they did not employ him.

      But – it gets worse; for not only is the “reasoning” adopted by Jersey’s judiciary plainly irrational, and, frankly stupid – it is not even compatible with the law."


      How odd that the police / law offices / courts refused the virtually harmless lady "HG" bail on her very minor alleged offence .......but willingly bailed male nurse M in spite of the alleged offences being of the most serious nature and his freedom potentially being a worry, or even a clear sign to witnesses that it would be best to keep stum.

      One has to wonder if these diametrically opposed bail decisions were accidental or planned in order to "make problems go away"

    2. Thank you for confidence in me.

      I can publish the truth, but unfortunately "there are none so blind as those that will not see," and among the blind include Dame Heather Steel and Senator Le Marquand who do not believe that HG was arrested and deported whilst still dressed in her pyjamas.

      How can they, as former Judges arrive at that decision if they have not interviewed HG.

  11. Replies
    1. Yes it is 5 years ago today that Graham Power the former police chief was suspended. Some people went to great lengths to prove that he was innocent and he should never have been suspended, but even then States Members would not apologise to him.

      Are we seeing a re-run with the HG case, some of the players are still around.

    2. That's an amazing compilation of evidence by VFC and link to Graham Power interview, on the new Voice blog entry. Same players, indeed.


    3. Good to hear from you Elle, has the snow arrived yet in Colorado?

  12. If this were not an entrenched political reaction to inconvenient abuse allegations, the Church of England and the high level Jersey protectors of HG's abuser would have already made amends to her, and offered her sincere apologies with generous support and re-location assistance.

    Instead of the community helping her, it wouldn't be a surprise to find the abuser being far better treated and all the culprits who added to HG's harm believing they have properly vindicated themselves. That's the self-congratulatory Jersey way in action.

    Like the jailed whistleblower who is now gaining a much higher international profile, HG's abuse and the attempt to further ignore her right to address her subsequent mistreatment, can only result in a greater erosion of the island's reputation, already known as oblivious to cruel abuse of the most vulnerable.

    All those involved in causing so much damage to HG are beyond despicable and disgusting. Jersey's Church of England has painted itself and its members as - ..well I probably can't say the word here.

    1. Jersey's ruling junta is a tangled web of lies where seemingly unconected atrocities and scandals turn out to be connected.
      Or even have multiple connections, as in this case.
      It is widely known that Mouthpiece Le Marquand is connected to the church and the predatory church warden.

      What is less widely known is that there are tangential, but ultimately more earth-shaking connections between this HG cover-up, other predatory abuse issues/cover-ups and the ilegal suspensoin of legitimate police chief Graham Power "celebrated" in VFC's link above "Unhappy Anniversary FIVE"

      In any legally functioning juristiction these things would have been properly and timeously investigated, and charges brought if apropriate. We still wait, and in the meantime it is necesary to be circumspect, but the truths will out in the fulness of time.

      There is only a degree of seperation between the HG cover-up, the jailing of political disident Stuart Syvret and the ilegal suspensoin of the police chief.

      Individually shocking. Dambing ensamble ........eternally for some

    2. Yes there does seem to be connecting links, the truth is getting out but the problem is getting something done about it due to conflicts.

  13. Thank you to readers who have been in contact with me regarding a technical blip on this Blog.

    I have now managed to rectify most of the problems.

  14. Sorry Bob have to put this out there. How can a deeply religious man, who professionally worked as a judge, thus looking forward both religion and justice should equate to obvious honesty and integrity, both deeply lacking as proved more than once by Ian Le Marquand.

    Why on God's earth would anyone want to vote for him in the next elation ? I did at the last but never again.

  15. I think you mean election, but I have a feeling that Senator Le Marquand will not be standing again.

    1. Sorry you are correct a silly typo, election it is, but not for this weak man.

  16. Senator LeMarquand was elected with a huge majority when he was first elected, I still have the email from his daughter, who led my house group, about his triumph. I was in England because the stress of the abuse and police case had left me ill with stress and needing a break. HG

  17. If I understand the position correctly, and without going back over the comments:

    (i) Dame Heather had agreed to meet Bob and HG
    (iI) The church insisted the meeting not be on church premises
    (iii) For whatever reason, HG did not turn up, and Dame Heather refused a further meeting
    (iv) Dame Heather wanted to see HG's records on the island but HG did not want them released.
    (v) HG has no faith whatever in a just outcome of the enquiry.

    The above matters have been sloshing around in my head and they suggest to me that:

    (i) The church is very anxious to preserve some sort of deniability in this process.
    (ii) The church is running a mile from HG instead of having any consideration for her welfare
    (iii) Either Dame Heather has been got at or she had no understanding from the word go about the degree of outreach needed to get even the minimum of trust from an abuse survivor.
    (iv) This whole thing has degenerated into a constitutional crisis between the mainland church and the Jersey branch and HG and her fate are now immaterial.

    Make you weep.

  18. Polo, I was both unwell and without the money to get to London, or even get food when I was supposed to meet with Bob and Dame Steel, and I saw no point in the meeting as Dame Steel was conflicted.
    Her attempts to access my records were without my permission and without her even introducing herself to me and saying what she wanted my records for, and I was very upset indeed to be contacted by the advocate who let me down, who told me that Steel wanted to access my records. Steel continued to ignore me, and was advertised as representing the Jersey Deanery's interests in their complaint against Tim Dakin.
    None of this should have happened, from me being traced and embarrassed in the national press onwards.
    And what I do not understand is why the diocese were allowed to have me traced by the police when in 2011 they had me brutalized again by the police and attempted to have me put away as mad for responding to their continued interference in my life and defamation of me to protect themselves, and the custody saregent said I was 'looking to the church for something that only medicine and psychiatric help could provide', ie, he considered me insane and the church innocent because they were the ones with the voice to cover up their provoking me and getting a reaction, why then were the church allowed to have me traced by the same police and drag me into this crazy battle that has nothing to do with my welfare?
    Dame Steel caertainly has not investigated my complaint, she has covered up the wrongdoing, and Winchester are paying her and have refused to take anyone's concerns about Dame Steel into account. HG

    1. Polo, thank you for your perceptive comments and you are correct up to a point but regretfully it is even worse than what you say above, because as mentioned in my Blog above it is now evident that some months ago the Chief Minister appointed a Mrs Johnston the newly appointed chair of the States of Jersey Safeguarding Partnership to look into HG’s arrest.

      Neither HG nor I have been informed of the appointment nor been contacted. I have twice emailed the Chief Minister for confirmation but my emails have not received replies. After having to do some unnecessary leg work I have now traced Mrs Johnston’s whereabouts and have asked if she would inform me of her TOR and whether she intends to see HG.

      HG has given a pretty good summary and the fact is, that at our June meeting with John Gladwin who is heading the investigation he agreed that all communication in relation to the investigation would come via me for the very reason you have mentioned above which is (iii) Either Dame Heather has been got at or she had no understanding from the word go about the degree of outreach needed to get even the minimum of trust from an abuse survivor.

      Your comment encapsulates the problem, at no time has any one really understood how HG or any abuse survivor feels when confronted with the police, church, judiciary etc. Had they done so HG would have been spared the trauma she has and still is enduring because of the lack of empathy and compassion displayed by the likes of Dame Heather, the police, Winchester, the Chief Minister, Senators Le Marquand. Bailhache and the list goes on.

      At least HG has a voice via the Blogs and it is being heard because of the increased readership and comments. I am grateful to people like you who not only read my Blog but make such informed comments.

      Dame Heather informed me on 4th November that she has submitted her Report to John Gladwin. So if she submitted her report why did she want to see HG in the first place. As she has not seen HG her report will be meaningless.

      She also informed me that the transcript of our meeting on 24th October will be forwarded to me. I am still waiting for it.

      As an aside, I enjoy reading Polo’s Blog and his latest the “Polyester Poppy” is well worth a read. Nothing appears to change and proves how futile was the great loss of life during the First World War.

      When will they ever learn?

  19. Dear Bob and HG, thank god for your blog Bob, it allows HG a voice, HG and Bob keep up the good work and together people will read the truth.

  20. Thanks Bob, and for the fanmail. :)

    It is heartening that you are championing HG and on a blog that is open to all to read. It is also great that you are providing HG with a platform to express herself. She comes across in a lot better light than those currently working up a barrowful of confetti reports defending the "authorities". I hope she finds this outlet both therapeutic and is reassured by the support of the many who are reading it.

    May the force be with ye.

    1. Thanks Polo, more cartoons yet? HG

  21. Dear Polo, I have to say I do also agree with you on this, HG we are wanting you to know there are many people in Jersey that want your best interests at heart.

  22. Where is the "Jersey Independent Safeguarding Chair" on the States of Jersey website? I can't see any mention of it anywhere, in Ministerial decisions, under a department, or on Hansard except for November:

    "I am aware that earlier this year the Chief Minister commissioned a report from the Jersey Independent Safeguarding Chair into the care and welfare of H.G. in respect of these matters"

    1. "Judge made law" @Jersey14 November 2013 at 18:38

      Let me guess ........... "lessons have been learnt"

      The only lesson they are interested in how to keep their foul ups and corrupt behaviour secret and out of view.

    2. You will find the link via the Chief Minister's Department. I have twice asked the Chief Minister for an update on what Senator Le Marquand had said in his answer to Mike Higgins but he has failed to do so.

      I am pleased to say the Mike has lodged the following written question for the States Sitting next Tuesday.

      6. The Chief Minister will table an answer to the following question asked by Deputy M.R. Higgins of St. Helier –

      “Further to the response given on 5th November 2013 by the Home Affairs Minister that the Chief Minister had commissioned a report from the Jersey Independent Safeguarding Chair into the circumstances leading to the arrest of a woman known as HG, will the Chief Minister advise –
      (a) whether a review Board has yet been appointed?
      (b) whether the review has begun?
      (c) who has been appointed?
      (d) is anyone assisting and, if so, who?
      (e) what are the review’s Terms of Reference?
      (f) has HG been interviewed?
      (g) when will the review be completed?
      (h) how much has it cost?
      (i) will the Report be made public?”

      I will publish the answer when known.

      There is a link to the Safeguarding Partnership which I will try tomorrow to see if I can publish it via a hyper link, (need some practice) but the following information can be found on the website:

      The Joint Safeguarding Partnership Board aims to facilitate a co-ordinated approach toward the protection of children in Jersey. We aim to protect children from all kinds of maltreatment, whether by parents and carers, members of the public, or by those working with children across the Island’s service. The committee was formed in 1996 and is made up of an independent chairperson and a minimum of 15 members. Those members each represent a statutory or voluntary agency that works with children.

      I understand that the Partnership now includes adults. Mrs Glenys Johnston is the Chairman and as mentioned in my comment to Polo I have sent an email to her with a number of questions.

  23. It's probably Philip Bailhache, multi-tasking. Or Ian LeMarquand, or Bob Key.

  24. The Chief Minister has today [Wednesday 25 September] officially launched two independent boards which will coordinate the agencies that safeguard and protect Islanders.

    The Safeguarding Children Partnership Board (SCPB) is responsible for coordinating the work of the voluntary, independent and States agencies that protect Jersey's young. The Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board (SAPB) has the same responsibility for the agencies caring for anyone vulnerable who is 18 or older.

    The SCPB and SAPB will be responsible for:
    • identifying issues which expose adults and children to the risk of abuse
    • establishing procedures across all the agencies which address those issues
    • training staff to work to a set of common standards
    • ensuring agencies adhere to those standards
    • examining case studies to identify issues
    • raising public awareness and giving guidance

    The boards are separate and include senior members from each organisation, but are both chaired by Glenys Johnston OBE.

    Mrs Johnston said "I am independent and from outside the Island. That is deliberate because it makes it easier for me to question the agencies on the board over their practice and procedures. This is a partnership, and the agencies will be challenged to work together effectively.

    "When things go wrong, we will conduct serious case reviews to see what happened and where improvements could be made. We have a no-blame culture, but want to ensure that all the agencies learn if there have been mistakes."

    The SCPB replaces the Jersey Child Protection Committee and has an extended membership; the SAPB is a completely new board.

    Improving the way professionals work together

    The Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst, said "The Council of Ministers brought responsibility for all safeguarding under the authority of my department in October 2012, and the establishment of the two boards is the next step. Having a single chair for both will be both efficient and ensure there is a link between the two. For example, Mrs Johnston will ensure that in cases of concern involving children or adults, lessons can be learned to improve the way professionals work together.

    "We are not simply changing the name of existing bodies, but are bringing them into line with practices which make them more robust."

    While Jersey does not have the legislative framework that governs regional safeguarding boards for children and adults in the UK, every agency is working towards the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which stipulates agreed standards.

    Mrs Johnston said "Collectively, the board's roles are to ensure everyone is following the same protection procedures. By agreeing to the Memorandum of Understanding, they are committing themselves and their departments to the work of the board. Local safeguarding children boards are required by statute in the UK, and the MOU will ensure that Jersey follows similar procedures.

    "The UK does not yet have a statutory requirement for boards to safeguard adults; the States of Jersey are emphasising the importance of the safeguarding agenda by establishing the adult board at the same time as the Safeguarding Children Partnership Board."
    - See more at:

    1. Thanks for the information. Readers will recall that in an answer above Senator Le Marquand said "If there are concerns in relation to the manner in which the young lady was dealt with, I am aware that earlier this year the Chief Minister commissioned a report from the Jersey Independent Safeguarding Chair into the care and welfare of H.G."

      We don't know when earlier this year is, hopefully some information will come to light on Tuesday.

      Above Mrs Johnston said "I am independent and from outside the Island" I hope she does not become Native too soon. I know she has spoken to the police about HG's arrest but she has yet to contact either me or HG, I have contacted her re her TOR and will let readers know of the answer when I receive it.

    2. Judge made law #FreeSyvretNow15 November 2013 at 08:38

      "independent" so easily becomes 'interdependant', especially if there is a little 'dirt' in circulation, or if previous failures have shared blame.

      "Safeguarding Children Partnership Board (SCPB)" so easily becomes 'Safeguarding Child Abuse Board (SCAB)'
      It just needs a bit of 'leverage' or ......... as we have seen both locally and in the UK ........ operators or enablers appointed into key positions [MB/HH etc.]

      There comes a point where the puppeteers no longer even need to pull the strings ....... open the curtain and let the show begin; all to glowing reviews from their obedient media on a leash

      The good people giving of their time and ability on these boards must not allow themselves to be misled or steered by those who already have an inexplicable catalogue of failure behind them but are somehow dressed up to be beyond reproach ...literally.
      With the caveat that delivering results (not politicised findings and meaningless assurances) is a tall order if you are set up as a 'fig leaf organisation' and the real power lies elsewhere.

      History does not have to repeat itself ......... but without the right use of caution, valour and oversight ....... it surely will :-(


    Beyond belief !
    States members deliberately kept in the dark regarding information on the child abuse investigation and the constructive dismissal of the chief of Jersey's police.

    For months and without notification. All in the interest of protecting standards of "Jersey politeness"?

    All roads lead to the Law Officers' Department

  26. cached copy Jersey Isle News.

    Safeguarding Children Partnership Board

    Agencies brought together under partnership boards

    James Qualtrough | September 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

    The Chief Minister is today [Wednesday 25 September] officially launching two independent boards which will coordinate the agencies that safeguard and protect Islanders. The Safeguarding Children Partnership Board (SCPB) is responsible for coordinating the work of the voluntary, independent and States agencies that protect Jersey’s young. The Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board (SAPB) has the same […]

    Continue Reading

    1. Thanks for the info on Safeguarding, not much more to add on that matter and I am sure that Readers will be interested to see the answers that come from the Mike Higgins question above.

  27. Excellent blog again, Bob. I don't know whether this is something HG would want, but based on the facts presented, I believe the conduct of the advocate who advised HG should be referred to and investigated by the Jersey Law Society. As you rightly note, it is far from clear why the advocate advised HG to plead guilty, and equally far from clear why the advocate advised HG to accept an order to be bound over to leave the island.

    I don't think one needs to be too cynical to suspect that the answer might be convenience: as you will be aware, Jersey lawyers do their level best to avoid time-consuming legal aid cases with no prospect of a fee.

    1. Or if you were being really really cynical you might also wonder if the legal aid Advocate was ding TPTB a favour by actually requesting the binding over to leave the island in response to a private word.

      According to ILM "...HER lawyers invited the court to deal with sentencing in the case by way of a binding over order to leave the Island..."

      How convenient ! Remind me who were her lawyers acting for ?????

      inexplicable? or is ILM misleading us again?

    2. Been trying to work out what TPTB stands for.

      You may recall that months ago I asked the Chief Minister to instigate a review into the arrest, conviction and deportation because it is evident that the facts do not ring true and HG was conveniently "legally"removed from Jersey. The Chief Minister turned down my request.

      Bishop Dakin asked Dame Heather to look into the matter, but as we know she has chosen not to interview HG or look at the Court's documentation.

      Now we hear that the Chief Minister has appointed Mrs Glenys Johnston the Chair of Jersey's Safeguarding Partnership to look into the matter but we do not know of her terms of reference and other matters which are being persued by me via emails to Mrs Johnston and by Deputy Mike Higgins via a written question being asked in the States on Tuesday.

      Once I get some answers hopefully I should have some idea as to what if anything is being investigated.

      I do however agree with both comments above and that the matter should not rest.

    3. TPTB = the powers that be

    4. Sorry Bob, I had to google it when I first came across "TPTB".

      Thanks Anon, yes, "TPTB" = the powers that be

      and if anyone is wondering, ding = doing
      Or did the penny drop that was just a typo

      ...or to put it another way:
      !dereggub si draobyek ym kniht I

      /Like it, but I think it's the brain in my case "Dylan" :-)

    5. Getting too clever for me.

    6. Don't feign innocence with me copper ;-)

      I just wanted to be one of the few who got away with [mild] swearing on you blog

      It is actually Dylan's catchphrase off

      you just have to read it backwards and the wickedness is revealed :-)

      Have you tried clicking on my name BTW ?
      How cool is that ? - with thanks to Polo

    7. As I said, getting too clever for me.

  28. Bob,
    Are you aware of HG's comments here ? :

    She is upset because Winchester are contacting her directly and not through you as had apparently been agreed.

    1. Yes, I have been made aware and she has been upset because Winchester has been in touch with her contrary to accepted guidelines.

      I was aware at the outset and asked that she ignored the email and to let me sort out that issue but HG chose to express her concerns to a wider arena.

      I have been in touch with Winchester and await a reply.

      I understand that HG is now calm and it is hoped that Winchester and any other body involved with the investigation will communicate via me so as to avoid upsetting HG.

      Can I thank those readers who have been in touch expressing their concerns.

    2. Bob, do you think it would do more harm than good if people contact Wincher with their concerns about this?

    3. Not sure if it will as Winchester seems to be in a world of its own.

    4. Nothing should be done that could be misinterpreted as a cyber attack. That would not be appropriate or helpful at this stage.

      However it might be good for the souls of Winchester and some other players in this to be emailed links to these blogs or sections or comments from them.
      It is right that people feel discontent about his and often it is only by expressing that discontent that we build a path to a better world.

      Correct me if I am wrong but I sense a part of HG flowering when she expresses herself and tells her story.
      Tell us HG : Is any of this communication etc. cathartic or relaxing or stimulating or empowering? Is any of it good for you ?

      If so, you may be able to build on it, start recording your thoughts and experiences in text/diary entries which you can store online e.g. as draft emails.
      You could keep these for yourself, you could share parts online on on blogs etc. or perhaps you could save it all up for a book even?

      HG you have already done the island much good by sharing a little of your story -and perhaps even the wider world in a small way.
      You described parts of your life on the UK streets as "an awesome adventure" -you may have a better than average talent for 'stringing-words-together' so if you have time on your hands ...........

      Just some things for you to think about.

      H x.

  29. RE the inappropriate contacting of HG by Winchester
    I put this explanatory note on Rico's blog but it bears repeating here:


    Readers should be aware that HG is a victim of the Church of Jersey/CofE as documented on Bob Hill's blog

    HG is autistic. Autism is a spectrum condition which can affect different individuals in very different ways. Autistics can have varying mainly social disabilities and occasionally incredible abilities in certain areas.

    Autistics commonly find human interaction quite scary so unsolicited and unwarranted contact can quite easily feel like an attack upon their person. This is likely why Winchester & Jersey are only supposed to communicate with HG through Bob Hill. If they are contacting her directly one assumes that it is either through incompetence or malice. These are people and organisations with whom HG has already had very bad experiences.

    Some of HG's reactions may seem strange to many of us but HG particularly does not trust the Church of England

    Autistics are generally more comfortable within a small trusted or family group. Bob Hill is trusted which is why he is supposed to be the intermediary for ALL [authority] contact with HG for the moment.


    HG indicates that this is a reasonable summary:

  30. Why was it known the churchwarden was chaperoned?

    Isn't that a strange way for the Diocese as administrators to behave?

    1. I think the chaperoning was organised locally in Jersey, not by the Diocese.

    2. Whether or ot the Diocese was aware, it does seem a strange way of going about things.

      Dame Heather's TOR do not provide for her to address the matter so it is doubtful whether we shall ever know whether the Church Warden was chaperoned and if so who knew about it and why did no one ask questions?

  31. The matter appears in the Korris report, but no doubt by the time a hatchet job is done on the report it will be claimed that Korris got it all wrong.

  32. Bob,
    There were a number of questions asked in the States this morning about HG will you be publishing and/or commenting on them?

    1. The questions and answers are quite detailed so I might publish a new blog on them.

  33. Bob

    Don't know about detailed answers. Not this one anyway:

    "Both arresting officers and the custody officer have been spoken to and cannot recollect
    what she was wearing. There is no custody photo from the date of arrest. CCTV in
    custody is kept only for 90 days".

  34. If the police could not remember what HG was was wearing it appears that the prison staff have a better recollection because this what they recall.

    " When she arrived at the Prison on 27 September she was wearing a navy blue sweat shirt, a navy blue polo shirt, blue tracksuit bottoms and training shoes."

    " Furthermore, the custody photo taken when HG returned from Court awaiting her departure from Jersey on 11 October 2010, shows that she was wearing appropriate clothing including a blue sweat shirt and blue polo shirt."

    The real question is does any one know the diference between a track suit and pyjamas?

  35. I sleep in an old jog suit, those are my pyjamas. I certainly would not appear in court wearing them given time.

    1. Hi, it is good to hear this.

      This pyjama issue had probably caused some confusion and will detract from the other more important issues but it is good to have had some clarification.

      It is understandable that you used those clothes as pyjamas and that you might feel uncomfortable wearing them in public view. We in Jersey are delighted to hear that you were not taken to court or dumped at the UK airport in the equivalent of a frilly nightie.

      I was beginning to think that the Jersey authorities taste for hubris had sunk to new depths. It is a relief to hear that at least this aspect of your treatment bad, rather than unbelievably appalling.

      Take care & look after yourself.

    2. I agree that the pyjama issue is a distraction but it is systematic of a society which does not have a social conscious and for the Home Affairs Minister to say that HG was appropriately dressed in what she uses as pyjamas is stretching things too far.

      The only clothes HG had was what she was wearing and wore when she was being dumped at a UK airport on a cold October evening without a even a jacket.

      The bigger issue is the reason for the arrest, detention and deportation that is the real failure and it is evident that issue is being swept under the carpet by Dame Heather Steel and now Mrs Johnston, the person asked by Senator Gorst to look into the matter

    3. The tracksuit comments is not from HG. It is a readers comment.

    4. I sleep in a cotton T-shirt and nothing else.

      Very comfortable but I really would not want to be deported in my pyjamas !

    5. Can I confirm that the comments that are above about night attire are not from HG.

      I am aware that readers go to bed wearing a wide range of night attire but I would not like to know of them.

      HG has previously commented on what she was wearing and it is evident that neither the police nor Senator Le Marquand know what she was wearing as I will inform readers in a blog I am drafting.

  36. Bob Hill again demonstrates the value of his methodical approach.

    So it could be that the Jersey authorities taste for hubris has sunk to the depths feared. It may be revealed in Bob's next blog ......... unless "Hello Magazine" beats you to it :-)

    We may never officially find out. But of course the primary issues remain the potential judicial malfeasance which led to HG's "constructive deportation" and the total lack of concern or provision for her welfare or even her basic safety on her arrival in the UK.

    All this would have remained covered up as the false-christian-clique of this island would like, if it were not for Jersey's voluntary-sector-journalists.

    Keen though I am to push the boundaries on your excellent blog I will avoid adding to the discussion of varying night attire, but I do think it is appropriate to resurrect the earlier discussion of "pneumatic sex-dolls" in order to recognise another achievement of one of your fellow bloggers.


    Jersey based child protection activist and blogger helps get paedophile sex-doll removed from worldwide sale on wholesaler "DHGate" website.

    "highly realistic and flexible and all three holes of this [aprox 9 year old] can be used." potential buyers are assured

    details on this story at:

    Well done Richard Bougeard ! ......... But not before over 57 of them have been sold to customers in the US, UK, Japan, Germany, and more......

    This issue needs careful consideration but IMO it is far more likely that the ready availability of these items creates and nurtures (and mainstreams) paedophile demand rather than permanently satisfies it in a relatively harmless (but distasteful) way.

    I am a practical person rather than being doggedly moralistic. The child sex-doll is a taboo and IMO a dangerous item but perhaps we should suspend our disgust and judgement for a moment. Paedophile appetites are as old as the hills and are here to stay as part of the diversity of human sexual paraphilia.

    IMO these items should be generally illegal to possess BUT there is just a possibility that child sex-dolls might be able to make a major contribution to child safety. If other treatments have failed it might form part of a monitoring and management regime for released paedophiles or even self-referring paedophiles who have not yet progressed to offending.

    Career paedophiles regularly procure several hundred victims over a lifetime, causing significant damage to most of them. Due to a number of issues including the vulnerability of the victim and the nature of the offence only a proportion of these crimes are reported or convicted.

    It is likely that a significant proportion of suicides in society occur with people who have self esteem issues at least partially related to sexual predation issues in their childhood.

    Sensible or knowledgeable comment on any aspects of this would be appreciated.

    1. Yes, I am trying to draft another blog on Senator Le Marquand's latest answers which means a lot of double checking and research, please give me a day or two.

      Re the dolls I would rather that we did not go down that route .

    2. Hi Bob,

      We look forward to your next blog

      If anyone does have any comments on the child sex-doll being marketed, and on the pros and cons of turning these disturbing items to positive use, they should leave them on Richard Bougeard's blog :

      On this occasion clicking on my name will take you there, rather than to the usual La Moye Prison !

  37. The States of Jersey Police received the allegation of harassment at 0934 hours on 26
    September 2010.

    This was on a Sunday. Where and who was she harassing that time of morning on a Sunday?

  38. A good question and hope to have the answer in my next blog.

  39. bob,
    is steve luce, the deputy of st martin being supportive of the plight of HG?

  40. I am not sure and we do not respond.

    1. Sorry? Steve Luce does not respond ?

      But isn't he your Deputy ? ....... Jolly poor show, what !

      Maybe you had better ring him to check if your emails have been secretly blocked by the state in convention of your Article 10 rights

      ...... Like Child Protection Activist Rico Sorda's were:

      Apparently it was an "accident" but they refuse to say who requested the blocking so it must have been someone rather important.

      In the good old days they would just cu tout your tongue - which is pretty brutal but at least you would know that it had happened.

      All part of "operation keep states members in the dark", with "operation: feed them on bullshit and lies" as the other half of the pincer movement.

      Some of them (70% possibly) actually want to be treated like mushrooms
      so they can do what is expected of them and then say "but I didn't know"

    2. " convention of [Mr.Sorda's] Article 10 rights"

      "convention" ...... conTRAvention even.
      I told you the state IT department had compromised my keyboard ;-)

  41. I think I meant to say is that we do not correspond.

    I live in Trinity and not St Martin which was a bitter pill for some people to swallow. Therefore Steve Luce does not represent me.

    I am surprised that you think only 70% want to be treated like mushrooms, surely the figure is much higher?