Thursday 20 October 2011

Time to reflect and pack my bags

Today has been a very busy one receiving many phone calls and emails, also taking down my posters and generally unwinding after a hectic month of canvassing and yesterday's election.

Prior to the result I felt quietly confident that I would receive sufficient support to retain my seat. I also thought there would be a high turnout probably in excess of 55%. As it turned out I did not receive the support I thought I had and the turnout was the highest in the Island by far with over 63% of the electorate voting. In my address following the result I said that the day reminded me of the titles of two war films. One being The Longest Day and the other being A Bridge Too Far.

It certainly was a long day and it was also a bridge too far. This was evident because the Parishioner's clearly voted with their feet by voting for change, youth and someone who lives in the parish which for so many years has been of concern to some small minded Parishioners.

I was disappointed to lose but naturally accept that it was as a result of a democratic process. I have had a good run and hopefully will be remembered for my hard work and commitment to the Parish and Island. When looking for reasons for my defeat, one could look to my age but I also believe that my involvement with the Graham Power suspension, Napier, Human Rights, the Review into the Role of the Bailiff and Crown Officers and the Clothier Review was just too much for many conservative Parishioners.

It has been a privilege to represent St Martin for a record 18 years. I believe I have enriched the lives of many people Island wide and will miss the challenges that comes with the job. However I have devoted 49 years to the Police and States and now is the time to move on and enjoy the free time that will ensue.

My wife wants to travel and I want to attempt to write a book on St Martin's lost farms. In closing my blog I wish to thank all the many people who have helped me and for the friendships that have been formed over the many years.


  1. David & Phyllis Pallot20 October 2011 at 21:18

    Bob your a gentleman, even under heated debate over very controversial issues
    ie, Graham Power, Haut de la Garrenne etc, you kept your dignified persona but still managed to get your point across .
    We will miss you in the States but wish you and your wife well
    Good luck for the future.
    David & Phyllis Pallot

  2. mr hill it is the people who should thank you for being one of the very few in the states who have given excellent service and who speaks the truth and that will never do for the ouzf enjoy your travel,s and good luck with the book.

  3. It does seem to be rather perverse that a person who challenged the 'cover-ups' and wanted to find the truth, should not be re-elected!.

    I guess there must have been a lot of canvassing (against you) in your parish for a person who may not prove to be so adept.

    Good luck Bob and enjoy your free time.

  4. Bob.

    St. Martin Parishioners are very conservative who only get their "news" from Jersey's State Media. Voters in St Martin will have no idea of the work you have done in exposing the multi million pound cover-up concerning the illegal suspension of our most Senior Police Officer and the dreadful Child Abuse that was able to thrive in our island for decades.

    You had the courage to tackle these controversial issues because you are a man of integrity and honour. They are not attributes that bode well for those who put Jersey's image before "justice."

    These elections were a major victory for Jersey's State Media. We must remember that BBC Jersey have been in possession of Graham Power's statement to Wiltshire FOR WEEKS, it is highly likely that statement could vindicate you and others including Mr. Power himself. They've not published a single word of it but the Wiltshire Report was the subject of headline news, Press Conferences and the likes. BBC is given the "balance" or the defence to the prosecution case and they bury it.

    Your downfall at this election? Truth, Honesty and Integrity you can hold your head up high and sleep well at night can the controllers of the State Media, and others say the same?

  5. Bob,

    That you bother to take your posters down behind you is appreciated - wonder how long I'll have to look at other people's, abandoned on the lamp posts.

    Thank you for being a man of integrity. That alone is going to be very sorely missed. And thanks for asking the awkward questions - pace PB, it is exactly what we need politicians to be doing.

    I'll look forward to seeing the book!

  6. Bob your a great guy, certainly deserve your retirement from the States, you've done your best and lots off local people respect you for sticking your head above the parapet.
    Isn't it a shame that people still feel the need to post anon , I noticed your first comment on your blog put there name to the post, most unusual on the blogasphere in Jersey . But hopefully it is a sign of the times and people will rise up and be strong , follow there convictions and not be intimidated by the small minded.

  7. Looking forward to the book.

  8. Thank's for your excellent service over the years Bob. I hope to have a posting up on Sunday covering this.

    The parish will miss you big time.


  9. In the land of the blind the one eyed are sometimes unpopular. You are a good man, keep paddling

  10. Bob, I hope you change your mind about closing your blog down. Now that you will have a bit more time on your hands you would be an invaluable source of political commentary and a welcome addition to jersey's blog scene. You will now be able to blog without fear of the state media rubbishing your chances of being elected so please give it a thought.

  11. Thank you for all you have done Bob.
    I thought you'd breeze in again. What a shame. It must have been a vicious campaign to out you.

    I hope you enjoy your retirement. I'd be delighted if you continue to raise the issues you've covered so thoroughly in your time as Deputy.

  12. Bob,
    You will be solely missed that is for sure. I had the privilige of meeting with you & I can say what a Gentleman you are. It will not be the same with your hardworking ethics you put in all the work you done, and you were for the people which sadly is getting less in the States. Enjoy your Retirement Bob & Wife and enjoy writing your Book. Solely Missed. Jane

  13. Do not let this situation bully you into a retirement you do not yet want! I think that many of the new candidates when exposed to reality may make a rapid move sideways if they are truly decent people. No fault of yours that you went for the exposing of the truth and this was not popular with the ignorant who want to be cocooned in false security. Keep the blog going and thank you for your courage and candour

  14. Just remember Churchill won a war and it still wasn't enough so I hope you are not too downhearted.

  15. Good luck to you and your wife, Bob
    Hope your not giving up the human rights group?

  16. Thank you for your efforts over the years Bob, you are a straight talking honest man with a lot of integrity, you have morals and ethics something sadly missing in too many in this day and age,you will be sadly missed by many in the States as well as by those parishioners who know you well and have not been hoodwinked by a bias media.

    With Love and respect to you and yours, wishing you all the best for the future, Linda

  17. The voids were not cellars said the high ranking replacement police boss but your honesty and professionalism armed with a tape measure, bike and ladder completely showed that a police officer lied to the media.

    We need more people of your caliber in the States Bob not fewer. You have at least set the benchmark very high for the newbies to follow, and you deserve every minute of your retirement.